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CSS Training

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CSS Intermediate 04/09/17 Kuala Lumpur
3 days $3165 Book now Enquire
CSS Intermediate 02/10/17 Kuala Lumpur
3 days $3165 Book now Enquire
CSS Intermediate 06/11/17 Limited Seats Kuala Lumpur
3 days $2845 Book now Enquire
CSS Intermediate 04/12/17 Kuala Lumpur
3 days $3165 Book now Enquire
CSS Intermediate 01/01/18 Kuala Lumpur
3 days $3165 Book now Enquire
CSS Intermediate 05/02/18 Limited Seats Kuala Lumpur
3 days $2845 Book now Enquire
CSS Intermediate 05/03/18 Kuala Lumpur
3 days $3165 Book now Enquire
CSS Intermediate 02/04/18 Kuala Lumpur
3 days $3165 Book now Enquire
CSS Intermediate 07/05/18 Limited Seats Kuala Lumpur
3 days $2845 Book now Enquire
CSS Intermediate 04/06/18 Kuala Lumpur
3 days $3165 Book now Enquire
CSS Intermediate 02/07/18 Kuala Lumpur
3 days $3165 Book now Enquire
CSS Intermediate 06/08/18 Limited Seats Kuala Lumpur
3 days $2845 Book now Enquire

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The Introduction to CSS course is intended to provide you in-depth knowledge of CSS by step by step from basic level like the styling, formatting and then using different Cascading Style Sheets properties for website design. This course focuses on teaching delegates the method of creating CSS classes, whilst including HTML code in it and making interactive web pages for visitors on your website. Start building your career as a front-end developer and use excel in the field of web designing with the help of this training.


  • People who have basic knowledge of HTML tags and the elements of creating the structure of the web pages will be beneficial.
  • Delegates should be familiar with basic computer skills like creating files, folders, formatting, managing, launching programs, using web browser efficiently and a Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac environment.
  • Candidates should have a proper understanding of any editor like Notepad ++, Sublime text, Adobe Dreamweaver for writing the code effectively.

Who should attend?

  • The Introduction to CSS course is for the delegates who are already in the field of web designing or those who want to learn CSS for designing purposes.
  • If you are already familiar with basic web development languages like HTML then you can attend this course for gaining knowledge about Cascading Style Sheets.
  • The roles people should be are web designers, web developers, Graphic designers and IT professionals

Course objectives

  • Being able to understand the basics concepts of CSS
  • To use CSS alongside HTML code while designing web pages
  • Learn to create and apply different styles to text and images to enhance the view of the web pages.
  • Learn to understand how web development and editing tools like Dreamweaver and Visual web developer supports CSS.
  • Be able to link designed web pages with each other for smooth navigation.
  • Work at the new latest standards
  • Responsive design technique
  • Learn to keep the code shorter, neat and consistent throughout.
  • Make the web pages load faster on the server
  • Help you to understand how to resolve errors occurred and keep the site maintenance intact.
  • To think like a Front-end developer and learn the latest growing web development languages.

The benefits of the course

  • To layout the foundation and layout of web pages
  • To understand front end development using Cascading Style Sheets
  • To develop designs for responsive websites.
  • To optimise the look of the page whilst implementing different CSS styles.
  • To display content of web pages in an elegant way for a better user experience.
  • Be able to make changes on the website easily by just editing some lines of CSS code. The changes will be reflected on the web page automatically.
  • To apply CSS for styling whilst taking less time to write code in CSS than in HTML and this code is simple and short.
  • To understand CSS is used for designing and to enhance the code written in HTML
  • Be able to use different CSS styles by implementing them.
  • To make web designs responsive so that they can open up easily on any browser or device.
  • To format and to style the text and images effectively

Course Structure

Introduction to CSS is a one day course. The delegates will learn the concepts of cascading style sheets (CSS) for styling HTML web pages, image, text formatting and designing impressive web pages for websites.

Course Outline

The Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

  • The basic concepts of Cascading Style Sheets
  • Why Cascading Style Sheets used
  • Benefits of CSS
  • CSS selectors and rules
  • Properties

Syntax and Styling

  • CSS classes and ID’s
  • Types of style sheet
  • Making Stylesheet
  • Div tags
  • Different styles
  • Precedence
  • Linking
  • Inline elements and styles
  • Selector types
  • Comments
  • Z Index

Text and Font formatting

  • CSS font family
  • Font size
  • Font weight
  • Font style and variant
  • Html tags
  • HTML styles like italic, bold and underline
  • Line spacing
  • Aligning text
  • Height and width
  • Headings and paragraphs
  • Weight
  • Indentation
  • Styling text
  • White spaces
  • Properties and transforming
  • Google web fonts

Colouring and Image Styling

  • Colour values like RGB, CYM and HEX
  • Transparent colours
  • Understanding the use of Pixels
  • Borders and height
  • Positioning elements
  • Margins
  • Background image
  • Padding
  • Animations

Tables and List styling

  • Creating table in HTML
  • Table styling
  • Working with lists
  • Boxing
  • Create drop-down menus
  • Making menus horizontal and vertical
  • Hierarchical
  • Display effects
  • Layering techniques
  • Navigation

Testing and uploading

  • Removing bugs
  • Reusable design
  • Testing
  • Uploading on server
Whats Included?
  • The Knowledge Academy Courseware Book
  • Certificate
  • Materials
  • Experienced Instructor
  • Refreshments

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  • Course Availability

    The spaces remaining on all courses across the website reflect the availability of the maximum printed course materials and equipment available in stock for any given event. If the spaces remaining do not appear, then there is comfortably enough lead time to provision course materials and equipment upon booking.

  • What are the timings of the course?

    The course begins at 9am and finishes around 5pm.

  • What time shall I arrive at the venue?

    Please arrive at your training venue for 08:45am

  • What is the experience of the instructor(s) delivering my course?

    All of our instructors are fully experienced in using HTML for creating web pages, internet sites and intranet sites

  • What do I receive on the course?

    You will receive your Knowledge Academy courseware folder, materials, certificate, experienced instructor and refreshments

  • Does the course include certificates?

    Yes, we provide an official Knowledge Academy certificate upon completion of the course

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