Reasons to Get a PRINCE2 Certification Training

10 Reason to get prince2 certification

10 Reasons to Get PRINCE2® Certification in 2022

If you’re aspiring for a career in project management or if you’re a professional looking to upskill, PRINCE2® certification might be exactly what you need. It is one of the most widely recognised certifications for project management professionals. If you’re looking for reasons to get PRINCE2® certification in 2022, we’ve got you. Read on to find out the top 10 reasons you should consider getting a PRINCE2® certification. 

1) So, what is the PRINCE2® certification that people are talking about? 

    A) Is there more than one type of PRINCE2® certification? 

2) So, why should you go for a PRINCE2® certification? 

    A) You can improve your project management skills  

    B) You can skip the long wait for preparations 

    C) You can make big money moves 

    D) PRINCE2® is the global industry standard 

    E) You can work in any industry of your choice 

    F) You will open the door to better opportunities 

    G) You don’t need any prerequisites to apply for a PRINCE2® certification 

    H) The PRINCE2® certification has been tried and tested over time 

    I) You can start managing large projects effectively 

    J) Qualifying for PRINCE2® makes it easier to get other certifications 

3) Conclusion

So, what is the PRINCE2® certification that people are talking about? 

For starters, PRINCE2® is an acronym that stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environment. It is a project management certification program that is globally recognised for its highly effective project management methodology. The certification validates your skills to become a skilled project manager. 

PRINCE2® certifications are awarded in 220 countries around the world. It was established in 1989 to be used by the United Kingdom government for their projects. PRINCE2® was first published as a project management methodology in 1996. Currently, its owned by AXELOS Ltd. Axelos certifications are provided by PeopleCert, usually in collaboration with other accredited training partners. 

PRINCE2® makes it easier to manage and control projects. The projects are divided into sections and they can be customised according to specifications.  

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Is there more than one type of PRINCE2® certification? 

Often confused as different types, PRINCE2® certifications are actually offered at different levels. 

1) PRINCE2® Foundation: The first level of PRINCE2® certification, PRINCE2® Foundation introduces the methodology and validates a candidate’s capability to implement it.  

2) PRINCE2® Practitioner: PRINCE2® Practitioner certification is for project management professionals who want to validate their enhanced proficiency in PRINCE2®.  

3) PRINCE2® Agile Foundation: With PRINCE2® Agile Foundation certification, candidates can validate their knowledge of PRINCE2® fundamentals coupled with Agile practices, concepts, and techniques. 

4) PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner: This is an advanced level of the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation certification. Candidates can validate their knowledge of using PRINCE2® Agile in real-world scenarios.  

PRINCE2® Foundation certification holders can directly apply for PRINCE2® Agile Practitioner.

Prince2 Certification

So, why should you go for a PRINCE2® certification? 

Now that you know what the PRINCE2® certification is, let’s discuss the top 10 reasons to get PRINCE2® certification. 

1) You can improve your project management skills

Project management requires a wide array of skillsets. There are certain skillsets that you can only acquire with experience. As you start working on bigger, more complex projects, you’ll be dealing with a lot more conflict. These projects will need an advanced level of risk management and conflict resolution. Even after that, you can’t be sure that things won’t go out of hand.  

And that is why you need PRINCE2®. PRINCE2® methodology focuses on more control. When you are able to maximise your control on a project, the chances of the project becoming successful increase. Project managers get to work in a more structured environment to make sure the project delivery is on time. They can also apply custom frameworks to target KPIs.  

With a PRINCE2® certification, you’ll get a thorough understanding of the methodology, its procedures, framework, terminology, and everything in between. Since PRINCE2® is used by over a million successful project managers around the world, you’ll also learn the skills they have acquired in planning, monitoring, initiating, executing, and managing projects.  

2) You can skip the long wait for preparations 

PRINCE2® certification starts at the Foundation level. It is open for project management professionals as well as freshers. A training course will typically be for two and a half days. Unlike other certifications where you have to spend a long time preparing for the exam, with PRINCE2® you can be prepared in a much shorter duration.  

Since PRINCE2® Foundation certification can also be taken up by freshers, you don’t need to have any experience beforehand. As soon as you’re PRINCE2® certified, you can start your journey as a project management professional. This helps you cut down on the time and money you would have had to invest in gaining the required training and experience for other certifications. 

While you’re training for PRINCE2® Foundation, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the methodology and you’ll already know what to expect for in the PRINCE2® Practitioner certification. All of this makes your journey into the field much easier. 

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3) You can make big money moves 

Nobody can deny that money is one of the most important motivators in life. PRINCE2® certified project management professionals tend to earn much more than others. We’re not just saying that. There are statistics to prove our point. 


Average salary per annum (GBP) 

United States 






United Kingdom 


Source: Payscale 

Let’s also look at the salary for PRINCE2® certified professionals by job roles: 

Job role 

Average annual salary (GBP) 

Project Manager (General) 


Project Manager (IT) 


Senior Project Manager (IT) 


Management Consultant 


Program Manager (IT) 


Service Delivery Manager 


IT Manager 


Project Management Office Analyst 


Technical Project Manager 


Project Management Office Manager 


Source: Payscale 

The salary also differs with regard to experience, organisation, etc. Ernest & Young (EY), Infosys, American Express, and TCS, are among the highest-paying companies for PRINCE2® certified professionals.

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4) PRINCE2® is the global industry standard

The PRINCE2® certification is globally recognised and it is also treated as the industry standard around the world. As discussed earlier, PRINCE2® was actually created for the UK government. Since then, it has been moved into the public domain. It is widely popular in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, etc.  

It’s increasingly gaining popularity in Asia, Africa, the USA, etc. with both public and private sector companies adopting it for its strengths. According to a white paper published by AXELOS, even the US Federal government project managers are using PRINCE2® to deliver on their IT investments. 

If you’re looking for an international role, getting a PRINCE2® certification can open those doors for you.

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5) You can work in any industry of your choice

The PRINCE2® methodology involves a practice-driven approach towards project management. It is a highly flexible and scalable approach that can be customised according to specific requirements. This renders the PRINCE2® methodology applicable to all sorts of projects in any industry. It can also take on Agile projects with the PRINCE2® Agile certification. 

In the public sector, PRINCE2® is used by central and local governments, Home Office, NHS, and even the police. Cheshire Police have been using PRINCE2® since 1996 to improve their communication. The Canadian Mounted Police also uses PRINCE2® to improve their management and collaboration between departments. Shell, Bharat Petroleum, and Transpower New Zealand use the PRINCE2® methodology in the oil and gas industry. 

PRINCE2® is also used in the construction industry by organisations like UK Highways Agency. Top IT companies like IBM, HP, Aquasoft, Philips, Siemens, BAE, etc. use the PRINCE2® methodology to better control and manage their processes.  

In the banking sector, PRINCE2® helps provide the required flexibility and ensure that everything is properly planned. Getting a PRINCE2® certification can help your investment banking portfolio by validating your ability of managing projects. Barclays has used PRINCE2® to implement a new governance framework that helped them apply a consistent approach across departments. 

PRINCE2® is widely used for engineering projects as well because of the importance of doing things in a step-by-step manner. The PRINCE2® framework follows a highly process-driven framework to improve efficiency in Operations Management. PRINCE2® is also used in the Marketing sector to make sure projects stay within budget.  

6) You will open the door to better opportunities

We’ve already talked about how PRINCE2® is used in every industry. Companies from various industries usually have PRINCE2® as prerequisite for anyone applying for a Project Manager role. With a PRINCE2® certification, you can apply for several different job roles like Project Coordinator, Project Administrator, Project Analyst, etc.  

In fact, a lot of pre-screening interview questionnaires will ask you whether you have a PRINCE2® certification or not. If you say no, your application might not be processed further. 

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7) You don’t need any prerequisites to apply for a PRINCE2® certification

A major reason for PRINCE2®’s popularity is that you don’t need any prerequisites to apply for the certification. The certification is available for freshers as well as project management professionals. You don’t have to worry for acquiring any prior experience before you apply. Knowledge of project management can definitely be beneficial but it isn’t a necessity.  

So, once you have decided that you want to go into the project management domain, you can apply for a PRINCE2® certification. It’s that simple.

Prince2 Certification Training

8) The PRINCE2® certification has been tried and tested over time 

The key aspects that contribute to the failure of a project are mismanaged resources, lack of planning, inept project managers, etc. Projects often fail to meet deadlines, go over budget, exhaust resources, and face many other hurdles due to the lack of a structured approach. PRINCE2® brings in the required structure into project management approaches.  

The PRINCE2® methodology utilises seven principles that make sure the project is better managed from start to finish. These seven principles are-  

1) Continued business justification 

2) Learn from experience 

3) Roles and responsibilities are defined 

4) Manage by stages 

5) Manage by exception 

6) Focus on products 

7) Tailor to suit project environment 

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9) You can start managing large projects effectively 

Due to PRINCE2® methodology’s very structured approach towards project management, it is highly recommended for dealing with large scale projects. The size of the project is one of the deciding factors in hiring a project manager. There is a lot more risk involved in large projects and companies need someone who can skilfully manage all the resources.  

PRINCE2® certified project management professionals have all the necessary skills required for handling large projects and that’s why companies usually look for them when they are dealing with large projects. 

10) Qualifying for PRINCE2® makes it easier to get other certifications

When you work and qualify for the PRINCE2® certification, you get exemptions when you prepare for other project management certifications. PRINCE2® helps you build a strong foundation in project management skills so working and preparing for other project management certifications becomes easier.  

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Clearly, there are a lot of benefits to getting a PRINCE2® certification. If any of the above reasons align with your professional goals, you should consider enrolling in a PRINCE2® certification course! A PRINCE2® certification training program will help you prepare for the certification exam and hone your project management skills.  

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