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What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis is a technique that is used to find solutions to business problems. It is a practice used within organisations across all industries, and allows businesses to achieve their objectives. A Business Analyst will work to identify the changes that need to be made and then facilitate the successful implementation and management of these modifications. These individuals can operate across many different levels of an organisation, cooperating with a range of teams to best service the business requirements and achieve their objectives.


The most significant part of Business Analysis involves investigating the internal operational processes of a business and thereafter identifying areas for improvement. As such, Business Analysts must be able to understand an organisation’s specific business strategy and carefully suggest modifications to be made that coordinate with their goals.


The BCS Business Analysis courses delivered by The Knowledge Academy train delegates in a range of topics and clearly communicate to them what it takes to become a Business Analyst. Emphasis is placed upon learning how to assess proposals and define change requirements - skills which are necessary in order to get alterations underway.


By obtaining a Business Analysis certification, individuals can exhibit their professional competence in this area and can significantly improve their career expectations. These training courses are fully accredited by the BCS. These BCS accredited training courses examine business functions to determine where and how developments could be made.