How to Become a Trainer in the UK


How to Become a Trainer in the UK


Organisations are increasingly investing in the professional development of their employees following a wealth of evidence suggesting that companies that do so boost both greater turnover and higher levels of employee retention. With studies predicting a 9% growth in the employment of training and development specialists by 2028 - growth higher than the occupational average - there has never been a better time to become a trainer in the UK.


What is a Corporate Trainer?

Corporate trainers apply the same enthusiasm and abilities as conventional teachers, but in a corporate setting and for the benefit of employees. Broadly speaking, their responsibilities include a variety of public speaking, mentoring and training across a course of both mandatory and optional skills. Often this involves educating employees on new systems, formalities and improving their core knowledge within the workplace. 

To provide an idea of what corporate training entails, here are a few of the typical responsibilities involved: 

  • Conducting training sessions (both on a group and one-to-one basis)

  • Acting as a mentor for employees

  • Monitoring the engagement and attendance of participants 

  • Creating and distributing high quality training materials 

  • Working alongside organisations to respond to performance issues


Who Should Become a Trainer?

Due to the growing necessity of training employees, training to become a trainer is particularly encouraged for those in management roles. However, it is also a prime opportunity for those without training experience at all since there are no qualifications required to embark on this training. 

That said, there are some coaching skills which will put you ahead and heighten your success as a corporate trainer - an achievement which could potentially earn you up to £600 per day in years to come. For example, the ability to speak confidently and energetically in front of audiences of all sizes and be committed to the continuous development of employees across the nation are hugely important. Likewise, the best corporate trainers are always tenacious, passionate and highly organised, with strong interpersonal skills. So, if this sounds like you, corporate training is likely your calling!


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Salary and Progression

If so, then you’re in luck because the opportunities to progress as a corporate trainer are rife. Owing to the fact that across industries there are always new systems, technologies and practices - there will always be something new to learn and then train individuals within, making training courses a very worthwhile investment. 

 Not only is their comfortable growth within this role, but the salary is rather comfortable too. Whilst entry level professional trainers earn an average of £20,000 annually according to Payscale,  this can almost double for the most experienced trainers. Within the UK in particular, the average trainer salary is £28,015 - making it a well-paid role. 


How to Train as a Trainer 

Becoming a corporate trainer first requires that you are trained yourself. As noted, there is no specific pathway to becoming a trainer, meaning that you can specialise in fields at your own pace and as you wish. Many course providers offer a wide variety of courses from Project Management to Office Applications and Security. Many courses available to prospective trainers are also very flexible, with opportunities to elect whether you wish to work on-site in a classroom, or completing a course online either independently or led by an instructor. Such flexibility means that corporate training is an opportunity available to all that are interested.



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