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Better Business Cases™ Foundation & Practitioner Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • Why Better Business Cases?
  • Case for a Business Case
  • Project Success or Failure?
  • Putting the Right Foot Forward
  • Public Sector Delivery
  • What is a Project?
  • What is a Programme?
  • Links to Recognised Best Practice Programmes and Project Management Methodologies
  • Programme or Project?
  • Types of Programme
  • Alignment with Strategic Planning
  • Importance of the Business Case using the Five Case Model

Module 2: Five Case Model

  • Overview of the Five Case Model
  • Importance of the Business Case using the Five Case Model
  • Strategic Case
    • Demonstrates
    • Challenges
  • Contents of the Strategic Case
  • Economic Case
    • Demonstrates
    • Challenges
    • Contents of the Economic Case
  • Commercial Case
    • Demonstrates
    • Challenges
    • Contents of the Commercial Case
  • Financial Case
    • Demonstrates
    • Challenges
    • Contents of the Financial Case
  • Management Case
    • Demonstrates
    • Challenges
    • Contents of the Management Case

Module 3: Programme and Project Business Case

  • Advantages of the Programme Business Case
  • Advantages of the Project Business Case
  • When Should a Business Case be Developed?
  • Planning for Spending Proposals
  • Key Steps in Developing the Programme Business Case
  • Project Business Case Development Process

Module 4: Determining the Strategic Context and Undertaking the Strategic Assessment

  • Overview
  • Strategic Assessment
  • Related Activities
  • Stages of Business Case Development
    • Strategic Outline Case
    • Outline the Business Case
    • Full Business Case
  • Development of the Business Case
  • Business Justification Case
  • What is Programme Assurance?
  • What is Project Assurance?
  • Responsibility for Producing the Business Case

Module 5: Making the Case for Change

  • Agree on Strategic Context
  • Determine Spending Objectives, Existing Arrangements, and Business Needs
  • Generic Drivers for Spend
  • Determine Potential Business Scope and Service Requirements
  • Determine Benefits, Risks, Constraints, and Dependencies
  • Each Spending Objective

Module 6: Exploring the Preferred Way Forward

  • Agree Critical Success Factors (CSFs)
  • Determine Long List Options and SWOT Analysis
  • Options Framework
  • Using the Options Framework
  • Drafting the Long List
  • Recommended Preferred Way Forward
  • Complete the Strategic Outline Case

Module 7: Determining Value for Money (VFM)

  • Project Level Business Case
  • Revisit the Short-List
  • Prepare the Economic Appraisals for Short-Listed Options
  • Relevant Costs for Economic Appraisals
  • Estimating Benefits for the Economic Appraisals
  • Valuing Costs and Benefits
  • Presenting the Economic Appraisals
  • Undertake Benefits Appraisal
  • Undertake Risk Appraisal
  • Select the Preferred Option and Undertake a Sensitivity Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Final Selection of the Preferred Option

Module 8: Preparing for the Potential Deal

  • Determine Procurement Strategy
  • Determine Service Streams and Required Outputs
  • Outline Potential Risk Apportionment
  • Outline Potential Payment Mechanisms
  • Pre-Delivery Phase
  • Operational Phase
  • Extension Phase
  • Ascertain Contractual Issues and Accountancy Treatment

Module 9: Ascertaining Affordability and Funding Requirement

  • Prepare Financial Models and Financial Appraisals
  • Financial Modelling
  • Impacts to Consider
  • Assessing Affordability
  • Closing Affordability Gaps

Module 10: Planning for Successful Delivery

  • Plan Programme or Project Management
  • Programme Roles
  • Programme Plan
  • Project Plan
  • Use of Specialist Advisers
  • Plan Change Management and Contract Management
  • Plan Benefits Realisation
  • Benefits Resister
  • Plan Risk Management
  • Risk Register
  • Plan Programme/Project Assurance and Post Project Evaluation

Module 11: Procuring the VFM Solution

  • Revisit the Case for Change
  • Revisit the OBC Options
  • Detail Procurement Process and Evaluation of BAFOs

Module 12: Contracting for the Deal

  • Set Out the Negotiated Deal and Contractual Arrangements
  • Set Out the Financial Implications of the Deal

Module 13: Ensuring Successful Delivery

  • Finalise Project Management Arrangements and Plans
  • Finalise Change Management Arrangements and Plans
  • Finalise Benefits Realisation Arrangements and Plans
  • Finalise Risk Management Arrangements and Plans
  • Finalise Contract Management Arrangements and Plans
  • Finalise Post Project Evaluation Arrangements and Plans
  • Review the Business Case: SOC, OBC, and FBC
  • Steps and Actions for Preparation of Programme and Project Business Cases

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Who should attend this Better Business Cases™ Foundation & Practitioner Course?

This Better Business Cases™ Foundation & Practitioner Course is beneficial for individuals who wish to learn the fundamentals of Business Case Management and how to apply the Better Business Case methodology. This training course is beneficial for these professionals:

  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Programme Managers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Finance Professionals
  • Change Managers
  • Compliance Officers

Prerequisites of the Better Business Cases™ Foundation & Practitioner Course

There are no formal prerequisites for the Foundation section of the course. However, to continue to the Practitioner section of the course, candidates must successfully pass the Better Business Cases™ Foundation Examination.

Better Business Cases™ Foundation & Practitioner Course Overview

This 5-day Better Business Cases™ Foundation and Practitioner Course will enable individuals to plan, initiate, and deliver a comprehensive business case - through ensuring that the Government’s best practice guidelines are followed to elevate the probability of investment. Candidates will learn how to tailor the guidance to answer potential doubts that investors have about a business case and reduce unnecessary resource consumption through developing a thorough planning proposal. This is a combined course, during which candidates will receive training at the Better Business Cases™ Foundation level, followed by training at the Practitioner level.

Better Business Cases™ is a strategic and systematic approach to developing a business case that is comprehensive, accurate, and portrays the value of a change to prospective investors. Following the HM Treasury’s Green Book Guidance, in accordance with The Five Case Model, the course delineates the constituents that contribute to a persuasive business case, including comprehending the strategic, management, commercial, economic, and financial case, and of how to deliver such a case.

The Five Case Model, the UK government’s best practice approach, will help to establish a clear step-by-step operation to developing a business case, from making intervening decisions, to planning spending proposals. The purpose of the Better Business Cases™ Foundation element is to enable individuals to effectively work with, or as a member of, a team to develop a business case using the Five Case Model.

In addition, the Better Business Cases™ Practitioner course element enables candidates to develop a sufficient level of knowledge of the theoretical foundations of the guidance, and the ability to apply such knowledge to develop a comprehensive business case. Upon completing the Foundation and Practitioner course, a candidate will be able to start applying the model to a genuine business case development project.

On this Better Business Cases™ course, individuals will learn about:

  • Justifying the requirement for the intervention - a change case
  • Goal setting and creating clear objectives - what you want to achieve from the project using the investment
  • Offering suggestions and considering a wide range of potential solutions - ensuring a balance of benefits, cost, and risk to ensure return on investment
  • Planning, initiating, and delivering a business case proposal

The following pre-course reading will be e-mailed to you as a PDF document. Please ensure you have the right software available to read/extract a PDF file. The pre-course reading takes 8-10 hours to perform and consists of the following:

  1. Better Business Case® Workbook Pre-course study
  2. Green Book Guidance on Public Sector Business Cases Using the Five Case Model

In addition, delegates will be required to complete a MINIMUM of 1 hour of homework each evening.

Better Business Cases™ is a trademark of Her Majesty's Treasury. All rights reserved.

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What's included in this Better Business Cases™ Foundation & Practitioner Training Course?

  • Better Business Cases™ Foundation Examination
  • Better Business Cases™ Practitioner Examination
  • World-Class Training Sessions from Experienced Instructors
  • Better Business Cases™ Foundation Certificate
  • Better Business Cases™ Practitioner Certificate
  • Digital Delegate Pack

Better Business Cases Foundation Exam Information

The Better Business Cases™ Foundation exam certifies an individual's grasp of the Better Business Cases™ methodology for business case development. based on the five case model, it ensures projects offer value for money and strategic alignment. 

  • Question Type: Multiple Choice  
  • Total Questions: 50   
  • Total Marks: 50 Marks   
  • Pass Marks: 50%, or 25/50 Marks  
  • Duration: 40 Minutes  
  • Open Book/ Closed Book: Closed Book

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Better Business Cases Foundation And Practitioner Training in Sydney FAQs

Better Business Cases™ is a structured and logical approach used to justify the initiation of a business proposal or case.
Yes, all our Better Business Cases™ training courses are accredited by APMG.
Yes, the exams are included within the course fee. They are scheduled to be taken on the final day of the respective course.
The structure of the exams are as follows: Better Business Cases™ Foundation: 50 Multiple Choice Questions, 25 marks or more required to pass (out of 50 available) - 50%, 40 minutes duration, Closed book Better Business Cases™ Practitioner: Objective testing, 4 questions per paper, 20 marks available per question, 40 marks or more required to pass (out of 80 available) - 50%, 2 ½ hours duration, Open book.
The training fees for Better Business Cases™ Foundation & Practitioner certification in Sydney starts from AUD4995
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider for Better Business Cases™ Foundation & Practitioner.
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