The Benefits of MoV®

For Individuals:

Businesses are always looking for methods by which to achieve benefits and increased value, thus a MoV® certification makes individuals valuable to employers, as they have the knowledge and skills desired to make such developments. Those who possess a MoV® qualification comprehend how maximisation of value takes place, and how to extract the potential from resources.


Their expertise is useful in supporting managers who make decisions regarding value and benefits, while ensuring stakeholder demands are met. Individuals understand the importance of financial and non-financial benefits, and can identify these. All of these benefits are advantageous for individuals as if such skills are applied, the result for businesses can be great. Hence, MoV® training is beneficial for individuals because it expands their employment opportunities.


All the advantages of the MoV® certification for individuals are:

  • Capable of utilising resources

  • Excellent MoV® knowledge and understanding

  • Able to measure value and identify how value can be maximised

  • Maximise value without impacting project objectives and operations

  • Ensure actions correspond with stakeholder requirements

  • Enhances their employment opportunities

  • Can support value and benefit Project Managers

  • Ensure stakeholder requirements are met

  • Identification of financial and non-financial elements

For businesses and employers:

Businesses can experience profound benefits if their resources are exploited and an increase in value occurs, thus MoV® certifications are appreciated by employers. Handling resources in a more organised manner can produce faster delivery speeds and cost savings, while sustaining high value and the project’s order. Therefore, decreasing costs subsidized by growing returns is a great result for organisations.


However, although increased returns are valuable and desired by businesses, MoV® also has the ability to produce non-financial benefits. This is needed to establish a balance between the two, and to achieve the highest levels of value. MoV® also considers the requirements of stakeholders as important elements within an organisation as all demands need to be supplied, hence if their employees were to possess MoV® certifications this would greatly benefit their organisation.


As well as this, MoV® encourages innovation of new products and services in order to achieve quality, so MoV® benefits business because employees who possess a certification will be capable of recommending such innovations, whilst understanding the need to do this.


In conclusion, the benefits of the MoV® certification for businesses and employers include:

  • Make resources go further

  • Expenditure savings

  • Quicker delivery of products or services

  • Introduction of new products or services in an attempt to achieve increased value

  • Financial and non-financial benefits

  • Maintain project objectives whilst experiencing benefits

  • Meet stakeholder demands



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