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Java Training - Singapore

Java is a computing language and platform that enables websites and applications to run on the user’s device. Java is the most popular programming language across the world and is a used as a foundation for many when developing and posting content on the internet. Java is widely used on desktop devices, as well as mobile phones to run programs.

Java Training Information

About Java Training

Java has become the world's computing language of choice and computing platform for solving Internet issues. Java was created by Sun Microsystems in 1995 from the ground up, with security being of the utmost importance.


Yet, Java was not designed with the internet as its final destination. It was aimed at small single devices that could connect with other similar devices, not quite the scale of the World Wide Web today. This meant that originally, Java focused on complicated network programming issues. However, as consecutive versions of Java were released, it was targeted at a broader audience.


At present, there are many websites and applications that will not work if Java is not installed on the user's computer. This makes Java an extremely important platform to have and understand. Java is free to download, ensuring that everybody who wants to gain access is able to.


At The Knowledge Academy, we offer a range of Java training courses including, Java Programming, JavaScript for Beginners, JavaScript Programming, Java SE7 Programming and Java SE8. All of these courses provide candidates with an introduction to Java and how Java should be used, with the latter two courses focusing on specific versions of Java. These courses will the enable candidates to understand Java as a computing platform and ensure that it is being used correctly to optimise the efficiency of their organisation.


With successive updates, Java has been able to simplify their platform in order to remove prevalent programming errors caused by language features that are not necessary. In addition, applications and websites that use Java require Java to be installed on the device that wants to access them, in order for them to run. Thus making it a necessity for IT professional to know and understand how Java works and why it must be applied.


Who is Java certification training for?

Our Java certification training courses are aimed at individuals who would like to enhance their knowledge of the program. The courses are specifically recommended for Java Developers who are looking to develop their skills and also further their career prospects.

For all of the Java courses we provide, it is required that individuals have prior knowledge of Java, HTML, and the specific course that they are enrolling on.
We provide you with: The Knowledge Academy courseware book, a manual, a certificate, an experienced instructor, and refreshments.
Please arrive at the venue at 8:45am.
Yes, The Knowledge Academy offers support, either by phone or email, for it delegates throughout their training and after it has been completed.
Please see our Java Training courses available in Singapore
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider in the world for Java Training.
The price for Java Training certification in Singapore starts from SGD1629.

Java Programming Course Overview

This 3-day Java Programming course aims to develop the skills and knowledge surrounding the foundations of programming in Java. The Java Programming training course teaches delegates the language of Java and how it is used to program websites and applications with Java. This is a trainer-led course, which means that the course is taught by our experienced instructors who have years of experience in Java Programming. This course, therefore, prepares candidates to use Java when programming for their organisation or personal use.

JavaScript for Beginners Course Overview

This JavaScript for Beginners 1-day training course aims to teach candidates a foundational knowledge of JavaScript. Specifically, this course enables delegates to understand the essential concepts of JavaScript including, its variables, operators and control statements. Therefore, this trainer-led Java course enables candidates to ascertain an entry-level knowledge of JavaScript with the support of our expert trainers who have years of experience. This course can be viewed by candidates as a way of acquiring knowledge that can be built upon further with other, more specific courses.

Hibernate Training Overview

This 3-day Hibernate Training course aims to provide delegates with the fundamental concepts of Hibernate. The course will also educate individuals on the benefits of using Hibernate for individuals and organisations. This Java course will cover both the Spring and Hibernate Transaction Management strategies. The Hibernate Training course is an intense and practical certification that will provide delegates with the foundations of Hibernate. The trainer-led nature of the course will equip candidates with a comprehensive method of learning, including discussions and practical examples/scenarios. Therefore, by the completion of the course, candidates will have been taught the basics of Hibernate and how it can be used by individuals either for personal or business use.

Java Training Benefits for Individuals

Benefits for individuals include:

  • Accessible, anyone can operate the program and use it to its maximum potential

  • Object-orientated, enabling candidates to create modular programs 

Java Training Benefits for Businesses

Benefits for businesses include:

  • Flexible, can be used on any platform and moved between computer systems

  • Secure, built with security as a crucial factor that must be optimised

Reasons to choose
Java Training

  • Ease of use - enables candidates to write, compile, debug, and learn more easily than other programs with the same function

  • Can be used on any platform and can be moved between computer systems

  • High level of security as it was produced from the ground up, with security at the forefront

  • Has an international feature, meaning that it can be easily rewritten for internationalised programs

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