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VeriSM™ - France

VeriSM™is a brand new Service Management methodology, which focuses on delivering value and the achievement of organisational aims. The VeriSM™ Service Management approach intends to align with the goals of corporations. VeriSM™ concentrates on success in the realm of digital transformation, as maintaining pace with technological advances is vital in delivering the right products and services.

VeriSM™ Information

What is VeriSM™?

VeriSM™ is a Service Management methodology that emphasises business value and the attainment of defined goals. The alignment of organisational objectives with the delivery of products and services is a central theme of VeriSM™, as this business-focused approach intends to increase the value of supplied goods. Likewise, VeriSM™ certifications aim to enhance understanding of existing techniques by integrating a range of Service Management best practices, which can be utilised and manipulated by organisations to fit their precise needs.

VeriSM™ is an acronym, which stands for the following:

  • Value-Driven: Concentrates on supplying business value
  • Evolving: An ever-advancing methodology, based on the most current data
  • Responsive: Adaptable to specific business scenarios
  • Integrated: Combines best practices so they can be utilised simultaneously
  • Service
  • Management

Furthermore, VeriSM™ is pertinent to a wide variety of organisational departments, regardless of their type or capacity. All divisions across the business, from IT to Customer Services, need to consider their approach to Service Management due to ever-growing technological capabilities, as they all play a part in the delivery of value. Such technological advances mean organisations must maintain progress to be profitable within the realm of digital services and digital transformation.


Such prominent digital technology accelerations are changing the way we deal with business processes and interactions. Consequently, it is no longer enough for Service Management Professionals to be proficient in just one area. As the Service Management sphere expands, it is significant for such individuals to secure general knowledge of a wider range of subjects. Thus, our VeriSM™ training courses provide delegates with the skills needed to maintain pace with digital transformation, and accomplish an effective Service Management procedure within their own organisation.


An eminent component of VeriSM™ is the Management Mesh, which is comprised of some key notions including resources, environment, materialising technologies, and management techniques. Each notion is an area for consideration when defining a service or product, hence making VeriSM™ a valuable certification. As well as this, VeriSM™ takes a less rigid stance than existing Service Management models, making it easier for individuals to comprehend.

This VeriSM™ certification is designed for anyone wishing to acquire an understanding of the VeriSM™ approach.
This is dependent upon the VeriSM™ course you choose. There are no prerequisites for the Essentials or Foundation level, thus anyone can attend. However, for VeriSM™ Plus, delegates must have either a VeriSM™ Essentials Certificate or a current foundation certificate in IT Service Management (ITIL® Foundation)
Please see our VeriSM™ courses available in France
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider in the world for VeriSM™.
The price for VeriSM™ certification in France starts from €1299.

VeriSM™ Foundation

Our two-day VeriSM™ Foundation certification will provide delegates with a detailed introduction to the VeriSM™ approach. Delegates will gain an understanding of the essentials of VeriSM™, including its definition, what it stands for, and why it is necessary. Service Management in the context of VeriSM™ will be a notable area of interest, as the significance of providers, services, and products is highlighted. Further vital components of VeriSM™, including the Management Mesh and Digital Transformation, are examined during this VeriSM™ training, whilst the course concludes with a valuable summary of everything covered, to ensure the knowledge and understanding gained by delegates is embedded.

VeriSM™ Essentials

The Knowledge Academy’s VeriSM™ Essentials training covers the basic IT Service Management principles, also delegates will gain an understanding of Service Management culture and organisational structure.  VeriSM™ Essentials will train delegates to integrate the whole organisation rather than just a single department and help bring them into the digital age. Once the VeriSM™ model has been integrated into the organisation this will help them define their service management principles, these principles will be relevant to all products and services. VeriSM™ will support organisational capabilities, from IT, Marketing, Finance, Customer Service and many more.

VeriSM™ Plus

The Knowledge Academy’s VeriSM™ Plus training course has been designed to describe how an organisation can define its service management principles and then use organisational competencies, evolving technologies, and a combination of management practices to deliver. This 1-day VeriSM™ training course forms a channel into VeriSM™ and will build upon your existing service management certifications.

VeriSM™ is a new service management method to help organisations create a flexible operating model that is adaptable. VeriSM™ describes how an organisation can define service management principles, and use a combination of management practices to deliver value.

VeriSM​ Training Benefits for Individuals

  • Opportunity to stand out in the marketplace

  • Demonstrator of commitment to Service Management training

  • Increases the value of the individual within their organisation

  • Ability to implement the VeriSM™ model and concepts within their business

  • Understand the needs of the consumer and business, hence capable of delivering value

  • Enhances employment prospects

  • Flexible to individuals within all organisational roles, from IT to Marketing

VeriSM​ Training Benefits for Businesses

  • Allows businesses to deliver services and products that meet customer demand

  • Enables businesses to keep up with ever-growing technological developments

  • Adaptable to the entire organisation - not restricted to just one area

  • Assists business in determining their Service Management principles

  • Allows businesses to succeed in the sphere of digital transformation

  • Permits organisations to adopt a VeriSM™ attitude

  • Reduces cost expenditure

Reasons to choose

  • An organisation-focused Service Management methodology

  • Applicable to a wide variety of departments

  • Tailorable to your business, regardless of size, kind, or culture

  • Integrates Service Management best practices 

  • Aligns business goals with the delivery of valuable products and services 

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