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VeriSM™ Foundation

Key points about this course

Duration: 2 Days*

Accredited: Yes

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  • The Latest IT Service Management Methodology.
  • The Knowledge Academy Proudly Providing VeriSM™ Foundation Training
  • Develop an awareness of the impact of emerging technologies on an organisation

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Course Information

VeriSM™ Foundation Overview

This two-day VeriSM™ Foundation certification will provide delegates with a comprehensive overview of VeriSM™ fundamentals. VeriSM™ is a Service Management approach focused on the delivery of value and achievement of business objectives.

During this VeriSM™ Foundation training course, delegates will explore various modules designed to supply them with an understanding of how their organisation could benefit from implementing VeriSM™. Firstly, a detailed introduction will be delivered to delegates so they gain knowledge of what VeriSM™ is and why it is prominent. As VeriSM™ is a Service Management methodology, the significance of Service Management will also be explored. The concept of providers, products, services, and service provision will be important areas of focus within this area.

Following this, the VeriSM™ approach itself will be examined. Specifically, delegates will become familiar with the role of all personnel deriving from all departments of an organisation when applying VeriSM™. Also the Management Mesh, which is a key factor of VeriSM™, will be dissected and analysed. Furthermore, the importance of Digital Transformation will be explored, in order to provide delegates with an understanding of the ever-growing technological environment and its impact.

This VeriSM™ Foundation certification will conclude with a summary of all areas covered, and will briefly touch on the implementation of VeriSM™ within a business.

Our VeriSM™ Foundation course is accredited by EXIN.

VeriSM™ Foundation Outline

This VeriSM™ Foundation training will explore the following modules:

Module 1: An Introduction to VeriSM™

This module will provide delegates with an insight into the fundamentals of VeriSM™. Various introductory questions such as ‘What is VeriSM™?’ and ‘Why is VeriSM™ necessary?’ will be answered, and delegates will become familiar with what VeriSM™ stands for. As well as this, the benefits of VeriSM™ will be investigated, and an overview of the VeriSM™ framework will ensue. From this module, delegates will gain a basic understanding of what VeriSM™ is all about and how they will benefit from implementing VeriSM™.

Module 2: Service Management

During this module, delegates will learn about the essentials of Service Management. Topics of interest include Products and Services, Understanding Customer Demand, and Service Provision. As well as this, the organisation’s role as a Provider will be explored, as will the process of Delivering Value. Likewise, delegates will learn about Service Management in the context of VeriSM™.

Module 3: The VeriSM™ Approach

Module 3 will examine the VeriSM™ methodology in detail. Service Management as everyone’s responsibility will be stressed, as will VeriSM™ principles such as Security, Quality, Cost, and Risk. The role of VeriSM™ in supporting organisations and adopting a VeriSM™ mindset will be covered. As well as this, the way in which VeriSM™ integrates best practices to provide their model is analysed.

Module 4: The Management Mesh

The Management Mesh, a vital component of the VeriSM™ methodology, will be covered in Module 4. Resources, Environment, Materialising Technologies, and Management Techniques are encompassed within the Management Mesh.

Module 5: Digital Transformation

This module will focus on the impact of emerging technologies on the organisation. Delegates will explore the significance of and adapting to Digital Transformation, and how Digital Transformation permits changes to business processes.

Module 6: Conclusion

This VeriSM™ Foundation training course will conclude with an overview of how to implement VeriSM™ within an organisation. Closing remarks will include what the emergence of VeriSM™ means for existing Service Management techniques.

Who should attend?

This VeriSM™ certification is designed for anyone wishing to acquire an understanding of the VeriSM™ approach.


There are no prerequisites as this is an introductory level VeriSM™ training course, thus anyone can attend. 

Please arrive at the venue at 8:45am.
There are no prerequisites as this is an introductory level VeriSM™ training course, thus anyone can attend.
This VeriSM™ certification is designed for anyone wishing to acquire an understanding of the VeriSM™ approach.
We are able to provide support via phone & email prior to attending, during and after the course.
Delegate pack consisting of course notes and exercises, Manual, Experienced Instructor, and Refreshments
This course is 2 day(s)
Once your booking has been placed and confirmed, you will receive an email which contains your course location, course overview, pre-course reading material (if required), course agenda and payment receipts

What's included in this VeriSM™ Foundation Training Course?

  • VeriSM™ Foundation Exam
  • Delegate pack consisting of course notes and exercises
  • Manual
  • Experienced Instructor
  • Refreshments

Verism™ Foundation Exam Information

  • 60 Minutes 'Closed Book'
  • 40 Multiple Choice Questions
  • Pass mark 65%

The VeriSM™ Foundation exam is carried out through EXIN.

Key points about this course

Duration: 2 Days*

Accredited: Yes

Dates & Prices Enquire

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Key points about this course

Duration: 2 Days*

Accredited: Yes

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