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Microsoft Project Masterclass

Key points about this course

Duration: 1 Days*

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  • Includes Manuals, certificates, instructors, and refreshments
  • Microsoft Training from the world’s largest training provider
  • Benefit from a range of Microsoft Project Tips and Tricks

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Course Information

Microsoft Project Masterclass Overview

This one-day Microsoft Project Masterclass is designed to educate new and existing users on tips and tricks that can be used to maximise the outputs of Microsoft Project. This course will cover all versions of Microsoft Project within one, trainer-led classroom-based course.

This Microsoft Project course comes under the broader topic of Microsoft. The Knowledge Academy also offers Masterclass courses for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Access, Outlook, and Visio.  

As a project management software, Microsoft Project can be used to set up project components, for example as work tasks or recurring tasks. Therefore, throughout this course candidates will be given the opportunity to learn how to set up tasks, link tasks together, reassign resources, and how to use Microsoft Project in conjunction with resources and schedules.  

After the completion of the course, provided all the correct techniques are used, candidates will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of Project management methodology
  • Create realistic schedules quickly and easily
  • Use Project for managing resources on sets of projects
  • Work with financial, time and resource constraints on projects
  • Publish project information
  • Project's reporting features
  • Use Earned Value Analysis (optional) and other advanced features
  • Use project data with other Office programs
  • Customise Project for use within their company
  • Use Project for handling sets of projects

Microsoft Project Masterclass Outline

This 1 day Microsoft Project Masterclass will cover 8 modules with separate associated topics. These modules include:

Module 1 - Getting Started with Microsoft Project

  • Topic A - Introduction to Microsoft Project
  • Topic B - Incorporating Project Management methodologies with Microsoft Projects
  • Topic C - Exploring the Microsoft Project Environment
  • Topic D - Displaying an Existing Project Plan in Different Views

Module 2 - Creating the Project Schedule

  • Topic A - Task Durations
  • Topic B - Defining Milestones
  • Topic C - Manual Scheduling and Finish to Start Relationships
  • Topic D - Automatic Scheduling
  • Topic E - Task Relationships
  • Topic F - Adding Stages to the Timeline
  • Topic G - Identifying the Critical Path
  • Topic H - Working with Constraints and Deadlines
  • Topic I - Recurring Activities
  • Topic J - Add Notes to a Task
  • Topic K - Referencing Other Files in Tasks

Module 3 - Managing Resources in a Project Plan

  • Topic A - Resource Types
  • Topic B - Work Resources
  • Topic C- Material Resources
  • Topic D - Cost Resources
  • Topic E - Assigning Calendars to Resources
  • Topic F - Resolving Resource Overallocation

Module 4 – Assigning Resources and Levelling

  • Topic A - Simple Resource Assignments
  • Topic B - Assigning Part Time Resources
  • Topic C - Understanding Work Contouring
  • Topic D - Problem Assignments
  • Topic E - Assigning Resources, You Do Not Have
  • Topic F - Understanding Resource Levelling
  • Topic G - Creating Resource Chaos
  • Topic H – Checking Resource Usage
  • Topic I – Understanding Overtime
  • The Case Study Resources

Module 5 – Costs

  • Topic A – Understanding Project Costs
  • Topic B - Reviewing Current Costs
  • Topic C - Entering Variable Costs
  • Topic D - Assigning Daily Costs
  • Topic E - Assigning Per Usage Costs
  • Topic F - Assigning Fixed Costs
  • Topic G - Assigning Material Costs
  • Topic H - Changing Rates During a Project
  • Topic I - Assigning Cost Resources
  • Topic J - Viewing Project Costs

Module 6 – Constraints and Deadlines

  • Topic A - Understanding Constraints and Deadlines
  • Topic B - Adding a Constraint
  • Topic C - Using Elapsed Time
  • Topic D - Rescheduling Tasks
  • Topic E - Creating a Deadline

Module 7 – Project Tracking and Controlling

  • Topic A - Creating a Baseline
  • Topic B - Automatically Updating Tasks
  • Topic C - Manually Updating Tasks
  • Topic D - Entering Delayed Tasks
  • Topic E - Tracking Actuals on a Gantt Chart
  • Topic F - Using the Tracking Box
  • Topic G - Viewing Task Slippage
  • Topic H - Understanding The Data Tools
  • Topic I - Basic Data Highlighting
  • Topic J - Applying Filters
  • Topic K - Editing Existing Filters
  • Topic L - Deleting An Unwanted Filter
  • Topic M - Grouping Tasks
  • Topic N - Using AutoFilters

Module 8 – Reporting

  • Topic A - Understanding Graphical Reports
  • Topic B - Running A Report
  • Topic C - Manipulating Report Data
  • Topic D - Filtering Report Data
  • Topic E - Cloning an Existing Report
  • Topic F - Creating A New Report
  • Topic G - Enhancing Report Appearance
  • Topic H - Removing Unwanted Reports

Who should attend?

This Microsoft Project Masterclass course is designed for individuals who are new to Microsoft Project or those who would like to develop their knowledge and skills of the program. This course would be especially useful for Project Managers.


There are no formal prerequisites for this Microsoft Project Masterclass training course. However, in order to get the most out of the course, candidates should have a prior experience with using a computer and Windows 10. This is to ensure that delegates fully understand the content of the course.

Microsoft Project is a software that can be used in project management to assist the organisation of the project. The program allows users to understand and monitor project schedules and budgets, present project data, and organise resources and workforce.
This Microsoft Project Masterclass is designed for new and existing users who would like to improve their skills in using Microsoft Project. It would be particularly beneficial for Project Managers.
There are no formal prerequisites for this Microsoft Project Masterclass course, however, it would be beneficial for candidates to have prior experience with computers and Windows 10.
We provide Masterclass courses for; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Access, Outlook, and Visio.

Microsoft Project Masterclass Examination

There is no examination for this Microsoft Project Masterclass training course. 

Whats included

Included in this course is:

  • The Knowledge Academy Microsoft Project Masterclass Manual
  • Experienced Microsoft Project Trainer
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Refreshments

Key points about this course

Duration: 1 Days*

Dates & Prices Enquire

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Key points about this course

Duration: 1 Days*

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Microsoft Project is a software product that can be used in project management to assist the organisation of the project. The program allows users to use a specific set of tools to understand and monitor project schedules and budgets, present project data, and organise resources and workforce.

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