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Software Testing Job Roles

If you hold a Software Testing certification, the main job role you can pursue is a Software Tester. Software Testers are fundamental in the creation of software services and mechanical products such as electronics and vehicles. Software Testers are hired to detect errors within products and services before they are distributed among the public.


Software Testers can work on a range of projects, from local to international, costing up to billions of pounds. Career advancement can be swift, and the more experienced Software Testers are, the higher their salaries can be. Software Testing training provided by The Knowledge Academy can assist the speed of career progression.

Alternative positions that you could pursue with a Software Testing qualification include:

●     Test Manager

●     Senior Software Tester

●     Software Test Team Leader

●     Web Developer

●     Software Analyst

●     Business Analyst

●     IT Trainer

●     IT Technical Support Staff