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PRINCE2® Exams

PRINCE2® Foundation Exam Details

The PRINCE2® Foundation Exam assesses a candidate's acquired knowledge of the PRINCE2® methodology, terms, and definitions - enabling them to actively contribute to a PRINCE2® project environment. The PRINCE2® Foundation Exam consists of:

  • 60-Question Multiple Choice Exam
  • 55% Pass Mark Required for Certification
  • 1 Hour
  • Closed Book

PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam Details

The PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam assesses a candidate’s ability to apply their acquired knowledge of PRINCE2® to real-life project scenarios - enabling them to manage a project and instigate planning stages. The PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam consists of:

  • 68 Objective Testing Questions
  • 55% Pass Mark Required for Certification
  • 2 ½ Hours
  • Open Book
  • Objective Testing

As a result of the PRINCE2® update, candidates wishing to re-register and maintain their status as a PRINCE2® Practitioner must retake the PRINCE2® Practitioner exam every 3 years. This is a key difference from the PRINCE2® 2009 Re-registration process.

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner

There is also the option to take both PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner exams by taking a 5-day qualification with The Knowledge Academy.

PRINCE2 Training Exam Pass Rates

We’re proud of our high PRINCE2® pass rates here at The Knowledge Academy: our Foundation course boasts a staggering 98% pass rate and 85% pass rate for our Practitioner course. Our trainers and coursework materials offer candidates the best possible chance of succeeding. 

What if I fail PRINCE2®? 

If you fail to pass either of the PRINCE2® examinations, we will offer you the support to give you the best opportunity to pass at the next attempt. The PRINCE2® Practitioner exam can be sat on its own without having to retake the whole course. Don’t worry if you do fail one of our exams, the tests are designed to be a challenge - if everyone passed first time, then it wouldn’t be a signifier of a good exam.

Our 98% Pass rate for our Foundation course allows us to be confident that you will pass at the first attempt if you complete the pre-course reading, trial questions, and conduct the 2-hour daily homework during the course. If you have failed either of the exams, please call one of our advisors on 01344 203 999, who will help you develop a moving-forward plan. 

The Knowledge Academy provides all of the exams for the PRINCE2 Certification. If you are interested in booking a course with us, please contact us at