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Six Sigma Training - Philippines

Six Sigma is a globally recognised, data-driven methodology that aims to eliminate defects through successive business process improvement. This technique is based on the idea that with continual quality checks and enhancements, defects can eventually be removed from a process, and variability of results can subsequently be minimised.

Six Sigma Training Information

What is Six Sigma?

The concept of Six Sigma was developed in 1986 by Motorola engineers Bill Smith and Mikel J Harry. Motorola introduced the technique, setting an objective of “six sigma” for all its manufacturing procedures. Motorola has registered and trademarked the term “Six Sigma”, which comes from the six standard deviations that are used as benchmarks for the control of business defects.


Since 2016, Six Sigma has become a generalised business-management philosophy that focuses on customer requirements and retainment, in addition to the improvement and maintenance of products and services. It is relevant and applicable to all industries.


The technique uses statistical data analysis, experimental design and hypothesis testing to identify and remove manufacturing defects to a specific level. But what is considered a defect? In business, a defect is defined as anything that lies outside of customer satisfaction. Any process that produces less than 3.4 defects per 1 million opportunities is considered efficient.


An opportunity is considered to be a chance for non conformance, or not meeting the required specifications. Within organisations, Six Sigma is practiced by specialised trained teams with individuals taking on differing roles, based on the level of Six Sigma certification which they possess. The levels of certification involved in Six Sigma are: Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt.

Yes, a certificate of achievement will be issued to each candidate who passes their exam.
We offer Six Sigma training courses in locations all over the UK, as well as abroad. We make it easy to find a training venue near you!
Minitab is the most popular standard software option required for projects using Six Sigma and will be used in Black Belt, Black Belt Upgrade and Master Black Belt training courses.
We recommend taking a look at the following book to aid your understanding of Six Sigma and support your learning experience with us; Six Sigma for Managers: 24 Lessons to Understand and Apply Six Sigma Principles in any Organisation - Greg Brue.
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The price for Six Sigma Training certification in Philippines starts from $1169.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

The Yellow Belt is the lowest level of Six Sigma certification and our course provides delegates with an understanding of the basics of the Six Sigma methodology. This includes DMAIC, data collection, and the process analysis tools required by Yellow Belt team members. Moreover, delegates will be provided with information on the roles of other Six Sigma team members and how they will subsequently fit into a Quality Improvement Project team. This two-day training course is suited to entry-level individuals who have little to no prior relevant experience of working with Six Sigma techniques.


This Six Sigma certification confirms to employers that these employees are valuable team members who have the ability to work with Green and Black Belts in quality improvement projects. This certification is the first step towards becoming an expert in Six Sigma and enhancing your potential within business improvement. There are no pre-requisites required for delegates to take this course but there is some pre-course reading in the form of the course preparation guide.

Six Sigma Green Belt Training

This certification aims to provide candidates with the knowledge required to effectively assist with data collection and analysis for Black Belt led projects. This Six Sigma training course will confirm the delegate’s ability to be a part of Green Belt Six Sigma teams on company-wide quality improvement projects, and as such, this course delivers comprehensive training centred around enhancing key leadership skills. In addition, this course will provide delegates with an outstanding knowledge of Six Sigma tools and processes and the value of these to an organisation. Delegates are also taught how to apply the techniques to any quality improvement project.


The course is delivered in two segments - the first will cover the Yellow Belt certification and exam, and the second will cover the Green Belt certification and exam. There are no pre-requisites required in order to attend this course however pre-course reading of the pre-course handout is essential.

Six Sigma Black Belt Training

This a highly sought-after certification which indicates to employers an excellent understanding of the Six Sigma methodologies and how to effectively apply them to businesses. This course covers Yellow, Green and Black Belt content in one combined ten-day course.


Six Sigma Black Belts are known for having an astute business improvement acumen and the capability to take charge of a dynamic project team, assigning roles and responsibilities efficiently. Black Belts have a comprehensive knowledge of the DMAIC model in accordance with Six Sigma principles. By achieving a Six Sigma Black Belt certification from The Knowledge Academy, candidates will gain the leadership skills to be able to manage and lead quality improvement projects.


This course consists of 30 hours of pre-course work. This involves exercises on a number of pre-course guides. In addition, it is required for delegates to bring along a laptop that has up to date Minitab statistical computer software.

Six Sigma Black Belt Upgrade Training

This course can be taken by individuals who have previously obtained the Six Sigma Green Belt certification and wish to upgrade their understanding to Black Belt level. Emphasis is placed upon training delegates to be outstanding leaders, capable of managing Six Sigma Green Belt teams that are working towards improving the quality of business processes.


Businesses that wish to carry out an improvement project require capable leaders to drive teams to success. When using a Six Sigma-based approach to quality improvement, organisations desire Black Belts to take on this challenging role. Six Sigma Black Belts have an astute business improvement acumen and the ability to assign roles and responsibilities efficiently and productively. Black Belts also possess a comprehensive knowledge of the DMAIC model in accordance with Six Sigma principles.


This Six Sigma course builds on what has previously been learned in the Green Belt course. Some pre-course reading, which will be supplied, should be carried out, and it is also required for delegates to bring along a laptop that has up to date Minitab statistical computer software.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training 

Earning a Master Black Belt (MBB) certification indicates the highest level of understanding of Six Sigma. These individuals are imperative for determining the strategic direction of projects and overseeing the roles of Black and Green Belts.


Also, MBB’s are responsible for acting as the organisation’s Six Sigma internal consultant. MBB’s possess exceptional leadership qualities and are committed to improving and advancing quality within a business. This fifteen-day training course is directed at individuals who have earned all previous certifications and therefore have an in depth understanding of the concepts of Six Sigma and a wealth of experience in applying them to industry.


There is approximately 2-3 hours of evening work required consisting of revision, research, and exercises. Delegates will be required to bring along a laptop that has up to date Minitab statistical computer software.

Six Sigma Training Benefits for Individuals

The Six Sigma certification is highly valuable to individuals as there are always a number of businesses across multiple industries looking to improve. These organisations require credible employees who demonstrate exceptional knowledge of quality improvement. Earning a Six Sigma certification will make you stand out in this way and provide you with a range of opportunities. Other benefits include:

  • Enhance your career prospects and employability instantly by obtaining a globally recognised and trusted certification 
  • Never be restricted by earning this certification, which is applicable across all sectors, from Healthcare to Information Technology
  • A Six Sigma certification is clear-cut proof of an individual's commitment to personal development - an attribute which employers love and could earn you a promotion
  • Have an impact on how much you earn - trained Six Sigma professionals to earn a consistently high salary. Certified Black Belt Managers can earn up to around £70,000
  • Skills acquired from Six Sigma training are easily transferable to alternative workplace situations
  • Alternatively, the Six Sigma methodology can be applied not just to the workplace but to everyday life too. As such, having a good understanding of Six Sigma could improve various aspects of your life

Six Sigma Training Benefits for Businesses

By employing individuals with a certification in Six Sigma at any level, businesses can be drastically improved. Businesses can benefit by producing better quality products and as such they are better able to keep up with competitors. Other benefits include:

  • A business can be improved considerably in terms of process quality and efficiency by having Certified Six Sigma team members. Hiring staff with different belt certifications can be advantageous for businesses as they can benefit from individuals with a range of experience and knowledge. In this way, an effective team which consists of Yellow Belts through to Master Black Belts can assist a business to achieve its optimum process quality
  • Profits can be increased by minimising costs through spending less money on repairing defects and product faults
  • By implementing a Six Sigma methodology, businesses can achieve higher customer satisfaction, as improved processes and better quality control result in a better product. In turn, higher customer satisfaction means that customers are likely to return to make future purchases
  • Ensure company compliance with international standards and conserve profitable contracts
  • Six Sigma uses techniques to efficiently cut costs, increase revenue, and boost the company’s bottom-line

Reasons to choose
Six Sigma Training

  • Six Sigma is a globally acknowledged certification

  • Boost your career prospects by becoming a trained in Six Sigma

  • Improve organisation and business processes

  • Use the Six Sigma methodology to achieve business objectives

  • Enhance your earning potential

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