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Benefits of a MSP® Certification to Individuals

Becoming a certified MSP® professional can guide you into a lucrative and successful career. There are numerous businesses within a huge variety of industries that require skilled Programme Managers to help them reach their objectives and achieve transformational change. As such, you can significantly improve your career prospects with a MSP® certification. Additional benefits include:


  • This MSP® certification provides individuals with tools and skills that are not usually familiar to project managers, and as such this certification can make you stand out to prospective employers

  • Understand how to manage risks and unforeseen changes efficiently

  • Understand what it means to be an effective leader with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills - skills that are crucial to a programme management role

  • MSP® is applicable across numerous industries, meaning that you can work as a Programme Manager without having to renew or retake your certification

  • A MSP® certification demonstrates a commitment to personal development

  • Enhance your earning potential - £40,000-85,000

  • Programme management is increasingly becoming recognised as essential in enabling organisations to manage transformations