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MSP® Training - Philippines

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)® is a best-practice framework which provides a guiding set of principles and processes to be used when managing a programme. This strategic, three-pronged technique can support the coordination of smaller projects with the view to achieve long-term objectives, and is designed to support change within an organisation or in the wider community.

MSP® Training Information

What is MSP®?

A programme is comprised of a number of interrelated projects, which together will deliver paramount business objectives. This in turn should provide benefits and improvements to the performance of the business. MSP® was developed in 1999 in response to the requirement for organisations to have better connections between their projects and their long-term aims. It aims to coordinate smaller projects and integrate them in order for the overall business objectives to materialise. It does this by breaking down large, complex organisational changes into smaller, more manageable projects.

The MSP® framework incorporates three core elements which are: Principles, Governance Themes, and Transformational Flow. There are seven Principles in total that form the foundation of the framework. Governance Themes allow for the correct leadership, delivery teams, organisational structures, and controls to be put in place. With these control elements implemented there is opportunity for successful completion of a programme. Lastly, Transformational Flow refers to a set of processes that direct the programme management team through the programme, providing a route through its lifecycle, from initiation to closing. 

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We recommend taking a look at the following book to aid your understanding of MSP® and support your learning experience with us: Managing Successful Programmes by Rod Sowden & Cabinet Office.
We offer MSP® training courses in locations all over the UK, as well as abroad. We make it easy to find a training venue near you!
The Foundation qualification will not expire, however the Practitioner certificate has an expiry date so you must re-register for an examination 3-5 years after your initial certification.
Delegates who have passed a MSP® Practitioner exam can add ‘MSP® Practitioner’ to their business cards, CV, and LinkedIn profile.
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MSP® Foundation Certification

The MSP® Foundation course aims to provide delegates with the ability to understand the basics of the MSP® methodology, and how to interact with teams involved in programme management, or as part of a programme office team, project team, or business change team, who work within an environment underpinned by MSP®. By earning this certification it demonstrates to employers that you possess knowledge of best practice in programme management. There are no prerequisites to this three-day training course, however it is recommended that delegates complete the pre-course workbook and read the Introduction, and Principles and Introduction to Themes from the “Managing Successful Programmes” manual (2011). In total, this produces approximately 15 hours of pre-course study.

MSP® Practitioner Certification

As a step up from the Foundation certification, the MSP® Practitioner course helps delegates obtain a sufficient understanding of MSP® so as to be able to apply the framework to their own work. Subsequently, this course is used to train individuals to become informed members of programme management teams, who are responsible for managing, supporting or advising work associated with MSP®. Delegates must have the MSP® Foundation certification in order to enrol on this two-day training course.

MSP® Foundation and Practitioner Certification

This MSP® Foundation and Practitioner course covers the basics of the MSP® methodology (Foundation) and how to apply it to business (Practitioner). Once completed, this certification will allow delegates to work as MSP® professionals who can make informed decisions, support the work of programme management teams, or work individually as a Programme Manager. There are no prerequisites for this five-day course. During the first three days, training will be focussed on the Foundation segment of the course, with the Foundation exam on the third day. The remaining two days are spent learning the Practitioner section and on the final day the Practitioner exam will be sat.

MSP® Advanced Practitioner Certification

By attending this two-day Advanced Practitioner MSP® training course candidates will receive a fuller understanding of the processes, components, and techniques of the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)® methodology. This training course is ideal for MSP® Practitioners who wish to further advance their understanding of the Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)® methodology.

MSP® Re-Registration Certification

The MSP® Re-registration course is suited to individuals who have previously earned the MSP® Practitioner certification, but their qualification has expired. Recertification is required in order to retain the accreditation. The MSP® Practitioner qualification is valid for only three to five years. During this course, a variety of MSP® Practitioner topics are revisited and assessed. 


MSP® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

The Swirl logo™ is a trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

MSP® Training Benefits for Individuals

Becoming a certified MSP® professional can guide you into a lucrative and successful career. There are numerous businesses within a huge variety of industries that require skilled Programme Managers to help them reach their objectives and achieve transformational change. As such, you can significantly improve your career prospects with a MSP® certification. Additional benefits include:

  • This MSP® certification provides individuals with tools and skills that are not usually familiar to Project Managers, and as such this certification can make you stand out to prospective employers
  • Understand how to manage risks and unforeseen changes efficiently
  • Understand what it means to be an effective leader with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills - skills that are crucial to a programme management role
  • MSP® is applicable across numerous industries, meaning that you can work as a Programme Manager without having to renew or retake your certification
  • A MSP® certification demonstrates a commitment to personal development
  • Enhance your earning potential - those who hold a MSP® certification can earn between £40,000-85,000
  • Programme management is increasingly becoming recognised as essential for enabling organisations to manage transformations

MSP® Training Benefits for Businesses

Employing MSP® certified individuals means that companies are efficaciously supported through any changes, subsequently avoiding errors or a lack of productivity. Other benefits for businesses are:

  • Provides a unified framework for all team members to work with
  • Perfect for companies going through mergers and acquisitions
  • MSP® has a primary focus of including and engaging all stakeholders, to ensure that they have the opportunity to cooperate at key times during the programme lifecycle
  • MSP® provides a strategy for managing the complex relationships between the interested groups in a long-term transformational change initiative
  • MSP® certified individuals have efficient decision-making skills and put in place flexible management regimes, so changes can be completed successfully, in an organised manner

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MSP® Training

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  • The most sought-after qualification for Programme Managers

  • Boost your career prospects through becoming a trained Programme Manager

  • Use the MSP® methodology to meet business objectives

  • Enhance your earning potential

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MSP® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

The Swirl logo™ is a trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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