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Table of Contents

PRINCE2 Agile in Large Projects

PRINCE2 Agile dual framework facilities in managing large projects. Large projects may involve a delivery period of a minimum of 6 and goes up to 24 to 36 months, with hundreds of tasks and activities to perform. These are complex and high-risk projects demanding new technologies and core functioning. 

This blog will discuss how PRINCE2 Agile approaches apply to large projects. What Project Management Office (PMO) and management feel about adopting them for large projects.   

Table of Contents

1) Understanding Large Projects in Detail 

2) Embracing Agility more – PRINCE2 Agile 

3) Conclusion 

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Understanding Large Projects in Detail 

The size of the IT project is determined by its scaling. Whether to scale up or down depends on the project's needs. In general, PMO suggests terming a project as small, medium, or large based on the criteria below. 

a) Based on the availability of financial resources  

b) Team members involved in the project  

c) Quantity and the size of deliverables  

d) Complexity in delivering the products  

e) Timeframes 

Generally, a large project involves more services and needs to deal with all the stakeholders with different viewpoints on the project. These projects are majorly cross-functional platforms with multiple sub-projects in them. It demands a Project Manager to focus on the project and requires the recent Project Management trends and tools to enhance the process. They should maintain a separate Project Data Sheet (PDS) to access among the stakeholder, the Project Manager and the teams. Learning and Development in the project processes must be presented once a month for better and more successful product delivery. 

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PRINCE2 Agile in Large Projects

Embracing Agility more – PRINCE2 Agile 

Having an idea of large projects, now you may think about how PRINCE2 Agile certification will aid the Project Manager in managing large projects. By implementing PRINCE2 Agile, the Project manager gets into the detail of the range of Agile delivery methods and works on how to tailor PRINCE2 elements for an Agile environment. PRINCE2 and Agile work well together, concentrating on flexibility, collaboration, innovation and project governance.  

Organisations that require significant operational changes will prefer the hybrid framework of PRINCE2 Agile in their management styles. These functional changes include projects, which may encompass IT, building, HR, hiring new employees, and creating redundant workers. Multiple teams use various delivery techniques. But the majority of IT company prefers Agile as a viable option. 

a) PRINCE2 Agile focuses on Project Management and delivery. PRINCE2 Agile avoids delays in projects and figures out the flaws right in the initial process stage.  

b) PRINCE2 Agile allows the investors to control and guide the project.    

c) PRINCE2 Agile practitioners gain the trust of their investors and customers by delivering the products on time.   

The Agilometer 

The Agilometer is a ranking system similar to Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM. The Agilometer focuses on the project lifecycle. These metrics are majorly used for decision-making. The Agilometer works on six categories to prevent risks in Agile. They are:  

a) Communication at ease: Communication is the key to success in Agile Methodology. So more visual interaction and a face-to-face meeting make communication at ease. 

b) Agile Acceptance: This score in the Agilometer meter represents whether this Agile project is ready to launch. If there is a low score then the team needs to work on revamping the project.  

c) Favorable environmental factors: A good score in Agilometer represents a supportive work environment and also denotes great progress in work.  

d) The capacity to deliver incrementally and iteratively: Deliver the best final products with governance.  

e) Collaboration level: A one-team mentality and great working relations denote a high collaboration level.  

f) Flexibility in terms of delivery: The practitioners create an accurate product by prioritising the work roles in the project.


The Agilometer approach facilitates large projects in PRINCE2 Agile by focusing on product quality and quantity. We can’t blindly support that PRINCE2 Agile is best for large projects because it depends on the practitioners and project managers practising agility and PRINCE2 techniques, their knowledge of the project, and how the processes move into valuable results. 

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We have a brief on larger projects in the IT sectors and how PRINCE2 Agile methods would help you. In detail, we have discussed PRINCE2 Agile tool, The Agilometer, to quantify the work based on the score. PRINCE2 Agile is not always the best fit for large projects. It depends on the Project Manager’s knowledge and understanding of Agile to dovetail this methodology for appropriate projects.   

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