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Table of Contents

20 Best Passive Income Apps to Boost Your Wallet

The digital era has transformed the way we think about earning additional income, particularly through the use of Passive Income Apps. These innovative applications open doors to supplementing income in ways that align with the ease and flexibility of modern living. Passive Income Apps stand out as a beacon of technological advancement, offering opportunities to earn without the extensive active involvement characteristic of traditional employment. 

Exploring the world of Passive Income Apps reveals a plethora of options designed to fit seamlessly into our daily routines. From earning cashback on everyday purchases to making automated investments or monetising personal data, these apps cover a broad spectrum of easy earning methods. This blog dives into the top 20 Passive Income Apps of 2023, each chosen for its proven effectiveness and user-friendly approach. They represent a diverse range of solutions for anyone aiming to enhance their finances through simple, yet smart, Passive Income avenues. 

Table of Contents 

1) Top 20 Apps for Genuine Passive Earnings 

      a) MobileXpression 

      b) InboxDollars 

      c) M1 Finance  

      d) OnMyWay 

      e) Honeygain 

      f) Earny 

      g) Rakuten 

      h) Dosh 

      i) Swagbucks 

      j) Mistplay 

      k) Nielsen Mobile Panel 

      l) SavvyConnect 

      m) Acorns 

      n) Fundrise 

      o) Capital One Shopping 

      p) Fetch 

      q) Turo  

      r) Coin App 

      s) Money SMS App 

      t) Tapestri 

2) Conclusion 

Top 20 Apps for Genuine Passive Earnings 

1) MobileXpression



MobileXpression is a standout app in the Passive Income Apps category, enabling users to earn rewards simply. By installing this app, your smartphone contributes anonymous data for market research, focusing on internet usage trends. 

Ease of use: 

The app operates passively, running in the background of your device without affecting its performance. This makes it incredibly user-friendly, requiring minimal effort from the user beyond the initial setup. 

Earning potential: 

Users earn credits on a weekly basis, redeemable for gift cards at various popular retailers. It’s ideal for those looking to earn passively without any active involvement. 

Why choose MobileXpression? 

Its simplicity and unobtrusive nature make MobileXpression a favoured choice among those who wish to earn Passive Income without altering their daily phone usage habits. This app epitomises the essence of 'set and forget' in the world of Passive Income.

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2) InboxDollars



InboxDollars offers a multifaceted approach to earning Passive Income. This app allows users to make money through activities like taking surveys, watching videos, and shopping online, catering to a variety of interests and schedules. 

User engagement: 

What sets InboxDollars apart is its array of earning options, keeping user engagement high. From quick surveys to entertaining videos, there's always something to do for those looking to earn a little extra. 

Earning potential: 

Earnings can vary, but active users can accumulate a decent amount over time. The app also offers occasional bonuses and promotions to boost your earnings. 

Why choose InboxDollars? 

InboxDollars is ideal for those who enjoy a more active role in their Passive Income journey. Its diversity in earning methods makes it a popular choice for users who prefer variety and flexibility in their earning activities.

3) M1 Finance

M1 Finance


M1 Finance revolutionises Passive Income generation through a smart, user-friendly investing platform. It combines elements of a robo-advisor with traditional investment strategies, allowing users to create and manage a personalised portfolio of stocks and ETFs. 

Investment approach: 

M1’s standout feature is its automated investing approach, where users can set their preferences, and the platform takes care of the rest, including periodic rebalancing. This makes it ideal for both seasoned investors and beginners. 

Earning potential: 

While earnings depend on market performance and chosen investments, M1 Finance provides a convenient way to potentially grow wealth through dividends and capital appreciation. 

Why choose M1 Finance? 

For those seeking an easy entry into the world of investing or looking to diversify their portfolio without the hassle of constant management, M1 Finance offers a compelling solution. Its balance of automation and customisation caters to a broad spectrum of investment preferences. 

4) OnMyWay


OnMyWay offers a unique twist on Passive Income Apps by incentivising safe driving. This innovative app rewards users for keeping their phones untouched while driving, aiming to reduce road accidents caused by texting. 

Safety first approach: 

Users earn money for every mile they drive without using their phones. The app automatically activates when driving is detected, ensuring seamless operation without any manual input. 

Earning potential: 

Earnings are accumulated based on miles driven, which can be redeemed for various rewards and offers from partner companies. 

Why choose OnMyWay? 

OnMyWay is an excellent choice for regular drivers looking to earn Passive Income while contributing to road safety. It’s a socially responsible app that rewards users for behaviour that benefits everyone on the road. 

5) Honeygain


Honeygain stands out in the world of Passive Income Apps by allowing users to earn money through sharing their unused internet connection. This innovative approach offers a truly passive way to generate income. 

How it works? 

Once installed, Honeygain uses a small portion of your internet bandwidth to support its network. The process is automatic and doesn’t interfere with your regular internet usage. 

Earning potential: 

Earnings depend on how much data is shared, with the potential to earn more by connecting multiple devices or using high-speed internet connections. 

Why choose Honeygain? 

Honeygain is ideal for users looking to monetise their internet connectivity with zero effort. Its unobtrusive nature makes it a hassle-free option for earning Passive Income simply by being online. 

6) Earny


Earny is a distinctive player in the Passive Income Apps arena, specialising in automated cashback and refund claims. This app diligently monitors your purchases and alerts you of price drops, securing refunds on your behalf. 

Cashback simplified: 

After linking your email and credit card, Earny tracks your shopping and files for refunds if it finds a lower price for an item you’ve bought. This seamless process ensures you always get the best deals without the extra legwork. 

Earning potential: 

Users can effortlessly reclaim the difference from price drops, with potential savings varying depending on shopping habits. 

Why choose Earny? 

Earny is perfect for regular online shoppers seeking to save money without constantly searching for deals. Its proactive approach to refunds and price tracking makes it a valuable tool for savvy consumers. 

7) Rakuten


Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is a leader in the cashback segment of Passive Income Apps. It offers a straightforward way for users to earn money back on their regular online and in-store purchases. 

Simple cashback process: 

By shopping through the Rakuten platform or using their browser extension, users can earn a percentage of their purchase back. This app has partnerships with a wide array of retailers, ensuring numerous opportunities for savings. 

Earning potential: 

The cashback percentages vary by retailer but can significantly add up over time, especially for frequent shoppers. 

Why choose Rakuten? 

Rakuten is ideal for those who shop online regularly and want to earn Passive Income without changing their shopping habits. Its user-friendly interface and vast network of retail partners make it a top choice for effortless cashback earnings. 

8) Dosh


Dosh offers a unique take on the cashback experience among Passive Income Apps. It stands out for its simplicity and automatic cashback process, making it a favourite for users who appreciate ease and efficiency. 

Automatic cashback: 

By linking credit or debit cards to the Dosh app, users automatically earn cashback when they shop, dine, or book hotels with participating merchants. There’s no need to scan receipts or activate offers manually. 

Earning potential: 

The amount of cashback varies by merchant but typically ranges from 1% to 10%. These earnings accumulate quickly for regular users, especially those who frequently dine out or shop at partnered stores. 

Why choose Dosh? 

Dosh is ideal for anyone looking to earn Passive Income effortlessly from their everyday spending. Its automated system ensures you never miss out on cashback opportunities, making it a hassle-free way to save money on routine purchases. 

9) Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a versatile addition to the Passive Income Apps landscape, offering users multiple ways to earn 'Swagbucks' (SB) - their virtual currency. This platform is popular for its variety of activities, including shopping, completing surveys, watching videos, and playing games. 

Diverse earning methods: 

Users appreciate the array of options available on Swagbucks. Whether it’s earning SB through online shopping, completing short surveys, or watching promotional videos, there’s always an opportunity to accumulate points. 

Earning potential: 

The SB earned can be exchanged for gift cards or cash via PayPal. The more time you invest in the app, the greater your potential earnings. 

Why choose Swagbucks? 

Swagbucks is ideal for those who enjoy engaging in various online activities and want to monetise their time. Its flexibility and broad range of earning options make it a preferred choice for users looking to earn in a fun and interactive way. 

10) Mistplay


Mistplay adds a unique flavour to the realm of Passive Income Apps by targeting mobile gamers. It offers a fun way to earn rewards simply by playing games on your smartphone. 

Gaming for rewards: 

Users earn units, Mistplay’s currency, by playing a variety of games available within the app. The longer and more games you play, the more you earn. This platform is perfect for those who enjoy gaming and want to benefit from their hobby. 

Earning potential: 

The units can be exchanged for gift cards from popular retailers like Amazon and Google Play. Active players can accumulate a significant number of units over time. 

Why choose Mistplay? 

Mistplay is ideal for gaming enthusiasts looking to monetise their playtime. Its engaging and rewarding approach to gaming makes it a hit among users who want to earn while enjoying a variety of mobile games. 

11) Nielsen Mobile Panel

 Nielsen Mobile Panel

Nielsen Mobile Panel is part of the renowned Nielsen research group, known for its significant contributions to market research. This app allows users to earn Passive Income by sharing their internet usage data. 

Passive data contribution: 

After installing the app, it runs in the background, collecting data about internet usage habits anonymously. This data is vital for market research and contributes to the broader understanding of digital trends. 

Earning potential: 

While it offers a more passive earning method compared to other apps, consistent use can lead to a steady accumulation of rewards over time. 

Why choose Nielsen Mobile Panel? 

Nielsen Mobile Panel is perfect for those who don’t mind sharing their digital usage data in exchange for rewards. It requires minimal effort and is a reliable way to earn Passive Income while contributing to valuable market research. 

12) SavvyConnect


SavvyConnect by SurveySavvy presents an easy way to earn through passive data collection. This app is designed for users who are comfortable contributing their internet usage data for market research purposes. 

Simple data contribution: 

Users install the SavvyConnect app on their devices, where it discreetly operates in the background, gathering data about browsing habits and internet usage. The data collected is used anonymously for research and trend analysis. 

Earning potential: 

The app offers a straightforward approach to earning, with users accumulating rewards as long as the app remains active on their devices. It’s a set-and-forget type of Passive Income. 

Why choose SavvyConnect? 

For those who prioritise ease and minimal effort in earning Passive Income, SavvyConnect is an excellent choice. Its unobtrusive data collection process and reliable reward system make it a popular option among Passive Income enthusiasts. 

13) Acorns


Acorns is a revolutionary app in the world of Passive Income Apps, offering a unique approach to saving and investing. It's particularly appealing to those new to investing or looking for a hands-off approach. 

Micro-investing made easy: 

The app's standout feature is its 'round-up' functionality, where your everyday purchases are rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the difference is automatically invested. This micro-investing strategy simplifies the process of growing your savings. 

Earning potential: 

Over time, these small investments can accumulate into a significant amount, particularly with consistent use and additional voluntary contributions. 

Why choose Acorns? 

Acorns is ideal for individuals seeking an effortless way to start investing. Its user-friendly interface and automated investment strategy make it a great tool for building savings without the need for active management. 

14. Fundrise


Fundrise introduces a novel approach to earning Passive Income through real estate investments. This app democratises real estate investing, making it accessible to a broader audience, not just those with substantial capital. 

Innovative investment platform: 

Users can invest in diversified real estate portfolios with relatively small amounts of money. Fundrise manages these investments, offering a hassle-free experience for users who may not have extensive real estate knowledge. 

Earning potential: 

Investments with Fundrise can yield returns in the form of dividends and appreciation, depending on the market and the properties in your portfolio. 

Why choose Fundrise? 

For those interested in real estate investment but lacking the means or expertise to buy properties outright, Fundrise presents a viable solution. It’s a user-friendly platform that simplifies real estate investment, making it a popular choice for Passive Income seekers. 

15) Capital One Shopping

 Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping, formerly known as Wikibuy, offers a dynamic way to save money and earn rewards through its Passive Income app. It appeals to savvy online shoppers who are keen on finding the best deals. 

Automated deal-finding: 

The app provides a browser extension that automatically searches for and applies coupon codes at checkout. It also compares prices across various retailers to ensure users get the best deal available. 

Earning potential: 

In addition to saving money through discounts and coupons, users earn rewards that can be redeemed for gift cards. The more you shop using the app, the greater the potential savings and earnings. 

Why choose Capital One Shopping? 

This app is perfect for regular online shoppers who want to effortlessly save money. Capital One Shopping's automatic coupon and price comparison features make it a hassle-free way to ensure you're always getting a great deal. 

16) Fetch


Fetch steps into the realm of Passive Income Apps as a user-friendly platform for earning rewards from everyday shopping. It’s particularly attractive for those who want to monetise their regular grocery purchases. 

Effortless reward collection: 

Users earn points by simply scanning their shopping receipts into the app. Fetch accepts receipts from virtually any store, making the earning process incredibly accessible and straightforward. 

Earning potential: 

The points accumulated can be exchanged for gift cards from a wide range of popular retailers. Regular shoppers can find this app particularly rewarding, as points can quickly add up. 

Why choose Fetch? 

Fetch is ideal for anyone looking to earn rewards without altering their shopping habits. Its simplicity and wide acceptance of receipts make it a favourite among users who appreciate uncomplicated ways to earn extra money. 

17) Turo


Turo carves out a unique niche in the Passive Income Apps market by enabling car owners to earn money by renting out their vehicles. This platform is ideal for those whose cars are not in use all the time. 

Peer-to-peer car rental: 

Users list their cars on the app, setting their own rental terms and prices. Turo offers a convenient way to connect car owners with people who need to rent a vehicle, handling the logistics of booking and insurance. 

Earning potential: 

Earnings depend on the car's make, model, location, and rental frequency. Owners have the potential to earn significantly, especially in high-demand areas. 

Why choose Turo? 

For car owners looking to monetise their vehicle when it's not in use, Turo presents a lucrative opportunity. It’s a practical way to turn a depreciating asset into an income-generating one. 

18) Coin App

 Coin App

Coin App introduces an innovative way to earn in the world of Passive Income Apps, blending the allure of cryptocurrency with the joy of exploration. It's a unique choice for adventurous users who love to travel or move around frequently. 

Geo-mining for rewards: 

Users earn digital assets, known as 'COIN', by simply moving around and exploring new locations. The app uses geolocation technology to reward users for their mobility, offering a gamified earning experience. 

Earning potential: 

The more a user explores and interacts with the app, the more COIN they accumulate. These can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies, gadgets, or other rewards. 

Why choose Coin App? 

Coin App is perfect for those who are often on the move and want to capitalise on their travels. It offers a fun and engaging way to earn crypto rewards, adding an extra incentive to your adventures. 

19) Money SMS App

Money SMS App

Money SMS App offers a straightforward and novel approach to earning Passive Income. This app rewards users simply for receiving automated text messages, making it one of the most effortless income streams in the Passive Income Apps category. 

Passive Earning mechanism: 

After installing the app, users receive test SMS messages sent by telecom companies. These messages are used to verify and ensure the proper delivery of SMS worldwide. Users earn money for each message received. 

Earning potential: 

While the payment per message is typically small, it accumulates over time, especially as the frequency of messages increases. 

Why choose Money SMS App? 

For those seeking an absolutely passive way to earn extra cash, Money SMS App is a perfect choice. It requires no active effort beyond the initial app setup, making it one of the simplest ways to earn additional income. 

20) Tapestri


Tapestri operates in the Passive Income Apps space by offering users a unique way to earn through sharing their location data. It's an innovative app for those comfortable with sharing their movement data anonymously. 

Simple data sharing: 

The app collects anonymous location data from users’ devices. This information is valuable for businesses and organisations looking to understand consumer movement patterns. 

Earning potential: 

Users earn money each month simply by keeping the app installed and active on their mobile devices. The earnings are straightforward and accumulate passively. 

Why choose Tapestri? 

Tapestri is ideal for users who don’t mind sharing their location data in exchange for Passive Income. With minimal effort required after installation, it’s a hassle-free way to earn a little extra each month. 


The world of Passive Income Apps offers a convenient path to supplement your income with minimal effort. From sharing data with MobileXpression to earning through investments with M1 Finance or enjoying cashback from Rakuten and Dosh, each app caters to different needs and lifestyles. While these apps are not a substitute for a full-time job, they provide a smart way to enhance your financial health. By integrating these apps into your daily routine, you can effortlessly turn everyday activities into opportunities for financial gain, making your economic goals more achievable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Passive Income Apps? faq-arrow

Passive Income Apps are mobile applications that enable users to earn extra money without active, ongoing effort. Examples include cashback apps like Rakuten, investment apps like M1 Finance, and data-sharing platforms like MobileXpression. 

How do cashback apps like Rakuten and Dosh work? faq-arrow

Cashback apps reward users with a percentage of their purchase amount when they shop at partner stores. Users simply shop through the app or use a linked credit card to earn cashback on their transactions. 

Can I really earn money with apps like Swagbucks and Mistplay? faq-arrow

Yes, apps like Swagbucks and Mistplay offer legitimate ways to earn money by completing surveys, watching videos, or playing games. The earnings from these activities can accumulate over time, providing a source of extra income. 

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