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Digital Marketing Courses - France

Digital Marketing Training is an umbrella term that refers to all courses that use digital technologies, for the most part the internet, to educate candidates on marketing processes.

Digital Marketing Courses Information

About Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing is a crucial factor in the success of an organisation’s marketing campaign. Thus, Digital Marketing Training is an asset that an organisation would find desirable. The courses underneath the umbrella term, Digital Marketing Training, allow candidates to develop an in-depth knowledge of how to best market their products or services. The Digital Marketing Training courses The Knowledge Academy provide are generic. This means that they can be applied to any marketing campaign and any product or service. The training courses then provide candidates with the foundational knowledge that can be developed to tailor each methodology to their own organisation.


Digital marketing differs from a more traditional method of marketing as it offers the organisation’s an opportunity to assess how successful the marketing campaign is, whilst the campaign is still in progress. Therefore, Digital Marketing offers a step forwards on traditional marketing as organisations can analyse their campaigns to see how they can be updated to make them more successful. The use of Digital Marketing could then give a specific organisation a competitive edge over business opponents and be incredibly valuable for the success of the company.


These Digital Marketing courses are classroom-based and are taught by our expert trainers. All of the courses are 1-day masterclasses that will teach delegates the fundamentals of the topic, enabling individuals to use the knowledge and skills obtained on the course straight away within their current role. In addition, the instructors provide engaging and interactive training that includes discussions and practical examples, allowing delegates to fully understand the content of the course.

All of the Digital Marketing Courses are 1 day Masterclasses.
The Knowledge Academy offer Digital Marketing training in a range of locations across the UK and around the world. This makes it easy to find a training venue near you.
Please arrive at the venue at 8:45am.
Yes, The Knowledge Academy do offer all of its candidates support throughout the course and after the course is completed. This is to ensure that delegates achieve all they would like to through training. Members of our team can be contacted via both email and phone.
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider in the world for Digital Marketing Courses.
The price for Digital Marketing Courses certification in France starts from €999.

Digital Marketing Masterclass Overview

This Digital Marketing Masterclass consists of a 1 day, instructor-led course that provides delegates with tips and tricks that will enable the optimisation of their use of Digital Marketing. The course will focus on different platforms, devices, and content that must be considered for improving customer usability. The course will also look into SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and the importance of quality content for keeping clients business.

Social Media Masterclass Overview

Our 1-day social media course provides a thorough introduction to the essentials of social media and how to use it in the right way to support your objectives and grow your business. Delivered with a practical and strategic focus, the training answers fundamental questions many business owners may have, such as:

  • Which sites should I use?
  • How can I grow my following?
  • How often should I post?

And many more. We won’t just cover the principles, we’ll help you to formulate a strategy for optimising your social media activities and to truly deliver meaningful business impact.

Introduction to SEO Course Overview

One of our top-selling SEO courses, Introduction to SEO focuses on the fundamentals of SEO, including its definition, its principles and more. Suitable for anybody in a role requiring a basic understanding of SEO without going into too much depth, the course approaches SEO from a beginner’s perspective, explaining why it is so important and what factors affect it.

Google Analytics Masterclass Overview

This 1 day Google Analytics Masterclass provides delegates with knowledge of how data is collected, stored, and presented. Delegates will learn to extract valuable information from Google Analytics, such as the number of people visiting their website, how long their visits last, and what they visit whilst on the site. They will then discover what to do with the information they find, to assure that the elements attracting people continue to be prominent, whilst the things people are not clicking on are removed for the purpose of expenditure savings.

Google Adwords Masterclass Overview

Google Adwords is a useful tool for establishing and managing paid search campaigns. By attending our one-day Google Adwords Masterclass, you will learn the fundamental features of this tool, and understand how to create strategic and successful paid search campaigns. In addition, you will be taught about PPC (Pay Per Click), targeting, research, writing ads, and campaign optimisation. Armed with this knowledge, you will be capable of launching and managing a successful campaign, resulting in a variety of business benefits.

Digital Marketing Training Benefits for Individuals

The benefits of completing a Digital Marketing Training course for the individual include:

  • Increase in career prospects and earning potential as employers see these qualifications as desirable

  • Chance to improve your current company’s processes and marketing schemes

  • Successful outcomes allowing you to prove your skills and knowledge

  • Can be applied to any organisation, despite the sector, meaning that the skills attained are transferable

  • Allow your organisation to gain a competitive advantage

  • Depict your commitment to specific marketing campaigns and also your organisation

Digital Marketing Training Benefits for Businesses

The benefits of completing Digital Marketing Training course for businesses include:

  • Maintain and improve company reputation by staying on top of content available about the organisation and minimise its impacts

  • Gain a competitive advantage by using the most up to date techniques

  • Can be applied to any organisation’s campaigns

  • Achieve marketing and overall company goals

  • Improve the efficiency and the outcome of marketing campaigns

  • Employees gain standardised training, enabling the production of consistent projects

Reasons to choose
Digital Marketing Courses

  • In the ever-changing environment of the internet, Digital Marketing is vital to maintain the reputation of an organisation

  • Consumers can access the internet at any point, meaning Digital Marketing must be of a high standard to keep consumers on the organisation's website

  • Gain a competitive advantage, for example learning how to implement SEO techniques, which can increase Google rankings

  • Can be applied to any organisation that would like to improve their Digital Marketing

  • Achieve Digital Marketing goals by improving knowledge and skills for doing so

  • Portray a commitment to improving Digital Marketing processes within an individual's organisation

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