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How to book an Agile course

To book a classroom Agile training course:

  1. Find the date and location you would like for your course on our Agile training page

  2. Click ‘Book Now’ if you’re ready to buy, or ‘Enquire’ to send an enquiry

  3. Once your course has been booked successfully, we’ll send you an email confirmation


To book an online Agile training course:

  1. On our online courses page, find your Agile course of choice under the ‘Agile Online’ topic

  2. Choose your option from our range of four packages by clicking either ‘Book Now’ or ‘Enquire’.

  3. If you clicked ‘Book Now’, you’ll be taken to our payment page, where you can enter your payment details to purchase

  4. If you clicked ‘Enquire’, fill in the form with your requirements and one of our advisors will be in touch to help you book your course

  5. Once your course has been booked, we’ll be in touch with your login details for our eLearning platform