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Benefits of Scrum for Individuals

Business professionals undertaking Scrum certifications can expect to receive benefits such as:

  • Contribute and manage projects of quality, within budget, and on time - enhance your reputation and credibility

  • Improved employability prospects due to keeping your qualification portfolio relevant, desirable, and up to date

  • Enhanced marketability of yourself as a Project Manager and project contributor

  • Elevated awareness of Scrum as a framework and of how to tailor Scrum to your company’s requirements

  • Able to contribute to Scrum projects with a focus on ownership and accountability of your contribution

  • Prove your necessity, position, and importance within your company

  • Join the extensive network of Scrum experts

  • Improved professional competence and practice due to constant Scrum feedback and performance appraisals

  • Develop a reputation as a hardworking self-starter and project contributor