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Table of Contents

he Ultimate CISSP Study Guide: Tips and Strategies

Are you an IT professional preparing for the Certified Information Systems security Professional (CISSP) Certification exam or willing to gain expertise in IT security? Achieving a CISSP Certification is not an easy feat. This is where CISSP Study Guide comes in. It is going to be immensely helpful when you go to attempt for the exam.

The CISSP examination is comparatively a little difficult, however, give the importance of a CISSP Certification, it’s worth it. Hence candidates aspiring to be CISSP certified, need to be prepared for all possible questionnaires. In this blog, we are going to help you learn about CISSP, its exam patterns, cost, and the importance of following the latest edition of CISSP Study Guide.

Table of Contents

1) What is CISSP?

2) Importance of following a CISSP Study Guide

3) What does the Best CISSP Study Guide Have?

4) What is CISSP exam all about? 5) CISSPexam prerequisites 

6) CISSP exam cost 

7) Who should get the CISSP Certification?

8) What are some CISSP books that you can follow?

9) How much time should you devote for CISSP exam preparation?

10) Tips on how to Study for CISSP exams

11 ) Conclusion 


What is CISSP?

The CISSP is one of the most esteemed and sought-after Information Security Certifications to demonstrate a candidate’s Cybersecurity competency. The CISSP professional's proficiency in developing and managing security architectures for the firm is demonstrated by this Certification.  

Earning the Certified Information Systems Security Professionals credential validates their proficiency in planning, integrating, and managing diverse cybersecurity efforts. CISSP is a worldwide recognised Cybersecurity-focused Certification.

The CISSP Domains, managed by the non-profit International Information System Security Certification Consortium Inc.

The eight Domains that comprise the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK), as outlined by the CISSP Domains, include every aspect of Information Security. To be certified, candidates must demonstrate their subject-matter knowledge in all these Domains.

CISSP Training


The importance of following a CISSP Study Guide 

A CISSP Official Study Guide can aid and abet candidates to discern, how to study for the CISSP Exam.  The purpose of this Study Guide is to organise information and assist the candidates with a better understanding of course objectives required for the exam study/preparation. Here’s how CISSP Study Guide can help the candidates:

1) A good CISSP Study Guide can motivate candidates and boost their CISSP exam scores. It contains all the necessary information of the examination. By learning about the exam pattern, syllabus and marking scheme beforehand, candidates can prepare better for their exam.

2) It can help the candidates manage their study plan. By learning about the exam time limit, candidates can allocate their time effectively across the questions and attempt the exam efficiently.

3) It can aid them with creative techniques like mind maps or flashcards to deepen their understanding with each review.

4) The Study Guides have a list of resources, planners and practice questions which will help the candidates to remember important points as well as complete their revision on time.

5) Candidates should always plan to get the latest edition of CISSP Study Guide as they regularly update the latest content in this Guide. Following an old edition may lead to you missing out on latest information which can be crucial for cracking the exam.

6) CISSP Study Guide also provides structured learning. This means that it becomes easier for individuals to buildtheir foundation properly and move more towards advanced studies. This type of learning helps candidates to understand complex topics easily.

What does the best CISSP Study Guide have? 

The CISSP Study Guide features a minimum of the following:

a) Objectives for each chapter 

b) Examination tips and  tricks 

c) In-depth explanations of each domain 

d) Practice questions  

e) Exam prerequisites, costs, and  referral books

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What is CISSP exam all about?  

The Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) Certification is a globally recognised credential to validate the certificate holder's skills and knowledge in Information Security. 

Governed by International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2), the CISSP Certification empowers professionals to design and manage security controls in a business setup productively. To obtain the CISSP Certification, you must have at least five years of professional Information Security experience and should be endorsed by another CISSP certified professional. You can get a one-year waiver from the five-year work experience requirement if you have a four-year degree or obtained the ISC2 approved credentials.

Here are some more points that you can look into before you attempt the CISSP exam:

CISSP CAT exam  

The CISSP exam uses  Computerised Adaptive Testing(CAT) for all the exams in English. Here is the complete information about this exam:


Exam time limit 

4 Hours

Total questions 


Test format 

Multiple choice and innovative questions

Pass score 

700 out of 1000 points

Exam language availability 


Exam centres 


 ISC2 Authorised Pearson Vue Testing Centers  


CISSP Linear/Fixed exam  

CISSP exams in all other languages (apart from English) are conducted as linear or fixed-form exams. Here's the complete breakdown of this examination:

Exam time limit 

6 Hours 

Total questions 


Test format 

Multiple choice and innovative questions

Pass score 

700 out of 1000 points

Exam language availability 

Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish 

Exam centres 


 ISC2 Authorised Pearson Vue Testing Centers  


Weights for CISSP CAT & Linear/Fixed examination

Thefollowing are the weightage of each domain covered under the CISSP Certification exam:



Average weight 

Security and Risk Management


Asset security 


Security Architecture and Engineering


Communications and Network Security


Identity and Access Management 


Security Assessment and Testing 


Software Development Security





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CISSP exam prerequisites

1) Minimum of five years of work experience in Information Security

2) Four-year college degree

3) Acquiring an endorsement from a CSSIP professional)

To take the CISSP exam, a candidate must provide proof of at least five years of work experience in information security. Their CBK experience must cover at least two of the eight ISC2 CISSP security domains. Apart from that there are several other requirements to appear for the CISSP exam. Let us go through the prerequisites you must meet to apply for CISSP Certification:

1) They must a have a degree with honours from the National Center for Academic Excellence in Information Security. 

2) A four-year degree from a university. 

3) They must hold a qualification from the list recognised by ISC2 , such as CompTIA Security+, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), or Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). 

Despite fulfilling all the criteria, a candidate is eligible only for a one-year waiver from the five-year professional experience requirement. 

CISSP exam cost 

Depending on the country a candidate applies from, the current amended CISSP exam fee is £668, as opposed to the earlier charged price of £624 + taxes. Its price charged as of November 2022 is £668 or $749 for America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa, regardless of the nation you apply. As of November 2022, the cost of the CISSP Examination in the United Kingdom is £585 + VAT. 

The additional cost schedules consist of the following:

a) Exam rescheduling fee: £35 or $50

b) Exam postponement fee: £70 or $100

Candidates can sign up for the CISSP Exam at any local franchise location or  ISC2 authorised Pearson VUE Testing Centers.

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Who should get the CSSIP Certification?

The CISSP is ideal for experienced Security Managers and executives focused on acquiring a wide range of knowledge across various security principles and practices. The following is a list of positions where, getting a  CISSP Certification can be helpful: 

1) Chief Information Officer  

2) Chief Information Security Officer  

3) Director of Security  

4) IT Director/Manager  

5) Security Systems Engineer  

6) Security Analyst  

7) Security Manager  

8) Security Consultant  

9) Network Architect   

10) Security Auditor  

11) Security Architect

What are some CISSP books that you can follow?

There are many resources available online which the candidates can follow as their Study Guide. However, it is advised that to follow an appropriate textbook: the Common Book of Knowledge (CBK) material offered by the ISC. (ISC2). You can also visit ISC or CSSIP’s their website regularly for details and schedules of training programs, seminars and more. Here are some more examples of books that you can follow as CSSIP’s Study Guide: 

CISSP (ISC)²ISC2 Official Study Guide

The 9th edition of the (ISC)2 CISSP Official Study Guide has been completely updated to reflect the most recent CISSP Exam Outline for 2022. 100% of the CISSP test objectives are covered in this best-selling Sybex Study Guide. There are suggestions for the candidates to study more effectively and quickly, along with advice on how to master the adaptive exam, access the online interactive learning, and much more. It also comprises the some of the best chapter review questions and major exam topics essential for you to revise what you have studied.   

The Study Guide's three co-authors have combined the practical knowledge required to help the candidates pass the CISSP test with real-world examples from their decades of experience as educators and practitioners in Cybersecurity. With their incorporated efforts, they have taught millions of students about cybersecurity principles and & concepts via their books, video courses, and live training sessions. It is advised by many professionals that candidates can follow this Study Guide as it is CISSP (ISC)² official study guide referred and recognised by (ISC)². ISC2.

Official CISSP (ISC)² ISC2 CBK reference

The Official (ISC)2 CISSP CBK reference, Sixth Edition, has been completely updated for 2021 and beyond for Information Security professionals tasked with planning, engineering, managing, and implementing Information Security programmes to defend against rising cyber-attacks.

The CBK covers the eight current CISSP domains required for day-to-day Information Security practises. This thorough reference, revised and updated by a team of Subject Matter Experts covers more than 300 CISSP objectives and sub-objectives in a structured format with fundamental practises, case studies and references. These can be widely used for computing standards.

If you are looking for a recognised source to help advance your security career, this comprehensive Guide provides everything you need to apply the knowledge in Information Security.

Official (ISC)² ISC2 CISSP Practice Tests Book

The 3rd Edition of Official (ISC)² ISC2 CISSP Practice Tests features 1,300 unique practice questions aligned with the latest 2022 CISSP exam format. With these practice tests, candidates can assess their exam preparation progress and pinpoint areas that require additional study. Also, the Sybex online testing platforms with questions from the book will be accessible to the candidates.

Official CISSP Study and Practice Tests Apps 

On the Official (ISC)2 CISSP Apps, candidates can study for the CISSP exam at any time and from anywhere. Flashcards, study questions, and practice tests are all included in the CISSP Study App. It is based on the Official CISSP Study Guide and covers all the topics covered in the CISSP CBK. The four unique sets of 125-question practise tests can be utilised in the CISSP practise Tests App. In case a candidate has a short amount of time to practise, these quick practice tests are suitable to review your understanding.  

How much time should you devote to CISSP exam preparation?

For IT (Information Technology) (IT) specialists, the intended exam preparation time takes between 50 and 60 hours. And it may take up to 80 hours for someone with no prior IT experience to prepare for it.

It depends on how hard one works, how much time is left for the examination, and how much time they set up each day or week to study for the test. A few cases have been noted where people have finished their exam preparation in under a month. Some people have gone as far as to extend the exam preparation by up to six months. Hence, how long it will take to complete exam preparation is still being determined.

Tips on how to prepare for CISSP exams 

It is crucial to have professional experience while applying for exams by obtaining documentation relevant to ones’ work experience, such as a certificate or letter of recommendation.  

The CISSP exam lasts for at least six hours, hence candidates need to develop the ability to concentrate for several hours straight, with only 10- to 20-minute breaks.  

The CISSP exam is entirely composed of terminologies and trivia. Functional knowledge is rarely tested on the exam, although having experience is compulsory to take the exam. To attain better results, review those definitions, acronyms, and terminologies.

Practice the suitable methods for memorisation that work well, such as mind maps and brain dumps. They can be essential tools for exam preparation. 


We hope that this blog onCISSP Study Guide the highlighted vital factors related to CISSP exam preparation. Having conducted detailed research on CISSP, we have tried to incorporate all the essential details relevant to your CISSP course and exam. We hope that the exam details and cost also gave you an understanding about the CCSIP examination. 

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