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MSP Methodology

The MSP® methodology consists of three primary elements: Principles, Governance Themes, and Transformational Flow. These concepts interlink to produce an effective framework. There are seven principles in total which form the foundation of the framework:

  1. Remaining aligned with corporate strategy

  2. Leading change

  3. Anticipating and communicating a better future

  4. Focussing on benefits and their threats

  5. Adding value

  6. Designing and delivering a coherent capability

  7. Learning from experience


The Governance Themes define an organisation’s approach to programme management and allow for the correct leadership, delivery teams, organisational structures, and controls to be put in place. With these control elements implemented there is opportunity for successful completion of a programme. There are a total of nine Governance Themes:

  1. Organisation

  2. Vision

  3. Stakeholder Engagement and Leadership

  4. Blueprint Design and Delivery

  5. Benefit Realisation Management

  6. Planning and Control

  7. Business Case

  8. Risk and Issue Management

  9. Quality


Lastly, Transformational Flow refers to a set of processes that direct the programme management team through the programme, providing a route through its lifecycle, from initiation to closing. There are six processes which are used in MSP®:

  1. Identifying a Programme

  2. Defining a Programme

  3. Managing the Tranches

  4. Delivering the Capability

  5. Realising the Benefits

  6. Closing the Programme