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What is the TOGAF Exam Cost

TOGAF is a set of rules contributing to organisational development. The TOGAF certification is the first and foremost choice of Information Technology (IT) professionals regarding enterprise architecture frameworks. If you wish to earn a TOGAF certification, it is essential to learn about the TOGAF Exam Cost and exam topics, among other details.  

According to CIO,  80% of Global 50 companies and 60% of Fortune 500 companies used TOGAF in 2016. The popularity of TOGAF has only risen ever since the certification request has grown higher. In this comprehensive guide, we cover everything you need to know about the exam fees, including the TOGAF Exam Cost for each level and additional expenses you may incur. 

Table of Contents 

1) TOGAF Certification – An Overview 

2) TOGAF: Examination Details 

3) Breakdown of the TOGAF Exam Cost 

4) Benefits of earning a TOGAF Certification 

5) Conclusion 

TOGAF Certification – An Overview 

TOGAF is an IT management framework that promises hassle-free business progression by ensuring that IT functions align with business objectives. The TOGAF certification is a benchmark for planning, designing, and managing enterprise IT systems. TOGAF provides four types of certificates, which are as follows: 

a) TOGAF Standard (version 9.2) 

b) TOGAF Standard (version 9.2) Business Architecture  

c) TOGAF Standard (version 9.2) Integrating Risk and Security 

d) TOGAF Standard (version 9.2) Essential 2018 

The certification is proof of the in-depth knowledge of the concepts of TOGAF and knowledge of TOGAF Terminology. It can be used to help organisations in multiple ways, like maintaining adequate IT infrastructure and meeting the required business needs. The TOGAF certification can make you proficient in handling domains like: 

a) Business Architecture 

b) Data Architecture 

c) Application Architecture 

d) Technology Architecture 

The TOGAF certification is a globally recognised certification that can lead you to fruitful employment opportunities. It is a highly recommended certification for aspiring IT professionals interested in IT architecture. 

TOGAF: Examination Details 

The TOGAF certification can be obtained by clearing the TOGAF certification exam. Your journey to earning a TOGAF certification must start with deciding your desired certification level from the numerous ones present. Here is a sequential order of the steps to be followed to attain the TOGAF certification: 

Steps to Attain TOGAF Certification

a) Choose your preferred certification level 

b) Check the TOGAF certification framework to learn about the topics that can appear in the exam 

c) Learn the TOGAF standards 

d) Training courses are optional but helpful 

e) Register for TOGAF exams 

Attain a passing score of 55% or more for part one and 60% for part two 

Breakdown of the TOGAF Exam Cost 

The examination cost can vary depending on factors like location and additional taxes. It is important to note that the exam fees will be included in the course cost for the TOGAF training programs. The table below shows the list of exams and their respective costs:


Exam fee 

TOGAF® 9 Part 1 English 


TOGAF® 9 Part 2 English 


TOGAF® 9 Combined Part 1 and 2 English 


TOGAF® 9 Part 1 Brazilian Portuguese 


TOGAF® 9 Part 2 Brazilian Portuguese 


TOGAF® 9 Part 1 French 


TOGAF® 9 Part 2 French 


TOGAF® 9 Part 1 Latin American Spanish 


TOGAF® 9 Part 2 Latin American Spanish 


TOGAF® 9 Part 1 Simplified Chinese 


TOGAF® 9 Part 2 Simplified Chinese 


TOGAF® 9 Combined Part 1 and 2 Simplified Chinese 


TOGAF® Business Architecture Part 1 


                                                                                                               Source: The Open Group
TOGAF Training

Benefits of earning a TOGAF Certification 

In the current scenario, there are multiple IT-related certifications from which you can select the ones that can help in career advancement. Amongst the plethora of courses available, earning a TOGAF certification has numerous advantages. There are several Benefits of TOGAF, but let’s discuss some benefits of the TOGAF certification are as follows: 

High demand 

TOGAF is one of the most sought IT-related certifications owing to the framework's success in helping organisations function efficiently. TOGAF Architecture Principles describe multiple aspects like planning and designing, which is met with TOGAF.   

Organisations value candidates with a TOGAF certification as it proves they can manage the phases and methodologies involved in enterprise architecture. TOGAF is a flexible framework, i.e., it can be used alongside other frameworks, which is another reason why it's in high demand. 


Certification cost is one of the most significant factors considered before pursuing a course. The TOGAF certification can be availed for a cost-effective price of £399.05 for two exams. Even after considering the training cost, it is a good investment. 

Acquire the skills required to implement the TOGAF framework for enterprise architecture by signing up for our TOGAF® Foundation And Practitioner Training course. 

Promotes career advancement

Job prospects with TOGAF

Acquiring a TOGAF certification is the best way to boost your career, as it paves the way for high-paying jobs. Hiring managers prioritise candidates with a TOGAF certification over others all the time. Following are some job roles that can be pursued with a TOGAF Certification: 

a) Project Manager: They oversee the process of project completion in businesses. They must delegate work among their team members, keep track of the project's progress, and supervise all the project activities until completion. 

b) IT Architect: They are responsible for maintaining computer systems and networks in an organisation. They must set up servers and implement necessary security services to ensure the smooth functioning of the computer systems and networks. 

c) Business Analyst: The primary role of Business Analysts is to analyse business strategies using various techniques and identify areas of improvement. Since this job role demands using multiple methodologies and frameworks, a TOGAF certification can be helpful. 

d) Software Architect: A Software Architect evaluates an organisation's technical situation and helps determine the future of projects. Their responsibilities also include writing code for software development. A TOGAF certification can help professionals aspiring for this job develop certain software architecture skills.   

Explore new opportunities 

Management problems are bound to emerge and affect organisations across industries. Passing the TOGAF exam can provide new opportunities to explore different job roles. The credibility of the TOGAF certification holds up in various types of organisations across diverse industries like finance and hospitality. Since it is a globally recognised certificate, organisations will prefer hiring you to contribute to their business.   

Improves managerial skills 

Another significant benefit of gaining a TOGAF certification is that it can help improve your managerial skills. Although you will be handling aspects of IT, communicating your strategies for the organisation and conveying the same message to the entire team are a few activities that can significantly improve your managerial skills. Aspiring Managers can benefit greatly from the job they land with the TOGAF certification. 


The TOGAF certification is a good investment and addition to the skillset for aspiring IT professionals. It is a safe bet to enter high-paying jobs in the IT sector. We hope this blog has helped you learn about the TOGAF Exam Cost, exam topics, and more. 

Learn the Business and Security Architecture with our TOGAF® Essentials course. Join now! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Average Salary for TOGAF? faq-arrow

The average salary for individuals with TOGAF Certification in the UK is approximately £82,500 per year. However, this can depend on experience, location, and the specific role, with salaries ranging from £54,000 at the 10th percentile to £115,000 at the 90th percentile. 

Is TOGAF a Professional Qualification? faq-arrow

Yes, TOGAF is a professional qualification that provides a clear path for professional development and is globally recognised as a standard for enterprise architecture. 

What are the Other Resources and Offers Provided by The Knowledge Academy? faq-arrow

The Knowledge Academy takes global learning to new heights, offering over 30,000 online courses across 490+ locations in 220 countries. This expansive reach ensures accessibility and convenience for learners worldwide. 

Alongside our diverse Online Course Catalogue, encompassing 17 major categories, we go the extra mile by providing a plethora of free educational Online Resources like News updates, Blogs, videos, webinars, and interview questions. Tailoring learning experiences further, professionals can maximise value with customisable Course Bundles of TKA.

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The Knowledge Academy’s Knowledge Pass, a prepaid voucher, adds another layer of flexibility, allowing course bookings over a 12-month period. Join us on a journey where education knows no bounds. 

What are Related Courses and Blogs Provided by The Knowledge Academy? faq-arrow

The Knowledge Academy offers various TOGAF® Training, including the TOGAF® BA Foundation Training, TOGAF® Essentials Training and TOGAF® Foundation and Practitioner Training. These courses cater to different skill levels, providing comprehensive insights into TOGAF 9.2. 

Our Business Improvement Blogs cover a range of topics related to TOGAF, offering valuable resources, best practices, and industry insights. Whether you are a beginner or looking to advance your enterprise architecture skills, The Knowledge Academy's diverse courses and informative blogs have got you covered. 

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