Scrum Developer Training Overview

Scrum Developer Training Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Scrum

  • Scrum Overview
  • Scrum Principles
    • Empirical Process Control
    • Self-Organising Teams
    • Collaborative Approach
    • Time-Boxed Iterations
    • Continuous Improvement
  • Scrum Aspects
    • Roles
    • Artifacts
    • Events
  • Scrum Processes
    • Product Backlog Refinement
    • Sprint Planning
    • Daily Scrum
    • Sprint Review
    • Sprint Retrospective
  • Scrum Advantages and Disadvantages

Module 2: Roles and Responsibilities in Scrum

  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Scrum Team
  • Non-Core Roles
    • Stakeholders
    • Subject Matter Experts
    • Project Managers
    • Business Analysts

Module 3: Scrum Methodologies

  • Release Planning
    • Define the Scope and Objectives
    • Prioritise the Product Backlog
    • Estimate the Effort Required
    • Create a Release Plan
    • Review and Adjust the Plan
    • Deliver the Release
  • Product Vision Breakdown
    • Purpose
    • Value Proposition
    • Target Customers
    • Business Goals
    • Non-Goals
  • Product Vision
    • Clarity
    • Focus
    • Alignment
    • Motivation
    • Customer Focus
  • Product Goals
  • Release Burndown
  • Sprint Burndown
  • Scrum Boards

Module 4: Quality Management in Scrum

  • Acceptance Criteria and the Prioritised Product Backlog
  • Quality Management in Scrum
  • Quality Planning
  • Sustainable Pace and Continuous Integration
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Module 5: Scrum Phases and Processes

  • Initiate Phase
  • Plan and Estimate Phase
  • Implement Phase
  • Review and Retrospect Phase
  • Release Phase

Module 6: Change in Scrum

  • Change in Scrum
  • Achieving Flexibility
  • Balancing Flexibility and Stability
  • Changes to a Sprint
  • Impact of Expected Change on the Length of Sprint
  • Managing Changes Through Prioritised Product Backlog Grooming
  • Managing Changes During Demonstrate and Validate Sprint

Module 7: Scrum Challenges

  • Resistance to Change
  • Distributed Teams
  • Changing Team Membership
  • Wasteful Stand-Up Meetings
  • Integrating Testing into the Sprint

Module 8: Scalability of Scrum

  • Scalability of Scrum
    • Team Size
    • Project Complexity
    • Organisational Structure
    • Geographic Distribution
    • Stakeholder Involvement
  • Transition to Scrum
  • Resistance to Change
  • Mapping Traditional Roles to Scrum
  • Importance of Executive Support

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Who should attend this Scrum Developer Training Course? 

The Scrum Developer Course is designed for Software Developers who work in  Scrum environments. This Scrum Training can be beneficial for a wide range of professionals, including:

  • Software Engineers/Developers
  • Infrastructure Developers
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Professionals
  • System Administrators
  • Aspiring Scrum Masters
  • Product Owners
  • Business Analysts

Prerequisites of the Scrum Developer Training Course

There are no formal prerequisites for this Scrum Developer Certification Course. However, basic knowledge of Scrum principles would be beneficial for the delegates.

Scrum Developer Training Course Overview

This Online Scrum Developer Course equips individuals with essential tools and techniques for creating high-value software in alignment with Scrum principles. It enables learners to collaborate effectively within a Scrum team, focusing on iterative and incremental development.

This training empowers participants to produce functional software and conduct Agile product testing, enhancing their performance in the Scrum framework. Pursuing this certification opens up numerous opportunities for engagement with Scrum Practitioners and broadens career prospects through a deeper understanding of Agile practices.

This 2-day Scrum Training Delivered by The Knowledge Academy is designed to make sure that the delegates get enough knowledge to effectively contribute to a Scrum project. During this training, they will learn how to apply Scrum methodologies to a project. They will also learn about the impact of the expected change on the length of the sprint. This course will be led by our highly skilled and knowledgeable trainers, who have years of experience in teaching and will help delegates get a complete understanding of this course.

Course Objectives:

  • To get a deep understanding of the various aspects of Scrum
  • To learn the various roles and responsibilities of the Product Owner
  • To become familiar with how to apply Scrum methodologies to a project
  • To attain knowledge of acceptance criteria and prioritise the product backlog
  • To learn about the importance of executive support in scaling Scrum
  • To understand the scalability of Scrum and how to transition to Scrum

After completing the Online Scrum Training course, delegates will gain a Scrum Certificate and skills to effectively handle change by prioritising product backlog grooming, conducting demonstration and validation sprints, managing resistance to change, and aligning traditional roles with Scrum principles.

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What's included in this Scrum Developer Training Course?

  • Scrum Developer Examination
  • World-Class Training Sessions from Experienced Instructors
  • Scrum Developer Certificate
  • Digital Delegate Pack

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Scrum Developer Exam Information

To achieve the Scrum Developer Training, candidates will need to sit for an examination. The exam format is as follows: 

  • Question Type: Multiple Choice 
  • Total Questions: 35 
  • Total Marks: 35 Marks 
  • Pass Mark: 60%, or 21/35 Marks 
  • Duration: 60 Minutes
  • Open Book/ Closed Book: Open Book

The 2-day Scrum Developer training course must be sat prior to the undertaking the exam.

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Experience live, interactive learning from home with The Knowledge Academy's Online Instructor-led Scrum Developer Training. Engage directly with expert instructors, mirroring the classroom schedule for a comprehensive learning journey. Enjoy the convenience of virtual learning without compromising on the quality of interaction.

Unlock your potential with The Knowledge Academy's Scrum Developer Training, accessible anytime, anywhere on any device. Enjoy 90 days of online course access, extendable upon request, and benefit from the support of our expert trainers. Elevate your skills at your own pace with our Online Self-paced sessions.

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Scrum Developer Training FAQs

This training is designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed to work effectively within a Scrum Team. It focuses on Agile software development principles and practices, emphasising collaboration, communication, and problem-solving.
In this course, you will learn about Scrum, the various roles and responsibilities of Scrum, quality management systems, Scrum phases and processes, various Scrum challenges, the scalability of Scrum, and other related concepts.
The three fundamental roles of Scrum are: the Product Owner, who defines and prioritises the product backlog, the Scrum Master who facilitates and guides the Scrum process, and the Development Team which is responsible for delivering product increments.
The Scrum Master Certification is vital as it verifies expertise in Agile Project Management, team facilitation, and collaboration promotion. It enhances employability by demonstrating proficiency in Scrum practices, making it a valuable career asset.
To register for this Scrum Developer Certification Online Course, visit our website, complete the registration form with your information, and submit it. You'll then receive a confirmation email with further instructions.
Yes, delegates will receive the Scrum Developer Certification which verifies a developer's proficiency in applying Scrum methodologies within a development team.
The average annual salary of a professional Scrum Developer is £60,515 per year, but it can vary due to factors like location and experience.
The Scrum Developer's core responsibilities include coding, testing, and collaborating with the team to deliver a potentially shippable product increment in each Sprint. They also participate in Scrum events and contribute to team discussions and problem-solving.
No prior Agile or Scrum experience is necessary for attending this Online Scrum Developer Training Course ; it's suitable for all experience levels, including beginners.
The training fees for Scrum Developer Training certification in Belgium starts from €2295
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider for Scrum Developer Training.
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"Really good course and well organised. Trainer was great with a sense of humour - his experience allowed a free flowing course, structured to help you gain as much information & relevant experience whilst helping prepare you for the exam"

Joshua Davies, Thames Water

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