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  • What are the timings of the course?

    The course begins at 9am and finishes around 5pm.

  • What time shall I arrive at the venue?

    Please arrive at your training venue for 08:45am

  • What is the experience of the instructor(s) delivering my course?

    All of our instructors are fully accredited and have years of experience with using Sharepoint.

  • What do I receive on the course?

    You will receive your Knowledge Academy courseware folder, certificate, experienced instructor and refreshments

  • Does the course include certificates?

    Yes, we provide an official Knowledge Academy certificate upon completion of the course

  • What are the pre-requisites?

    You must have the following: A basic understanding of Windows, Experience using Internet Explorer 7/8 or equivalent browser and A basic knowledge of Office 2010 applications (Word, Excel, Outlook)

The Knowledge Academy

The goal of this course is to provide you with the knowledge required by an end-user of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. The course emphasises hands-on experience, with a series of self-guided exercises integrated into the training.
You will discover how to access SharePoint from a browser or from Microsoft Office; how to use SharePoint to collaborate within a team; organise and manage documents, events, lists and other items. 


This course will help you meet the following objectives:

Understand the concept of using a SharePoint site

Collaborate information with other people and teams

Create and maintain SharePoint lists and libraries

Use various tools to maintain content in a SharePoint site


This course requires delegates to meet the following pre-requisites:

A basic understanding of Windows

Experience using Internet Explorer 7/8 or equivalent browser

A basic knowledge of Office 2010 applications (Word, Excel, Outlook)

You will learn how to:

Explain how SharePoint can help create a collaborative working environment

Recognise site structure and the SharePoint building blocks

Find information and people in a SharePoint site

Create and edit libraries and lists

Sort and filter items in a list or library

Use a document library for collaborative working

Share a team calendar and contact list

Connect people to lists and libraries using Outlook

Control document editing using Check In / Check Out

Manage documents using versioning

Create draft versions of documents

Course Outline

Understanding SharePoint

Working with SharePoint

SharePoint Structure

The Ribbon

Find Information or People

Managing My Site

Understanding My Site

My Profile

My Colleagues

Newsfeed Settings

Tags and Notes

Document Libraries

Lists vs. Libraries

Manage New Documents

View and Edit Documents

Wiki Libraries


Managing Lists

Calendar Event Lists

Managing Items

Item Properties

Sorting and Filtering Items

Working with Views

Connecting to Microsoft Outlook

Auditing Items

Content Management

Using Alerts

RSS Feeds

Check Out / Check In

Document Versioning

  • The Knowledge Academy Courseware Book
  • Certificate
  • Experienced Instructor
  • Refreshments

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Classroom Based Training

Whilst online base training has many advantages there are also several hindrances to taking this approach. The most common being the lack of direct and immediate access to an instructor. Should you find yourself unable to progress or need clarification on an aspect of your course you would have to start an email correspondence and wait for a reply. This can be incredibly interrupting to your learning, especially if you find yourself motivated, enthusiastic and raring to go only to find yourself sitting around hoping for a swift response from your instructor.

Consequently, this is the biggest advantage to classroom training. In a classroom environment there is an element of teamwork and interaction that online teaching cannot replicate. The fact that there are others around you in the same situation can be a fantastic motivator, giving you instant access to the instructor and the opportunity to take part in debates and discussions about your course, reinforcing what you are learning along the way.

Unfortunately these advantages can pass by some students. It can sometimes be difficult for an instructor to recognise and engage some people, especially those that may be shy or introverted. Those who are more vocal can dominate discussions and potentially drown out the quieter members of a classroom, partly negating the advantages of the social aspect of classroom learning.

The biggest difference between the two, and the main reason that online courses have received a boom in popularity is that unlike classroom training, online courses can reach hundreds to even thousands more people at once in a swift and effective manner. This method ensures consistency in the course content, and for the companies training, a steady stream of data that helps them ascertain what is and isn’t working in their courses, helping them to develop, adapt, and provide a better service moving forward.

Ultimately, the decision of which approach to choose is entirely down to the customer. If you think that you have the desire and motivation to milk every last drop of learning possible from an online course, then it may just be the best approach for you.

However, if you prefer a social aspect to your learning and the possibility to bounce ideas off others in the same position as you, as well as instant and constructive advice from a tutor, perhaps a classroom based approach is the optimal route.

Fortunately at The Knowledge Academy we offer expert training in both approaches to learning. We have an efficient customer service department we do our best to ensure that you get the best result possible from whatever course you decide to take. When all is said and done, our priority is that you receive first-rate training that enables you to move forward better prepared and in a far better position than which you first contacted us in.