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GDPR Course Structure

We offer four different GDPR courses that all comprehensively enhance your knowledge of and how to apply the impending regulation: 


GDPR Awareness - this 1-day course delineates the constituents of the GDPR, the key principles, essential GDPR terminology, the legal articles and recitals, and the underlying basis for the initiation of the GDPR.


GDPR Foundation - this 2-day GDPR training course encourages candidates to appreciate how the GDPR will affect their organisation’s data processing and storage operations. Candidates will learn the consequences of non-compliance and of the new rights that EU citizens will have under the GDPR, in addition to the alteration protocol when dealing with subject access requests. This certification is a prerequisite for the Practitioner course.


GDPR Practitioner - this extensive course will encourage candidates to develop an understanding of the steps they need to take in order to comply with the GDPR. The fundamental expectations of a DPO will be covered within this course including how to identify a data privacy breach, assessing the impact of a breach, and how to inform the Supervisory Authority in the event of a data breach within 72 hours of identification. The course is highly engaging and involves a number of proactive exercises so that the candidate can return to business as a competent Data Protection Officer, able to initiate a compliance programme.


GDPR Foundation and Practitioner - this 4-day course covers an extensive range of data protection tools in order to comply with the GDPR. Our highly engaging instructors and step-by-step compliance guidelines enable candidates to gain a full appreciation for the GDPR, whilst learning the additional benefits of being compliant, such as client trust. This combined GDPR certification enables you to learn how to plan, implement, and maintain a compliance programme.