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Kanban Training

Kanban is a scheduling system that was originally developed to improve manufacturing efficiency. It uses visual cues to enhance communicative efficiency and matches inventory with demand, in order to achieve high levels of quality and throughput.

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Certified Kanban Foundation and Practitioner Training

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 4 Days


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Certified Kanban Foundation Training

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 2 Days


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Certified Kanban Practitioner Training

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 2 Days


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About Kanban Training

The term Kanban means “billboard” in Japanese and is a popular technique that was originally developed by an Industrial Engineer at Toyota. The approach aids the improvement of working environments by using visual signals to convey important information more simply and effectively.


Every team member can see clearly how tasks are set out, and this leads to better understanding of workflow and improves communication and collaboration. A key Kanban principle is the limitation of work in progress. This is used to remove time wasted by task switching and reduce the need for constant reprioritisation.


Kanban is associated with Lean and its concepts. For example, Kanban’s methodology aids organisation and management of different professional services, whilst utilising the Continuous Flow Concept, which implements ongoing analysis and improvement efforts. Therefore, Kanban is suitable for those who want to adopt Lean Management.


Kanban training is broken down into three courses; a Foundation course, a Practitioner course, and a combined Foundation and Practitioner course. 

Why choose Kanban Training?

  • Improve team working efforts by ensuring every individual is aware of the tasks to do

  • Track progress and effectiveness of work efforts

  • Tailor and optimise Kanban systems by using “work in progress” limits and team-driven policies

  • Kanban can be used for monitoring continuous improvement

  • Improve your earning potential

  • Remove time wasted by task switching and reduce the need for constant reprioritisation

Why train with us?

Best Price in the Industry

We have the guaranteed best price for our courses in the industry

Trusted & Approved

Resources Included

Resources are included for a comprehensive learning experience

Various Delivery Methods

Flexible delivery methods are available depending on your learning style

The Benefits

Undertaking Kanban courses can significantly elevate an individual’s workplace productivity, due to utilising a more fluid and flexible way of operating. Additional benefits include:

  • Enhanced operational performance

  • Maximised time utilisation - having a greater management system enables the development of appropriate schedules, prioritisation formulas, and productivity

  • Developed ability to focus on a task - no set time limits are provided so parts of a project are completed in small manageable parts

  • Progress your career by demonstrating your Kanban managerial skills and adoption

  • Develop your existing working practices by utilising visual cues

  • Reduces your “work in progress” load by balancing demands 

The benefits of Kanban training for businesses include:

  • Reduce business waste and storage requirements - components are only created when they are required, rather than bulk creating or over-producing components

  • Elevate your productivity output by ensuring that only required and essential products are focused upon and manufactured using the “just in time” technique

  • Streamline production operations and respond to customer demands quickly

  • Reduced cost of manufacturing and enhanced quality assurance

  • Utilising the Kanban model ensures that your production line will continuously improve

  • Kanban is easily applicable and tailorable to a variety of production sectors - from software to car manufacturing

Courses Within Kanban Training

Certified Kanban Foundation

The Kanban Foundation certification is achieved by attending a two-day intensive training course. During this time, expert trainers will guide candidates and help them understand the Kanban practices and principles.


After the course has finished, candidates will be able to support their team, resolve interferences to workflow, and adapt Kanban processes and practices in accordance with changing requirements. Delegates do not require any official prerequisites to enrol on this course, however a solid understanding of Lean Thinking will assist training.


Certified Kanban Practitioner

This two-day Kanban Practitioner course delivered by Kanban expert trainers provides delegates with a deeper understanding of the Kanban system and the benefits of using it. Emphasis is placed upon finding the best Kanban initiative, adapting it, and using it on a daily basis within the business.


Candidates will also learn how to create and compile Kanban strategies in order to sustain and scale the improvement of the business. This course is intended for individuals who will take responsibility for establishing, managing, and improving delivery within the company, for example Project Managers.


Certified Kanban Foundation & Practitioner

Certified Kanban Foundation and Practitioner training is a combined course that covers all course content to provide an all-encompassing guide to Kanban and its use within business. Candidates will understand how to choose, adapt, and apply a Kanban initiative to their business in order improve workflow and productivity.


This course is suitable for those with little to no understanding of Kanban, but are interested in knowing what Kanban involves, and how to practically apply its methodology to a business. These individuals may be professionals who are currently working in a managerial role, e.g. Project Managers.

Find Dates & Prices - Certified Kanban Foundation and Practitioner Training

Kuala Lumpur
Mon 8th Jan 18
Classroom 4 days
Kuala Lumpur
Mon 5th Mar 18
Classroom 4 days
Kuala Lumpur
Mon 7th May 18
Classroom 4 days
Kuala Lumpur
Mon 2nd Jul 18
Classroom 4 days
Kuala Lumpur
Mon 3rd Sep 18
Classroom 4 days
Kuala Lumpur
Mon 5th Nov 18
Classroom 4 days

Kanban Training FAQs

Alongside the highly experienced trainer who specialises in teaching Kanban, all delegates will receive a delegate pack consisting of course notes, exercises, and a manual. Furthermore, we are able to provide you with support via phone and email prior to attending, during, and after the course, to answer any queries you may have.
There are no prerequisites for the Certified Kanban Foundation and Certified Kanban Foundation and Practitioner training courses, however it is necessary for anyone wishing to take the Certified Kanban Practitioner course, to have already earned the Certified Kanban Foundation certificate.
We offer Kanban training in locations all over the UK, as well as abroad. Here, at the Knowledge Academy, we make it easy to find a training venue near you.
All of our Kanban trainers have many years of prior experience and are Kanban experts.

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