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Business Improvement

Kaizen Training

Kaizen is a tool that is part of the Lean framework, along with Kanban. Kaizen works towards the improvement of procedures within production, in order to reduce the amount of waste that is being produced by an organisation. It works towards constantly reassessing the production method, to ensure that the most efficient procedures are used.

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Kaizen Practitioner

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Kaizen Foundation

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About Kaizen Training

Controlling manufacturing procedures is essential for the profitability of an organisation. Therefore, employing tools such as, Kaizen, allow companies to control production and the amount of waste that is produced. The main objective of Kaizen is to improve the procedures at are following in the production process to ensure that the most efficient method of manufacturing is being applied. Specifically, Kaizen enables candidates to analyse current procedures and improve them until an efficient method is achieved.


The Knowledge Academy Kaizen training courses are engaging and interesting certifications that give delegates all of the necessary information to lead Lean Kaizen events and also use Kaizen within their organisation. Therefore, candidates who undertake this qualification will become competent users of Kaizen and will have the skills to improve production processes within their own organisation. All of our trainers have years of experience with the concepts and principles of Kaizen, ensuring that delegates get the most out of their certifications.


Who is Kaizen Training for?

Kaizen training is designed for any individual who would like to be able to implement Kaizen in their organisation or would like to understand the concepts and processes of Kaizen. Specific job roles who would benefit from Kaizen training include:

  • Quality Staff

  • Production Staff

  • Production Engineers

  • Managers

  • Team Leaders

  • Lean Workshop Organisers

Why choose Kaizen Training?

  • Reduce the amount of waste your company produces

  • Increase the efficiency of production in your organisation and the procedures carried out

  • Have more insight and awareness of the processes and procedures that are undertaken within your organisation

  • Increase profitability of the organisation by eliminating unnecessary use of resources

  • Reduce the amount of management time, resolving issues

  • Produce better quality products, with the result of customer satisfaction

Why train with us?

Best Price in the Industry

We have the guaranteed best price for our courses in the industry

Trusted & Approved

Resources Included

Resources are included for a comprehensive learning experience

Various Delivery Methods

Flexible delivery methods are available depending on your learning style

The Benefits

The benefits of completing Kaizen Training course for individuals include:

  • Improve the efficiency and profitability of your company by inputting effective planning and assessment strategies

  • Increase your career prospects by obtaining a qualification that gives you a competitive edge

  • Boost your earning potential

  • Transferable qualification, with the ability to apply Kaizen to any production system

  •  Encourage the continual reassessment of processes and procedures within your organisation

The benefits of completing Kaizen Training for businesses include:

  • Increased productivity as insufficient procedures are improved

  • Reduction of waste with improved procedures

  • Boost profitability, with less waste and better processes

  • Improved customer satisfaction with higher quality products being produced

  • Save management time

  • Stronger foundation for setting goals for team members and the organisation as a whole  

Courses Within Kaizen Training

Leading Lean Kaizen Events

This 3-day Leading Lean Kaizen Events training course provides delegates with all the information needed to run a Lean Kaiser Event. Throughout the course, delegates will be given an overview of Lean Kaizen Events, including the methodology and  principles behind these events. Candidates will also learn how to organise, manage, and record Lean Kaizen Events. Finally, candidates will be able to identify the Lean tools and also recognise the benefits of the Lean Kaizen events. Therefore, by the completion of the course, candidates will have the ability to run a Lean Kaizen Event and understand why they are important.


Kaizen Basics

The Kaizen Basics training certification is a one day course that provides delegates with an overview of Kaizen for those who are looking to work within Kaizen teams. Throughout the duration of the course candidates will learn the basic skills and knowledge that surround Kaizen techniques. This enable delegates to increase their awareness of waste and why it is so important to control it for the profitability of the organisation. In addition, delegates will be taught the structured Kaizen problem-solving theory that enables individuals to assess and improve processes and procedures within their manufacturing operation.


Kaizen Practitioner

The Kaizen Practitioner training certification is a two day course that is also aimed at those who would like to use Kaizen in their company and who will responsible for running it within their organisation. Throughout the course, candidates will learn how to introduce and manage the Kaizen processes, with successful outcomes for their organisation. This course will then enable candidates to elevate their knowledge of Kaizen. In order to undertake this course candidates must have a basic understanding of the Lean concepts and tools, to ensure that they fully understand the content of the course.

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Kuala Lumpur
Thu 4th Jan 18
Classroom 2 days
Kuala Lumpur
Thu 1st Mar 18
Classroom 2 days
Kuala Lumpur
Thu 3rd May 18
Classroom 2 days
Kuala Lumpur
Thu 5th Jul 18
Classroom 2 days
Kuala Lumpur
Thu 6th Sep 18
Classroom 2 days
Kuala Lumpur
Thu 1st Nov 18
Classroom 2 days

Kaizen Training FAQs

We provide you with: The Knowledge Academy's comprehensive workbook, pre-course material, certificate on passing the exam, an experienced instructor, and refreshments.
Yes, all of our delegates are offered support both during their training course and after it has been completed, via email or phone.
In order to undertake any of the Kaizen courses, candidates must have a basic knowledge of the concepts of Lean and also Kaizen. This is to ensure that candidates fully understand the content of the course.
The course will begin at 9am and conclude at approximately 5pm. We ask that you arrive at the training venue by 8:45am to ensure that you are ready to begin promptly at 9am.

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