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Table of Contents

PRINCE2 Case Studies

This blog gives insights on prominent PRINCE2 Case Studies. The examples are from different organisations. They illustrate how these organisations have successfully applied this methodology to achieve their project goals. We will have a careful look at each of these examples and analyse them. Each example will guide you through the issues that you may face while doing your projects. 

Table of Contents 

1) PRINCE2 Case Studies 

   a) Australian Department of Parliamentary Services  

   b) Environment Canada  

   c) Transpower 

   d) University of Western Australia Library 

   e) VocaLink  

2) Conclusion 

PRINCE2 Case Studies 

The following case studies showcase the application of PRINCE2 in diverse sectors. They highlight the benefits and outcomes of using this robust project management framework. 

Australian Department of Parliamentary Services Case Study 

The Australian Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) undertook a major IT infrastructure project. The goal was to upgrade their parliamentary network services. This complex project required careful planning. Coordination and execution were also important to avoid disruptions to critical parliamentary activities. 

Application of PRINCE2: 

1) Project Initiation: The project began with a clear project brief and a detailed Project Initiation Document (PID). This helped define the project scope and clarified the objectives and deliverables. 

2) Roles and Responsibilities: PRINCE2's role-based structure ensured that everyone involved had a clear understanding of responsibilities. This ranged from the project board to the project team. 

3) Stages and Plans: The project was divided into manageable stages. Each stage had its plan and review process. This approach allowed for continuous monitoring. Adjustments were made as needed. 

4) Risk Management: A comprehensive Risk Management strategy was implemented. It identified potential risks and developed mitigation plans. 


The use of PRINCE2 enabled DPS to complete project on time and within budget. There were minimal disruptions. The structured approach facilitated effective communication. It also supported decision-making. This led to a successful upgrade of the IT infrastructure.

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Environment Canada Case Study 

Environment Canada launched a project to develop and implement new environmental monitoring system. The objective was to enhance the accuracy. It also aimed to improve the efficiency of data collection. An analysis for environmental protection and policymaking was a key goal. 

Application of PRINCE2:

1) Business Case: A strong business case was developed. It outlined the need for the new system and expected benefits. This document was crucial for securing stakeholder buy-in and funding. 

2) Quality Management: PRINCE2's focus on quality ensured project deliverables met the required standards. Regular quality reviews were conducted. Audits were performed throughout the project lifecycle. 

3) Change Control: The project adopted a rigorous change control process. This was necessary to manage any changes to the project scope or requirements. It helped maintain project stability and control costs. 


Environment Canada successfully implemented a new environmental monitoring system, which has significantly improved data accuracy and efficiency. The project was completed within the set timelines. And it stayed on budget. This was thanks to the disciplined application of PRINCE2 principles. 

Transpower Case Study 

Transpower New Zealand's state-owned electricity transmission company, embarked on project to upgrade its national grid infrastructure. The project aimed to enhance the reliability. It also sought to increase the capacity of the electricity transmission network. 

Application of PRINCE2: 

1) Tailoring PRINCE2: Transpower tailored the PRINCE2 methodology to fit the specific needs of the project. This ensured flexibility while maintaining the core principles. 

2) Stakeholder Engagement: Active stakeholder engagement was key focus. Regular communication and updates were provided to all interested parties. This helped manage expectations. It also secured ongoing support. 

3) Issue Management: A structured issue management process was in place to address any problems that arose during the project. This ensured issues were resolved promptly and effectively. 


The project resulted in a more robust and reliable national grid. It met the growing demand for electricity. The use of PRINCE2 enabled Transpower. They managed project complexities. They delivered the desired outcomes.  

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University of Western Australia Library Case Study 

The University of Western Australia (UWA) Library initiated project to digitise its extensive collection of rare and valuable documents. The goal was to preserve these documents. Also make them accessible to a wider audience. 

Application of PRINCE2: 

1) Project Planning: Detailed project plans were developed. These plans outlined the steps required to digitise the documents. Steps included scanning, cataloguing, and storage. 

2) Resource Management: PRINCE2's resource management framework helped ensure that necessary resources were available when needed. This included staff, equipment and budget. 

3) Progress Monitoring: Regular progress reports and reviews were conducted. These tracked the project's progress and allowed necessary adjustments. 


The digitisations project was a success. Thousands of documents were preserved. They were made accessible online. The structured approach of PRINCE2 facilitated efficient project execution. The strategy ensured high-quality results. 

VocaLink Case Study 

VocaLink a leading payment systems provider took on project to develop a new real-time payment platform. The objective was to provide faster. It also aimed to deliver more efficient payment processing services. 

Application of PRINCE2: 

1) Detailed Planning: A comprehensive project plan was formulated. It details each phase of platform development, from the initial design to the final implementation. 

2) Risk Management: A proactive Risk Management strategy employed to identify potential risks early. Mitigation plans were developed to address them. 

3) Customer Focus: The project maintained strong focus on customer needs, ensuring the final platform met user requirements. It delivered high-quality User Experience (UX). 


The new real-time payment platform was successfully launched. It provides VocaLink's customers with faster. More reliable payment services. The application of PRINCE2 principles ensured that project was provided on time and met all Key Performance Indicators (KPI). 

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PRINCE 2 Case Studies highlight the effectiveness of the PRINCE2 methodology in managing diverse projects across various sectors. By providing a structured framework for planning, executing, and monitoring, PRINCE2 helps organisations achieve their objectives, manage risks, and deliver high-quality outcomes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Example of a Successful PRINCE2 Project? faq-arrow

A successful PRINCE2 project example is the construction of Heathrow Airport Terminal 5. It applied PRINCE2 methodology effectively in planning, execution, and delivery, incorporating regular reviews and clear roles, leading to its completion within budget and on time. 

Which one is Better to do PRINCE2 or Agile? faq-arrow

Deciding between PRINCE2 and Agile should be based on project needs and personal career goals. PRINCE2 is ideal for structured environments requiring clear governance, while Agile suits dynamic projects with frequent changes. For a blend of both, PRINCE2 Agile offers structure with flexibility to adapt to changes. 

Does the UK government use PRINCE2? faq-arrow

Deciding between PRINCE2 and Agile should be based on project needs and personal career goals. PRINCE2 is ideal for structured environments requiring clear governance, while Agile suits dynamic projects with frequent changes. For a blend of both, PRINCE2 Agile offers structure with flexibility to adapt to changes. 

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