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Linux Training - Philippines

The Linux series of operating systems powers major businesses around the world, as well as having a substantial home user base. Our range of LINUX courses cover the essentials needed to use LINUX, program with the shell and be an effective administrator. We also offer courses in administration and shell programming for the similar UNIX series of systems as well.

Linux Training Information

About Linux Training

Our Linux training courses educate delegates on the constituents of Linux - a distributable and powerful OS that helps businesses enhance their efficiency and security. Businesses have an ever-growing dependency on the cloud and Linux due to the graphical interface and command-line utilisations that help businesses to grow exponentially.


Hence, our Linux Training courses provide delegates with the skills needed to work proactively in a Linux environment. Our training courses enable staff at all levels to appreciate Linux and the adaptable features that are accessible, to help enhance efficiency. Whilst developing knowledge of the link between OS and business improvement, this course is designed for system administrators, developers, architects, decision makers, and new ambitious Linux users.


Through instructor-led training and hands-on lab-based exercises, delegates will quickly obtain knowledge of how to engage and utilise Linux, including navigation, Linux's features and development, in addition to configuring systems to suit a business's needs. Anyone that needs to understand and use a Linux Operating System, should take our interactive Linux courses to enhance their knowledge and working capacity.

Please arrive at the venue at 8:45am.
There are no formal pre-requisites for this Linux Introduction training course, although an understanding of and exposure to information technology and an understanding of operating systems are required.
Linux is a rapidly-developing powerful Operating System.
Please see our Linux Training courses available in Philippines
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The price for Linux Training certification in Philippines starts from $1529.

LINUX Fundamentals Course Overview

This two-day LINUX Fundamentals training course educates delegates of how to use and interact with LINUX  - an open source, powerful, user-friendly, and distributable OS that is used by advanced digital-age businesses. Through instructor-led training and hands-on lab-based exercises, delegates will quickly obtain knowledge of how to engage and utilise LINUX, including navigational features, the command line interface, security and system configurations. This LINUX course is open to all and is designed for individuals that wish to enhance their knowledge of LINUX.

Businesses have an ever growing dependency on LINUX due to the graphical interface and command line utilisations that help businesses to exponentially grow, hence by taking this LINUX Fundamentals course, candidates can ensure that they are familiar with the number one open source operating system. Whilst developing knowledge of the link between OS and business improvement, this course is designed for system administrators, developers, architects, decision makers, and new ambitious LINUX users.

UNIX Fundamentals Course Overview

This two-day UNIX Fundamentals course teaches delegates the main concepts of the UNIX Operating System, to ensure that they are proficient users and able to troubleshoot OS issues. This UNIX Operating System training course gives delegates a comprehensive introduction to the main underpinning concepts of a UNIX Operating System, in addition to the most commonly used UNIX commands and utilities, including Command-Line Wildcard and redirection facilities.

Due to UNIX'S adaptability, this UNIX Training course is designed to give delegates an overview of the various UNIX versions that are available. Hence, this UNIX Training course simplifies the underpinning concepts to ensure that all staff, of all levels, are able to utilise and appreciate UNIX. After undertaking this UNIX Course, individuals will have an appreciation and knowledge of creating, duplicating, renaming, adapting, moving and deleting files and directories, using the UNIX'S redirection and pipe facilities. Additionally, our engaging trainers will help delegates learn how to use the VI Editor to edit text files.

Linux Shell Programming Course Overview

This Linux Shell Programming Training Course enables delegates to acquire the skills required to write Linux Shell Scripts and transform a business’s OS/working environment. Shell scripts form the basis of basic command outputs and automated quoting mechanisms. Hence, this Linux course covers the main programming control structures required when implementing and executing conditional facilities that lead to fundamental OS improvements.

Our engaging trainers will help you become proficient Linux Shell Scripters and develop automated Linux features - ultimately developing your credibility as a Linux Server Administrator. Central to this Linux Shell Training course, delegates will learn how to replicate, move and adapt directories within a Linux OS - within the context of the syntax language and navigation directory.

Administering Linux Systems Course Overview

Our four day Linux course provides a thorough understanding of key Linux administration activities, encompassing both the system hardware and kernel, as well as a number of front end tools. The course will cover steps for every major distribution of Linux including SUSE, Debian and Ubuntu, including similarities and differences between the platforms.

Our Administering Linux Systems training course will provide delegates with the ability to conduct necessary administration, security, and performance exercises on a Linux system. Delegates will become familiar with setting up Linux, updating Linux, controlling account data, software package management, and carrying out backups. As well as this, delegates will explore device data, connecting to the network, and producing solutions to boot problems.

UNIX Shell Programming Course Overview

UNIX Shell is a command-line interpreter, which is designed to run shell scripts. A UNIX shell script is a text file containing a group of commands that can be read by humans. These commands could also be used manually one at a time via the UNIX operating system command prompt. However, usually, the commands are kept in a file, or script, in order to avoid the need to type the commands at the command prompt each time the user wishes to perform a particular task. Unlike other advanced programming languages, such as C or C++, shell scripts do not need to be arranged into a binary format in order to be used.

Administrating UNIX Systems Course Overview

UNIX is a group of computer operating systems that can be used by multiple users to complete multiple tasks. This course has been designed to provide a broad overview of UNIX Sytems and its administration. Our Administrating UNIX Systems training course provides specific knowledge and practical experience for aspiring UNIX System Administrators. The course primarily focuses on basic SVR4 commands, which can be used to navigate a UNIX system. It is not vendor-specific and does not look at GUI tools. After successfully completing this course, delegates will be able to define the UNIX operating system, work with directories and files, work with the vi editor to produce and adjust files, and use advanced shell features in shell scripts. Therefore, by attending this course, delegates will be sufficiently prepared to take on a UNIX System Administrator role.

Linux Training Benefits for Individuals

  • Become an efficient user of Linux

  • Learn how to configure Linux systems

  • Learn how to adapt, move, and store your files

  • Learn how to edit Linux Permissions

  • Enhance your employability prospects

Linux Training Benefits for Businesses

  • Develop a Linux environment that is powerful and adaptive

  • Linux is fully adaptable due to the open-source and distributable code

  • Enhance the security of your Operating System

  • Linux supports almost all programming languages including Java, Ruby, and Python

  • Superior OS Customisation

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Linux Training

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