Teradata Training Overview

Teradata Training Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Teradata 

  • What is Teradata
  • Features of Teradata
  • Installation Steps for Windows

Module 2: Teradata Architecture 

  • Components of Teradata
  • Storage Architecture
  • Retrieval Architecture

Module 3: Teradata Data Manipulation 

  • Insert Records
  • Insert from Another Table
  • Update Records
  • Delete Records

Module 4: Teradata TPT 

  • What is Teradata TPT?
  • TPT Operators in Teradata
  • Teradata TPT Script to Load from File to Table
  • FILE Schema and Producer Operator to Read Files
  • DDL Operator to Drop/Create Error Tables and Target Table
  • LOAD Operator to Load the Data File into Target Table
  • Execute DDL Operator
  • Execute LOAD Operator
  • How Do I Run a Teradata TPT Script in UNIX?
  • How to View TPT Log File?

Module 5: Data Acquisition and Loading Options 

  • Intermediate File Logging
  • Mini Batch Loading 
  • Batch Directory Scan 
  • Active Directory Scan: Continuous Loading of Transactional Options

Module 6: How to Write the Script

  • BTEQ Scripts
  • Running the TPT Script
  • Loading Aster Table to Teradata Database Using ODBC

Module 7: Set Own Rules to Data Load

  • Defining a Ruleset
  • Remove All DBQL Rules in Effect from DBC.DBQLRuleTbl
  • Restrictions on Load Utilities
  • Teradata Load and Unload Utilities

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Who should attend this Teradata Training Course?

This Teradata Training Course in the United States is designed for professionals seeking to develop proficiency in working with Teradata, a leading data warehousing and analytics platform. This course will benefit the following professionals:

  • Data Analysts
  • Database Administrators
  • Business Intelligence Analysts
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Architects
  • IT Professionals
  • Solutions Architects
  • Data Warehousing Managers

Prerequisites of the Teradata Training Course

There are no formal prerequisites to attend the Teradata Training Course. However, a basic knowledge of SQL and Linux would be beneficial.

Teradata Training Course Overview

The Teradata Training Course in the United States is a comprehensive exploration of Teradata, a leading relational database management system, and its profound relevance in the realm of data warehousing and analytics. As organizations increasingly rely on data for strategic decision-making, understanding Teradata becomes pivotal in optimizing data storage, retrieval, and analysis.

Professionals engaged in data analytics, business intelligence, and database management stand to gain immense value from mastering the Teradata Course in the United States. In the landscape of big data, Teradata's efficiency in handling vast datasets makes it a critical skill for those aiming to excel in roles involving data warehousing, analytics, and data-driven decision support.

In this 1-day training in the United States by the Knowledge Academy, delegates will delve into the intricacies of Teradata, learning to leverage its capabilities for optimized data management. From understanding Teradata architecture to mastering advanced querying techniques, the course equips delegates with the skills needed to navigate the complexities of this powerful database management system.

Course Objectives

  • To comprehend the architecture and components of Teradata
  • To master the SQL essentials for querying Teradata databases
  • To understand data distribution and access mechanisms in Teradata
  • To optimize query performance using indexing and partitioning
  • To grasp the fundamentals of Teradata utilities for data loading and backup
  • To implement security measures for safeguarding Teradata databases

Upon completing the Teradata Training Course, delegates in the United States will possess the expertise to navigate and leverage Teradata effectively. From crafting efficient SQL queries to implementing robust security measures, professionals will be well-prepared to contribute to their organizations' data-driven success, gaining a competitive edge in the dynamic field of data management and analytics.

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What’s included in this Teradata Training Course?

  • World-Class Training Sessions from Experienced Instructors
  • Teradata Certificate
  • Digital Delegate Pack

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Experience live, interactive learning from home with The Knowledge Academy's Online Instructor-led Teradata Training. Engage directly with expert instructors, mirroring the classroom schedule for a comprehensive learning journey. Enjoy the convenience of virtual learning without compromising on the quality of interaction.

Unlock your potential with The Knowledge Academy's Teradata Training, accessible anytime, anywhere on any device. Enjoy 90 days of online course access, extendable upon request, and benefit from the support of our expert trainers. Elevate your skills at your own pace with our Online Self-paced sessions.

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Teradata Training FAQs

Teradata is a leading provider of database and analytics solutions, specializing in scalable data warehousing and analytics platforms for enterprise-level organizations worldwide.
Teradata is used for data warehousing and analytics, enabling organizations to store, manage, and analyze large volumes of data for business insights and decision-making purposes.
Teradata offers high-performance analytics, scalability, and parallel processing capabilities, enabling organizations to efficiently handle large volumes of data and derive valuable insights for decision-making, thus improving operational efficiency and competitiveness.
Teradata offers a mature, established platform with decades of expertise, robust workload management, and advanced analytics capabilities, while Snowflake provides a modern, scalable cloud-native architecture with seamless elasticity and concurrency, enabling rapid data warehousing deployment and integration with various data sources.
There are no formal prerequisites to attend the Teradata Training Course. However, a basic knowledge of SQL and Linux would be beneficial.
This Teradata Certification Training is ideal for data analysts, database administrators, and business intelligence professionals seeking to enhance their skills in data warehousing and analytics using Teradata technology.
The duration of this course spans across 1 day.
In this Teradata Course the, you'll learn advanced database management techniques, including data warehousing, querying, and analytics, to efficiently handle large-scale data sets and optimize performance for business intelligence applications.
After completing a Teradata Certification Course, individuals can pursue careers as Teradata developers, administrators, data analysts, or data engineers in various industries, offering opportunities to work with large-scale data warehousing and analytics solutions.
The Knowledge Academy in the United States is a leading training provider which offers multiple courses, comprehensive course content, experienced instructors, flexible learning options, and industry recognition, making it a reliable choice for attending this course.
The training fees for Teradata Training certification in the United States starts from $1595
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider for Teradata Training.
Please see our Database Training courses available in the United States
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"Really good course and well organised. Trainer was great with a sense of humour - his experience allowed a free flowing course, structured to help you gain as much information & relevant experience whilst helping prepare you for the exam"

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