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Lean Six Sigma Training - Philippines

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a methodology used to improve business processes, based on the combination of two management ideologies, Lean and Six Sigma. Lean removes waste from the manufacturing process to maximise customer satisfaction, whilst Six Sigma improves quality and reduces the probability of defects and errors.

Lean Six Sigma Training Information

What is Six Sigma?

The concept of Six Sigma was developed in 1986 by Motorola engineers Bill Smith and Mikel J Harry. Motorola introduced the technique, setting an objective of “six sigma” for all its manufacturing procedures. Motorola has registered and trademarked the term “Six Sigma”, which originates from the six standard deviations that are used as benchmarks for the control of business defects.


Since 2016, Six Sigma has become a generalised business-management philosophy that focuses on customer requirements and retainment, in addition to the improvement and maintenance of products and services. It is relevant and applicable to all industries.


Six Sigma is capable of achieving many business benefits as it is able to identify where incompetencies arise in processes, providing businesses with an area to focus on. Hence, Six Sigma produces benefits such as profit increase, waste reduction, and boosted productivity. Consequently, the implementation of Six Sigma for businesses is profitable, so it is integral to educate employees in the methodology, which is why our training courses are so valuable.


No business is perfect and there is always room for improvement, thus Lean Six Sigma offers a framework for candidates to refer to in order to accomplish consistent, high quality work. A Lean Six Sigma certification will enhance understanding of improvement processes, which will in turn direct attention more specifically to current business quality and efficiency. Lean Six Sigma is all about maximising business potential through making changes to costing, customer satisfaction, and ambition objectives.


Lean Six Sigma certifications are particularly advantageous for managers as they demonstrate commitment to improvement processes and progression, whilst displaying their determination to achieve maximum potential by waste removal. As well as this, individuals with Lean Six Sigma qualifications are viewed as credible and valuable to have in a business, thus expanding employment opportunities and making higher salaries more likely and achievable. Lean Six Sigma certifications also provide managers with the confidence to enforce changes, as they have more experience and enhanced knowledge of what it takes to make improvements. This is regardless of location and industry type as Lean Six Sigma expertise is widely applicable.


Lean Six Sigma training course aims include:

  • Confidently participate as a Lean Six Sigma team member

  • Attain excellent knowledge and understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles

  • Implement Lean Six Sigma practically in the workplace

  • Understand DMAIC and DMADV models

  • Gain knowledge of what it takes to achieve quality improvement

  • Enhance analysis, identification, and evaluating skills

There are no formal requirements for completing Yellow, Green, or Black Belts , however in order to complete the Master Black Belt certification, candidates must hold the Black Belt qualifications. Candidates who pass their Lean Six Sigma examinations will receive a certificate.
We provide 5 days of classroom teaching, the Yellow and Green Belt exams, a comprehensive course workbook, a pre-course handout, certificates and refreshments.
Yes, the Yellow & Green Belt exams are provided.
There are no prerequisites for either exam.
Both the Yellow and Green Belt exams are multiple choice.
There will be some work to complete outside of Lean Six Sigma training course hours. Completing this homework will enhance your chances of passing the examination first time. The higher the belt level, the more homework there may be to complete.
The Knowledge Academy runs Lean Six Sigma training courses in thousands of locations all over the world, so wherever you are based, there will be a Lean Six Sigma course nearby.
Yes, candidates will receive some pre-course reading, which will include a Course Preparation guide. We recommend you complete this reading to give you the best chance of success with Lean Six Sigma.
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider in the world for Lean Six Sigma Training.
The price for Lean Six Sigma Training certification in Philippines starts from $1169.

Lean Six Sigma certifications and training courses are based on a belt system. Candidates are able to complete all belt levels through The Knowledge Academy.

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

The first certification level is the Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt. The Yellow Belt qualification demonstrates knowledge of Lean Six Sigma principles, and confirms that candidates are able to assist those with Green and Black Belt certifications within a Lean Six Sigma team. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is an ideal introductory training course, as it covers the main components of Lean Six Sigma and how this methodology can be applied to achieve business process improvements. Candidates will learn how to solve issues and implement improvement techniques. The Yellow Belt also aims to develop awareness and recognition of team members and the role that they should play. This certification is the best place for candidates to begin their Lean Six Sigma journey as the course places them in a good position to access more advanced belt training.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Secondly, there is the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification that is centred around the successful execution of Lean Six Sigma projects. Consequently, candidates gain knowledge of project risk management as they begin to expand on their understanding of root causes and value. They will analyse data of such causes and value and interpret data in the correct manner. As well as this, candidates will learn about the DMAIC Model that is the framework used to address and monitor changes made. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt highlights preparation, teamwork, and development strategies, whilst taking into account waste reduction, costs, and enhanced quality performance for increased customer satisfaction. The Green Belt covers Yellow Belt content as well, so the Yellow Belt is not a prerequisite for this Green Belt course.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Next is the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification that enables individuals to become Lean Six Sigma experts. Candidates will gain knowledge of fundamental methods and tools that they can use to analyse business mechanisms to identify what components need improvement. Consequently, this will enable them to identify, evaluate, and select an appropriate resolution to accomplish advanced levels of efficiency. Therefore analytical and management skills are greatly enhanced, as candidates learn how to deliver key projects in an organised manner.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade Training

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade training course is designed for those who hold the Green Belt and are keen to upgrade to the Black Belt. The difference between Green and Black Belts is that Black Belts are devoted to Lean Six Sigma more extensively, as they focus on business improvement projects as part of their everyday role, whereas Green Belts work with Lean Six Sigma irregularly. Black Belts undergo detailed statistical training, their analytical skills are enhanced, and management skills are expanded extensively so that candidates are able to confidently administer and supervise Lean Six Sigma projects.

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training

The Master Black Belt certification is the highest possible Lean Six Sigma certification that one can attain. It essentially confirms the candidate a Lean Six Sigma expert, hence it is a highly desirable and credible certification that confirms managerial excellence. Essentially, the Master Black Belt confirms commitment to Lean Six Sigma principles and purposes. Master Black Belt training draws on managerial skills acquired from previous belt training courses and develops them to a strategic level. Candidates gain the skills, ability, and confidence to create business structures to facilitate constant change and progress. Participants will become excellent team leaders and have great comprehension of what it takes to guide Lean Six Sigma teams to success. On completion of this Master Black Belt, participants will be experts of business improvement techniques and methods by analysing where value exists.


All training courses are taught in a classroom format and the duration of all courses is five days. The Lean Six Sigma training course content covers everything candidates need to know to pass the exams first time. All candidates are required to pass an exam at each belt level. Yellow and Green Belt examinations are multiple choice, whereas the Black Belt certifications involve completing a case study exercise and a written exam, both comprising 50%.

Lean Six Sigma | Individual Benefits

The Lean Six Sigma certification is a valuable qualification to hold as businesses are always looking for methods to use for improvement purposes. If a potential employee can provide evidence of saving money on a Lean Six Sigma project, this rapidly gains the attention of potential employers. Lean Six Sigma certification holders can demonstrate a wide range of analytical skills whilst displaying their commitment to improvement methods. Career prospects can be enhanced as the certification adds credibility and enables individuals to progress within their profession. Overall, Lean Six Sigma benefits for individuals include:

  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles
  • Apply Lean Six Sigma in their own workplace
  • Ability to work confidently as part of a Lean Six Sigma team
  • Excellent analytical skills and interpretation of data
  • Displays commitment to implementation of improvement methodologies
  • Quality based attitude with determination to achieve the highest standards
  • Stand out to employers, hence can better career prospects and possibly salary earnings

Lean Six Sigma | Business Benefits

Lean Six Sigma certifications are extremely beneficial for employers due to the wide range of positive impacts it can have on their business. The overall goal of Lean Six Sigma is business process improvement, hence there is so much potential for tremendous business developments to take place as a result of implementing Lean Six Sigma methodologies. In order to keep up with competitors, constant development is needed, and Lean Six Sigma offers a framework how to achieve this. Probably the most popular benefit of Lean Six Sigma for businesses has been the financial saving. The US Army has stated that implementing Lean Six Sigma saved them around $2 billion, thus displaying the financial saving potential of Lean Six Sigma. Benefits for businesses and employers include:

  • Discover issues with processes and fix them at a quicker rate, hence reducing financial loss from defects
  • Can assign less time to business improvement projects due to the effectiveness of Lean Six Sigma methodologies
  • Can be applied to any industry from healthcare to finance, regardless of size and circumstances
  • Helps cope with greater competition and soaring financial costs
  • Business growth and development
  • Improved business efficiency by enhanced effort and attention paid to delivering quality products and services
  • Increased customer value and satisfaction resulting in enhanced business reputation
  • Opportunities to deliver more new products and services due to increased profit
  • Employees become interested and involved in improvement processes. They feel a sense of possession that heightens morale


Reasons to choose
Lean Six Sigma Training

  • Globally recognised and Certified certification

  • Both specialisms are among the most popular used management strategies worldwide

  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles and methodology

  • Use Lean Six Sigma to achieve business objectives

  • Displays commitment to business performance improvement methods

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