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Business Analysis Training - New Zealand

Business Analysts are a communication bridge between IT and business stakeholders. Our range of specially created Business Analysis training provides you with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful Business Analyst career. This training will develop your skill set of engaging with stakeholders to understand and respond to their requirements in changing business environments.

Business Analysis Training Information

What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis is a useful approach that is employed to identify changes that need to be made, and then facilitate the successful implementation and management of these changes within an organisation. Business Analysts can operate across many levels of an organisation, working with different teams to best service the requirements of the business and help them achieve their objectives. By using Business Analysis techniques, an organisation can realise a range of benefits and have a significantly better chance of achieving their business objectives.


The most significant part of Business Analysis involves investigating the internal operational processes of a business and thereafter identifying areas for improvement. As such, Business Analysts must be able to understand an organisation’s specific business strategy and carefully suggest modifications to be made that coordinate with their goals. By pursuing Business Analysis training at The Knowledge Academy, you will learn what it takes to be a successful Business Analyst.


Emphasis is placed upon learning how to assess proposals and define change requirements - skills that are necessary in order to get modifications underway. By obtaining a Business Analysis certification, individuals can exhibit their professional competence in this area and can significantly improve their career expectations. These training courses are fully accredited by the BCS.

We offer Business Analysis training courses in locations all over the UK, as well as abroad. We make it easy to find a training venue near you!
If you wish to earn the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis, then you have a choice to make. You can either enrol on our BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis training course that teaches a defined series of modules. These are: BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice, BCS Certificate in Commercial Awareness, BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes and BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering. The alternative is that you choose your own modules from the selection we have on offer. It is required that you pass the two core modules: Business Analysis Practice and Requirements Engineering. The remaining two modules can be chosen by you, however, one of these modules must be at Foundation level and the other must be at Practitioner level.
As part of enrolling on a Business Analysis training course, you will be provided with engaging sessions led by experienced instructors who will support you through training to help you pass the exam. Furthermore, by gaining a Business Analysis certification you will gain one year’s free BCS Associate membership. Refreshments and courseware are provided. BCS accredited exams are also included in the price of the Business Analysis course.
It is recommended that you take a glance at the following two books which come recommended, as they can support your learning of Business Analysis: Business Analysis 3rd Edition - Debra Paul, Donald Yeates & James Cadle, and Business Analysis Techniques: 72 Essential Tools for Success - James Cadle, Debbie Paul & Paul Turner.
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider in the world for Business Analysis Training.
The price for Business Analysis Training certification in New Zealand starts from $809.

BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis

By completing a total of four modules, delegates will be able to achieve this International Diploma in Business Analysis. This certification is acknowledged globally as validation of comprehensive business analysis knowledge and skill. With four detailed modules included, this extensive training course provides delegates with an all-round knowledge of business analysis techniques. The objective of this Diploma is to produce valuable Business Analysts.

In order to achieve this certification it is possible to take the four modules as separate courses, however this inclusive training course allows you to base your learning on the following topics, in only ten days:

  • BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice
  • BCS Certificate in Commercial Awareness
  • BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes
  • BCS Certificate in Requirements Engineering


BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

The BCS Certificate in Business Analysis Practice focuses on providing individuals with the ability to identify issues in systems, develop effective business strategies, and manage stakeholders. This three-day course is one of four modules that you are required to take if you wish to obtain the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.


This course is useful for individuals who want to develop their skills in Business Analysis strategy and its practical application. The content of this course includes information on how to analyse and model business activities, identify potential solutions, and analyse stakeholder perspectives.


After completing this training course, it is expected that delegates will be able to:

  • Use strategic analysis techniques
  • Understand the techniques required to investigate the business systems of an organisation
  • Use a stakeholder analysis technique
  • Identify recommendations for business improvement
  • Identify costs, benefits, impacts, and risks

BCS Certification in Requirements Engineering

This Requirements Engineering training course delivers the focal framework that centers around discovering, analysing, and recording business and system requirements. It is important that individuals are aware of how to practically apply what they have learned in the workplace, and this training course provides delegates with an interactive experience of using the business techniques in a realistic scenario. This three-day training course is one of four modules that you are required to take if you wish to obtain the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.


The objectives of this Business Analysis course are to:

  • Recognise the role of Requirements Analysis in Systems Development
  • Apply a variety of Requirements Elicitation techniques such as workshops, interviews, observation, scenarios, document analysis, prototyping, and questionnaires.
  • Record requirements in a Requirements Catalogue
  • Analyse, prioritise, and validate requirements
  • Understand the principles and methods needed for successful Requirements management


BCS Certificate in Commercial Awareness

This two-day course explores the commercial and organisational knowledge required to be a successful Business Analyst. It focusses on the critical areas of Business Finance and organisational behaviour. Delegates will learn about external and internal impacts for achieving effective organisational evaluation. This is one of four modules that can be taken in order to achieve the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.


On completion of this BCS Commercial Awareness course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the techniques used to evaluate a financial case
  • Understand cash flow forecasting and budgeting
  • Interpret financial accounts
  • Define the elements and usage of Porter’s Five Forces Framework, Value chain, and the Boston Consulting Group’s Matrix
  • Understand the specified business performance ratios
  • Understand performance measures and the use of the Balanced Business Scorecard
  • Define the different management structures and their characteristics


BCS Certificate in Modelling Business Processes

The Modelling Business Processes training course focuses on delegates’ ability to analyse and develop business processes for the purpose of progression. Change criteria is approached using modelling methods in an attempt to achieve improved system efficiency and quality services or products. This three-day training course will teach delegates the best ways to conduct analysis on business operations in order to define what needs improvement.


Essential process modelling skills will be acquired as delegates gain an understanding of various modelling frameworks. As well as this, delegates will obtain the necessary practical skills for change facilitation.


On completion of this Modelling Business Processes training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Discuss business process improvement options and approaches
  • Analyse business tasks, and evaluate their objectives
  • Look at how people perform their job activities and processes
  • Implement measures to guarantee process improvement
  • Define structures for process remodelling
  • Use a standard notation to shape business models


BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

This globally renowned training course introduces delegates to the role and duties of a Business Analyst. Delegates will learn how to identify where improvements and changes are needed within a business. They will acquire the skills to be able to guide and support change schedules taking place within businesses. All knowledge and tools learnt over the three-day course will be applicable to Business Analyst positions and gives delegates access to more advanced certifications.


By the end of this BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis, delegates will be familiar with the role and responsibilities of a Business Analyst. They will also possess extensive knowledge and understanding of key principles such as:

  • Investigation methods
  • Business process modelling
  • Documenting process modelling
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Strategy examination
  • Change management
  • Development of business cases
  • Meeting requirements
  • Viability assessments

BCS Certificate in Business Change

This Business Change training course enables delegates to successfully implement change within their business. What the knowledge delegates will acquire is vital in understanding the role of business processes and methods when changes are enforced. The business itself, the people, technology, and processes are all affected when change is implicated, hence delegates learn that they need to consider all of these elements.


Essentially, this two-day Foundation training course confronts the impact of change in terms of requirements and consultation to ensure that the change is fulfilling its maximum potential.


On completion of this BCS Certificate in Business Change training course, delegates will be able to:

  • Apply business change effectively
  • Comfortably design a business change plan
  • Understand business change principles, roles, processes, and approaches
  • Integrate internal and external influences
  • Adapt and use IT as an operator for business change


BCS Foundation Certificate in IS Project Management

This IS Project Management training course will teach delegates project management principles in the context of IS operations and IT environments. Project planning, control, and supervision will be the fundamental topics covered. Delegates will also gain an insight into monitoring, change control, quality development, configuration, and project risks. This training course compliments PRINCE2 certifications due to its project management nature.


By the end of this IS Project Management training course, delegates will have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the following techniques and principles:

  • Projects in general
  • Project planning
  • Project organisation
  • Project communication
  • Monitoring
  • Change control
  • Configuration
  • Quality
  • Risk


BCS Professional Certificates


BCS  Professional Certificate in Business Architecture

The Professional Certificate in Business Architecture training course gives delegates an insight into the philosophy, principles, and practices of business architecture. Delegates will learn to perceive business architecture in the context of change, and appreciate the importance of doing so. Business architecture’s role in evaluating change impacts and producing efficient business change will also be covered. Ultimately, this three day training course enables delegates to expand their business architecture knowledge and skill set, so that they can assist the progress of successful change procedures.


Acquiring this Professional Certificate in Business Architecture brings delegates one step closer to the Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis, as this certification makes up one of four modules needed.


On completion of the BCS Professional Certificate in Business Architecture, delegates will possess an extensive understanding of managing and implementing benefits within projects, including how to:

  • Identify benefits management context
  • Define and apply a benefits management process
  • Demonstrate the business benefits and organisational drivers
  • Construct a business case
  • Categorise business benefits
  • Engage in an investment appraisal
  • Display need for stakeholder and change management
  • Explain exercises that need completing for the approach to work


BCS Professional Certificate in Business Finance

This BCS Professional Certificate in Business Finance training course is an exhibitor of financial management capability and evaluation competence. It is a globally recognised qualifications that focuses on financing and reporting within business change projects. Hence, this training course develops the knowledge and skills of delegates, so that they can appropriately support business change.


Key structures and tools of business finance will be examined, in order to boost understanding of the main elements. The impact of finance on job roles and decisions will also be touched upon. This Professional Certificate in Business Finance can contribute as one module, towards the Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis.


On completion of this Professional Certificate in Business Finance, delegates will possess an understanding of:

  • Finance in the project lifecycle
  • Business case development
  • Creating a financial case
  • Budgets and budgeting
  • Costs and cost behaviour
  • Analysing supplier financial stability
  • Financing service delivery


BCS Professional Certificate in Stakeholder Engagement

This certification is useful for professionals who are responsible for managing stakeholder relationships in a business change environment. Training will provide delegates with the key frameworks and principles which they must understand in order to carry out effective engagement with stakeholders. Delegates will be able to improve their communication skills and their ability to work well with large groups. Being able to hold up relationships with valuable stakeholders and mitigate any underlying issues is a crucial attribute of a professional working in this field.


BCS Professional Certificate in Advanced Requirements Engineering

This BCS Professional Certificate in Advanced Requirements Engineering training course assesses the delegate’s capabilities in reference to the environment, circumstances, preparation, administration, and execution of requirements engineering. Ultimately, delegates will gain a detailed understanding of requirement engineering’s most profound elements. Quality requirements are essential for the delivery of excellent products or services, thus this training course aims to bring about the such.


Many project failures derive from poor requirements, so this certification demonstrates motivation in preventing requirements failure. This training course will be comprised of classroom teaching and practical tasks, which will help delegates formulate efficient requirements engineering strategies.


BCS Professional Certification in Benefits Planning and Realisation

This BCS Professional Certificate in Benefits Planning and Realisation training course allows delegates to exercise the tools and methods used to identify, manage, and become aware of business benefits. Benefits Planning and Realisation covers framework needed to manage and realise business benefits effectively. Business benefits are brought about by the establishment of procedure changes, thus delegates will acquire an understanding of how to manage benefits. This training course will also cover the construction of financial cases for business changes.


This course will also look at creating financial cases for the purpose of business change. Overall, this BCS Professional Certification provides delegates with the appropriate knowledge and skill to help with various business change projects.


BCS Professional Certificate in Benefits Planning and Realisation can be used towards achieving the BCS Advanced International Diploma in Business Analysis, as it comprises one of the four required modules.

  • Explore benefits management context
  • Outline and implement benefits management processes
  • Exemplify organisational drivers and business benefits
  • Assemble a business case
  • Classify business benefits
  • Initiate an investment appraisal
  • Demonstrate the need for stakeholder and change management
  • Make clear the tasks required for applying approaches and anticipate future problems

BCS Professional Certificate in Team Leadership

It is crucial that leaders in a business environment use effective strategies to execute their responsibilities. This Professional Business Analysis course is ideal for these professionals as they can will be able to improve their understanding of leadership and the best approaches to be an effective leader. Teaching of this course is based around a number of core leadership frameworks and techniques. These are conveyed in order to fully enhance the individual’s ability to guide and manage a team.


BCS Professional Certificate in Data Analysis

Data analysis and the appropriate techniques which should be used during analysis of business data are topics covered in this training course. Candidates will learn the techniques, principles, and concepts which are used to identify, analyse, and model business data. Candidates also will learn to be able to define data requirements, and understand the purpose of data analysis and modelling.


BCS Professional Certificate in Agile Business Analysis

This training course teaches delegates Agile Business Analysis techniques, principles, and concepts. Knowledge acquired can be used to evaluate varying scenarios within the business environment, and decide if the Agile Business Analysis techniques can be used, for example to support business change projects. The Agile principles and concepts comprise a large segment of this course, meaning that delegates will be able to understand the fundamental interlink between Agile and Business Analysis.

Business Analysis Benefits for Individuals

Business Analysis certifications are beneficial for individuals because they are highly sought by employers. This means that Business Analysis qualification holders possess desirable skills that can be implemented to achieve business progression. Consequently, career advancement is likely as chances of promotion are high, whilst adding to your qualification portfolio. Individuals possess a detailed knowledge and understanding of Business Analysis elements, and have what it takes to establish themselves as successful Business Analysts.


Certification holders have the ability to analyse business requirements and current processes, propose resolutions, and ensure the decided resolution is applied correctly and monitored. This demonstrates commitment to extra training and development in the best interests of the business. As well as this, the large variety of Business Analysis training courses available means that individuals can choose a course which suits them the best, and enables them to specialise in a certain Business Analysis area.


A summary of benefits for individuals features below:

  • Employers seek individuals with Business Analysis certifications
  • Possess desirable skills that enable progression
  • Contributes to your qualification portfolio, hence enhances career prospects
  • Knowledge and understanding of business components
  • Become a successful Business Analyst
  • Analyse functions and determine what needs to be changed and how
  • Free BCS Membership for 1 year after taking your first BCS E-Professional Exam, where applicable
  • Shows commitment to progression
  • Select a course that suits you

Business Analysis Benefits for Businesses?

Business Analysis certifications are valuable to organisations because the business world is always progressing. It is vital for businesses to make moves which distinguish them from their competitors, especially during difficult economic periods. In order to advance, new innovations are essential. Business Analysis training produces individuals with the necessary innovative skills to create modern transformations that boost business growth and quality.


They are able to identify where in the business problems lie, and can determine where the business can take advantage of opportunities to progress easier. Business Analysis gives employees a better understanding of the workplace, their customers, and the job roles that need to be fulfilled. A wide variety of Business Analysis training courses available mean that employees can specialise in a precise area, so they can be placed appropriately in the right business section to utilise their skills.


Below summarises the benefits of Business Analysis training for businesses and employers:

  • Keep up with progression and competitors
  • Introduction of innovations
  • Utilisation of skills, specific to the business type
  • Developed business advancement and quality
  • Identify areas and techniques for improvement
  • Defined business objectives
  • Enhanced risk management and future planning system
  • Strengthened awareness of the workplace, customer needs, and staff roles

Reasons to choose
Business Analysis Training

  • These certifications are accredited and desired worldwide

  • Applicable to a wide range of industries

  • Gain skills that can be implemented in real workplace situations

  • Ability to analyse functions and suggest resolutions that will better the business, whilst ensuring all requirements are still met

  • Save on costings and increase quality by integrating systems

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