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GDPR Training - Philippines

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in European law on May 25th 2018, replacing the previous EU Directive 95/46/EC. The GDPR ensures that data protection practices are up-to-date, secure, and responsive to the ever changing digital landscape, whilst giving EU citizens new data processing rights.

GDPR Training Information

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect May 25th 2018, with the aim of enhancing security and transparency of data processing within the European Union (EU) whilst giving EU citizens greater control over their data. The regulation has helped to unify data processing practices within the EU, and must be adhered to by all companies globally if they are processing large quantities of data belonging to EU citizens.


The development of the GDPR is the first alteration and revamp to data protection laws in 20 years - it replaces the outdated EU Directive 95/46/EC that has not kept up with the initiation and development of the “internet age”. The regulation aims to protect EU citizens from security breaches revealing their personal data, whilst ensuring that any data processing concerning any natural persons is lawful, fair, and within the predetermined scope agreed when consent was given. Any deviations from the regulations set out within GDPR are subject to substantial fines that can reach €20m or 4% of annual worldwide turnover - which could be financially catastrophic. The instigation of the GDPR is much more than a fine-based system: it has additional benefits for citizens looking to engage with and ensure that their personal data is protected, while for businesses benefits include lower data storage costs and the ability to demonstrate compliance to build trust between stakeholders, investors, Data Subjects, and the public.


Businesses are now expected to instigate comprehensive governance measures that are proportionate to the scale of data processing. One of the fundamental requirements of the GDPR is the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) - this position is mandatory in all organisations that have a core data processing operation, and concerns both Controllers and Processors. DPOs are required to possess extensive knowledge of the GDPR laws in order to execute their office effectively and demonstrate full compliance with the regulations, making it imperative that candidates take comprehensive GDPR Foundation and Practitioner courses to become fully informed. The DPO role is multifaceted and requires extensive knowledge of IT management, systems, data processing, and of the GDPR law, in order to overcome and prevent cyber-threats. Hence, our GDPR training courses educate candidates on how to implement a programme of compliance, whilst ensuring that they are professionally marketable as a Data Protection Officer - becoming a much sought-after employee.

The GDPR came into effect May 25th 2018. It was initially adopted by the European Parliament on April 14th 2016.
The GDPR applies to all companies that are involved in the processing of data belonging to EU citizens, so it is vital that they can demonstrate full compliance.
DPO is an acronym for Data Protection Officer - a position that is mandatory and must be filled within businesses that have a core data processing operation.
Yes, all GDPR courses have the exam fee included within the price and shall be taken on the final day of the relevant course. The GDPR Awareness course does not have any exams as it is purely an information-based course.
The exam(s), a comprehensive candidate pack consisting of exercises, guidance, the GDPR recitals and articles, the course slides, and tuition from a highly engaging instructor.
There are no prerequisites for the GDPR Foundation and Awareness courses. Completion of the GDPR Foundation course fulfils the prerequisites for the GDPR Practitioner course.
Information that relates to a person who is already identified or can be identified from data such as ID numbers, location, IP address, biometric data, health files, cultural information, or economic data.
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The price for GDPR Training certification in Philippines starts from $1529.

There are three core GDPR courses that incrementally advance in terms of complexity and applicability of knowledge. In order, the courses we offer include:


GDPR Awareness - this 1-day course educates candidates on the fundamental constituents of the GDPR, the seven principles, essential terminology, the basis for the GDPR compared to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Data Protection Act 2018, and an introduction to the legal articles and recitals.


GDPR Foundation - this 2-day GDPR training course enables candidates to appreciate how the GDPR affects their organisation’s operations, as well as the legal consequences of failing to adhere to the regulations. Interpreting and identifying the potential impact of privacy breaches is central to this course in order to put the GDPR into context, whilst helping to improve upon the required skill-set needed to be an effective Data Protection Officer (DPO). This course is a prerequisite for the GDPR Practitioner course.


GDPR Practitioner - this extensive course will encourage candidates to develop an understanding of the steps they need to take in order to comply with the GDPR. The course is highly engaging and involves a number of proactive exercises, meaning that a candidate can return to business as a competent Data Protection Practitioner. Step-by-step compliance guides will help candidates ensure that their business meets the GDPR’s requirements - helping to boost data trust between clients, stakeholders, and organisations.


GDPR Foundation and Practitioner - this 4-day course covers an extensive range of data protection tools in order to comply with the GDPR. Our highly engaging instructors and step-by-step compliance guidelines enable candidates to gain a full appreciation for the GDPR, whilst learning the additional benefits of being compliant. This combined GDPR certification enables you to learn how to plan, implement, and maintain a compliance programme.


We also offer several supplementary courses for specific areas of the GDPR and GDPR-related issues. These courses do not replace the core GDPR training above, but rather complement it with in-depth analysis of and preparation for certain related topics and roles. These courses include:


Certified Data Protection Officer - this 1-day course explores the role of a Data Protection Officer within an organisation, and examines the methods by which a DPO specifically can ensure that an organisation demonstrates full GDPR compliance. This course focuses on understanding and preventing data breaches, conducting Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), and preparing candidates for The Knowledge Academy's DPO certification, allowing those who complete the course and exam successfully to gain demonstrable proof of their expertise as a DPO.


Dealing with Subject Access Requests (SAR) - this 1-day course is designed to teach candidates how to recognise, record, and respond to Subject Access Requests, which are requests from service users or data subjects to view or gain access to the data that an organisation holds on them. This course focuses on a specific subject right, the Right of Access, and is intended to help candidates understand what the right is, when it applies, and how to honour it.


Dealing with Subject Access Requests (SAR) - An Executive Briefing - this short, succinct course is a compact version of the Dealing with Subject Access Requests (SAR) course above, designed for executive, senior, or C-level candidates who wish to enhance their knowledge of SARs and the Right of Access in the most efficient and economical manner possible.


Law Enforcement Processing (DPA 2018) - this 1-day course covers the fundamentals of the UK-specific Data Protection Act 2018, which also came into force on May 25th 2018, including its increased regulations for data processing in legal and criminal contexts. Candidates will learn about the six data protection principles, the DPA's differences from the GDPR, and subject rights under the DPA.

There are a myriad of benefits of taking our GDPR courses, both in terms of progressing your career and in enhancing your awareness of data protection practices. Given how expansive and revolutionary the regulations are, the benefits of undertaking GDPR courses include: 

  • Develop your professional proficiency as a DPO and data protection expert

  • Have the ability and confidence to identify, interpret, and overcome potential privacy issues

  • Begin a highly rewarding, important, and vital career in public security

  • Learn how to develop and maintain a compliance programme

  • Understand the background, principles, terminology, and underpinning concepts of the GDPR

  • Fulfil the mandatory position of a Data Protection Officer under the GDPR for businesses that process data and put in place the required compliance strategies

The benefits of staff obtaining GDPR certifications are immense for businesses, as this can help to develop a compliance programme and avoid financially catastrophic fines. The main business benefits include:

  • Ensure that your business complies with the GDPR legislation, whilst enhancing data security

  • Establish trust between clients, government authorities, and your business - encourage clients to engage online and become aware of how their data is being processed

  • Have a highly knowledgeable DPO that can initiate a compliance programme and maintain comprehensive data flow maps concerning your processing strategy for business clarity

  • Attract businesses and investors through demonstrating legal compliance and stringent security protocols

  • Analyse data to establish patterns and trends that can help develop a business and marketing strategy

  • Ensure that your business does not incur a €20m or 4% of annual worldwide turnover fine or intervention from the Supervisory Authority

Reasons to choose
GDPR Training

  • Understand and adapt to changes to the EU data protection regulations

  • Fulfil the mandatory knowledge-stipulated requirements of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) under the GDPR

  • Enhance your knowledge of data protection and of how to overcome cyber-security breaches on a variety of platforms

  • Learn how to plan, implement, and maintain an EU GDPR compliance programme

  • Ensure that your organisation does not incur substantial non-compliance fines

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