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Lean Training - Philippines

Lean is a concept that aims to give customers the best possible product with the least amount of waste. By following this concept, companies can provide value for its customers, whilst using fewer of the organisations resources. Therefore, increasing both customer satisfaction and the organisations profitability.

Lean Training Information

About Lean Training

In the manufacturing and service industries, customer satisfaction is pivotal for the success of a company. One method of increasing customer satisfaction is by ensuring that quality is of the highest standard. Therefore, Lean is a crucial tool for businesses as it allows them to achieve a higher level of control over quality and the amount of waste the organisation produces. This is accomplished by, for example, using Value Stream Mapping. This tool enables delegates to understand, assess, and improve the production of an item or the facilitation of a service. Therefore, individuals can establish a new method of production that creates a higher quality outcome, that will, in turn, result in greater customer satisfaction. Lean incorporates a structure that aims to reduce waste, in order to increase the profitability of the company.


The Knowledge Academy’s Lean training courses are interactive, with group discussion and the examination of case studies, providing candidates with a comprehensive method of learning. The content of the course is also interesting and completely relevant to the course topic. This ensures that delegates learn all of the knowledge and skills they need to become a competent user of Lean within their organisation.

There are no prerequisites for enrolling on our Introduction to Lean certification. Yet, to undertake our Value Stream Mapping course, delegates must have a basic awareness of Lean tools and techniques. In addition, to undertake the Lean Practitioner course, candidates must have an excellent knowledge of Lean and it is recommended that the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification be completed prior to beginning this course.
We will provide you with: The Knowledge Academy Courseware Book, an experienced instructor, refreshments.
Our Introduction to Lean and Value Stream Mapping courses do not include exams. However, the Lean Practitioner does have an exam at the end of the last day of the course.
Yes, The Knowledge Academy provides support for all of its delegates, either via phone or email, both during the course and after completion.
Please see our Lean Training courses available in Philippines
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider in the world for Lean Training.
The price for Lean Training certification in Philippines starts from $1529.

Certified Lean Foundation and Practitioner Course Overview

The Lean Foundation and Practitioner training course are delivered over a period of two days, during which time our highly experienced and engaging trainers will provide delegates with all they need to know about Lean. The Lean technique is a pivotal tool for improving customer satisfaction by achieving quality control and removing waste. It is one of the most popular management strategies utilised globally and can be effectively applied to a large number of industries. Thus, this certification will prove highly useful to any delegate, working within any sector.

Certified Lean Foundation Course Overview

This Lean Foundation course will provide delegates with a foundational knowledge of the Lean methodology, a popular management strategy utilised by businesses worldwide. The Lean technique is a pivotal tool for improving customer satisfaction by achieving quality control and removing existent waste.

Certified Lean Practitioner Course Overview

Lean is one of the most popular management strategies utilised globally and can be effectively applied to a large number of industries. The technique is an essential tool for improving customer satisfaction by achieving quality control and removing waste. Thus, gaining an understanding of Lean and practically applying Lean practice could provide significant benefits for businesses of any size or type.

Introduction to Lean Overview

Increasing numbers of businesses are using Lean Thinking to provide a competitive advantage in today’s increasingly fierce market. This course will provide thinkers and leaders with a solid introduction to what Lean is about and why it will benefit an organisation to embrace it. Lean provides opportunities for companies to reduce waste and save money while improving customer satisfaction. The tools and techniques have been used by all the major companies in the world to provide massive savings and improved customer satisfaction.

Value Stream Mapping Course Overview

The Lean methodology is all about maximising customer value whilst minimising waste. This technique is all about creating more value for clients by using fewer resources. The main objective for the Lean methodology is to deliver the best value for the customer by creating the perfect process that eliminates all waste.

Lean Training Benefits for Individuals

The benefits of Lean Training courses for individuals include the following:

  • Obtain a qualification that is used by many organisations as a management strategy

  • Gain a competitive advantage over other candidates with a recognised certification and stand out to employers

  • Depict a commitment to your current organisation by actively attempting to improve processes and procedures

  • Reduce waste

  • Increase your career prospects and earning potential  

Lean Training Benefits for Businesses

The benefits of Lean Training courses for businesses include the following:

  • Increased efficiency of the manufacturing process

  • Less management time spent ‘firefighting’ as outcomes are anticipated

  • Creates a stronger foundation for the setting of a team member, team and overall goals for the organisation

  • Increase in profitability with a reduction in the amount of waste

  • Produce quality products that provide greater customer satisfaction

  • Gain a competitive edge over the efficient production of rival companies

  • Potential for business growth and development 

Reasons to choose
Lean Training

  • Industry recognised certification

  • Among the most popular management strategies used worldwide

  • Can be applied to a large variety of industries

  • Represent commitment to your organisation by actively trying to improve processes

  • Reduce waste within the organisation

  • Increase customer satisfaction

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