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Remember: All of our classroom courses are available as live instructor-led training which you can attend from home.

Remember: All of our classroom courses are available as live instructor-led training which you can attend from home.

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Change Management Training - Philippines

Change is inevitable in any business, hence this APMG accredited training course helps prepare organisations for change, to ensure the impact is as positive as possible. Change Management is about organisation, whereby provisions adopted are suitable for all, and individuals are prepared to address issues that may arise as a result of change.

Change Management Training Information

What is Change Management?

Change is a necessary component of business, as it is required in order for progression to be achieved. Change can often be met with resistance and displeasure due to fear that the impact of change will be negative, and the assumption that the various preparations required will not be in place. Hence this Change Management training course aims to accurately prepare employees of all levels and departments for change. If employees are effectively prepared for change, their attitude towards it becomes more welcoming and they work harder to implement it correctly. The role of people in change is vital, because they are the ones who are given the task of achieving the change goal.


Thus strong communication skills are imperative, to ensure doubtful employees are interacted with appropriately. Approaching change in this way is fundamental as it increases the chances of a smooth transition, heightens morale in the workplace, which consequently boosts productivity and the quality of services or products as employees are actually interested in what the change may offer. Essentially, Change Management is all about teaching people to embrace change rather than fear it.


It is important to handle change in three stages: before, during, and following its implementation, in order to ensure the change has been executed correctly and fits its purpose. Change Management training is valuable because companies are continuously modifying themselves to meet ever-changing demands and requirements, against rising competitors who are doing the same. Each day new projects are introduced to improve performance and raise profits, so change is vital in maintaining success. As a result, businesses must be organised for all possibilities, and this Change Management training course provides individuals with the necessary skills to initiate and oversee change.



Yes, all of our Change Management training courses are accredited by APMG.
Yes, we will send you ‘The Effective Change Manager’s Handbook’. We recommend that you read the first chapter of this handbook to effectively prepare you for your Change Management training course.
Yes, instructors will set some homework for you to complete throughout the course. We advise that you carry out the homework you receive in order to get the most out of your Change Management training course.
All of our Change Management instructors are fully certified and have over ten years experience in the field, hence will provide you with the highest quality of training.
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider in the world for Change Management Training.
The price for Change Management Training certification in Philippines starts from $1529.

Change Management Training Courses

The Knowledge Academy bases Change Management course content on the book ‘Making Sense of Change Management, 3rd edition’.

Change Management training is split into two levels: Foundation and Practitioner. The Knowledge Academy offers these training courses separately but also offers an option whereby the Change Management Foundation and Practitioner programs are combined to constitute one training course. This is ideal for delegates who wish to achieve the Change Management certifications together. This combined training course lasts five days in total.

The first three days will be spent focusing on the Foundation level content which is centred around obtaining sufficient Change Management knowledge to pass the examination which takes place on the third day. The remaining two days will be spent concentrating on the Practitioner level, with the exam taking place on the final day of the course. Delegates will learn how to practically apply their awareness of Change Management principles to a real situation. Furthermore, training will cover everything that is needed to be successful in the Practitioner examination which delegates will complete on the final day of the Change Management training course.

Both courses are taught in a classroom format, complemented by more practical exercises which enable delegates to practice applying their knowledge to actual scenarios.

Change Management Foundation Training

The Change Management Foundation training course is three days long. This training level brings to light new approaches to managing change. By the end of this Foundation training course, delegates will be able to create a change plan that fits into the specific requirements of their business.

Four key areas will be examined:

  • Change and the organisation: defining what comprises change, and consider why it is needed in order to progress in the ever-changing business world.
  • The individual and change: how change affects all individuals, how they react to change, the methodologies that exist for individuals to accept (ADKAR), reducing resistance, and the importance of learning new techniques.
  • Practising Change Management: learn how to keep track of the change implemented to examine the impact it has. Plan for change even if it isn't imminent, as it will occur eventually. Strengthen motivation and prepare to deal with resistance to change. Set up change teams.
  • Communication and stakeholders: acknowledge the significance of planning and monitoring a range of communication channels. Identify who the change will affect, and consider their requirements to ensure these requirements are still met and disruption is minimal.

Change Management Practitioner Training

The Change Management Practitioner training course lasts for two days. This course expands on knowledge acquired at the Foundation level. It focuses more on the practical implementation of change to business frameworks, and how this can be sustained.

Several key areas will be examined:

  • Change delivery: deciding how methodologies of project management may affect how change functions, and choosing what management structures to apply.
  • Preserving change: creating a framework for the permanent presence and impact of the change made.
  • Change made easier: change enables business problems to be solved.

Change Management Re-Registration 

The Knowledge Academy provides a Change Management Re-Registration course for those who need to renew their Practitioner status. The Practitioner certification expires every 3-5 years, so this course is designed for those who need to revisit the Change Management Practitioner content. The format of the training course is exactly same as the normal Practitioner, however, the Re-Registration course contains the most up-to-date content.

Managing Change for Senior Managers

We also offer a Managing Change for Senior Managers training course, which teaches delegates how to administer change within their organisation, in order to extract positive change outcomes. Delegates will perceive changes in a certain way so that benefits are accomplished. This is desirable to avoid organisation deterioration that can occur as a result of change. Delegates will acquire an understanding of others’ response to change so that they can make the most effective change-related decisions. 

Managing Organisational Change Effectively

Our one day Managing Organisational Change Effectively training course provides delegates with the essential skills and tools to implement successful change within their workplace. A large portion of this course will focus on the people aspect of change, thus attendees will become familiar with fundamental communication techniques and ways to address inevitable resistance. Further topics of study include the impact of change, required leader behaviour, setting goals, and analysing change implementation. 

Change Management Benefits for Individuals

Change Management is a people-focused approach, thus the individual plays an extremely important role. Much emphasis is placed on assisting people to change how they perform their job role, as the developments Change Management enable are very much based on how successfully job roles are carried out. Essentially, companies could not benefit from Change Management without the hard work of individuals. Individuals learn how to adopt new approaches to their job role, and develop existing elements, resulting in enhanced singular performance.


A key component of Change Management is guiding individuals to the point where they accept change as the norm. Resistance to change is dramatically reduced, as individuals feel prepared to encounter any form of change with a positive mindset. Individuals focus on the end goal of a change project which they are motivated and excited to achieve. This new attitude means individuals are open to concepts that they once feared.


Further benefits of Change Management for individuals include:

  • Developments produced by a project depends a great deal (80-100%) on how individuals carry out their job role, hence individuals looking for a change role are more employable and have better chance of promotion
  • Understanding of what it takes to apply a successful change
  • Can provide support for staff and managers who are dubious about change
  • Improved morale in the workplace, making individuals more accepting of change
  • Better communication and cooperation among staff
  • Ability to plan ahead for any scenario which may arise
  • Recognition of the importance of change
  • Removes any feeling of anxiety surrounding the concept of change

Change Management Benefits for Businesses

Companies are confronted with complex multifunctional changes on a daily basis. Change is no longer a long-term phenomenon, so businesses no longer have the time to deal with failed change implementation. A notable benefit of Change Management for businesses is the return on investment. This is because the same approach and structure to change is adopted consistently so companies save time creating a new change framework for each situation, which allows more opportunity for profit to be made. Also, the job roles of employees are defined so all are clear about what they need to achieve. Confusion is reduced, and those with the appropriate skills are placed in a role where their expertise is utilised, hence business productivity is greatly improved.


As well as this, often employees do not welcome change with open arms as they are concerned about how it will impact them. Change Management teaches delegates the communication skills to effectively persuade employees that they will be prepared for change, and that change is for the best. So, overall, the main benefits of Change Management for businesses focus on saving time and utilising and building a positive employee attitude towards change. The results of these are profitable.


Further benefits of Change Management for businesses and employers include:

  • Deliver change outcomes more effectively and efficiently
  • Capability to tackle multiple changes at once
  • Customer demands can be met quicker
  • Improvement of business performance
  • Reduced resistance towards change
  • Better employee performance due to enhanced support from managers
  • Improved morale in the workplace, resulting in improved productivity and quality
  • Integration of existing resources and coordination of these resources with strategy
  • Can achieve team and leadership development
  • Reduces disruption and the probability of negative change
  • Costs of change are managed and contained

Reasons to choose
Change Management Training

  • Applicable to a wide range of industries worldwide

  • Allows companies to evolve with minimal complications

  • Minimise resistance towards change, hence improves morale

  • Implement changes faster and more effectively, resulting in increased productivity and quality  

  • Knowledge and understanding of Change Management principles

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