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Personal Development Training - France

Personal development Courses are suitable for anyone working in business, industry or the public sector. Topics include everything from Assertiveness and Self Esteem Skills to Customer Service, Negotiation Skills and Dealing with Difficult People.

Personal Development Training Information

About Personal Development Training

Personal development Courses are suitable for anyone working in business, industry or the public sector. Topics include everything from Assertiveness and Self Esteem Skills to Customer Service, Negotiation Skills and Dealing with Difficult People.​

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Time Management Training Overview

Time management is an essential asset in almost all industries and all roles. Congruently, punctual delivery of projects, attendance, and contacts are fundamental determinants of perceived competency. Hence, professionals undertaking this 1-day Time Management Training course will learn how to use schedules to organise their time, efficiently manage their time, evaluate their utilisation of time, and learn the necessity of a comprehensive time-structured plan.

Attention Management  Course Overview

Time needs to be spent, but attention needs to be paid. Time, or lack of it, has often been seen to be the key reason to tasks not being completed, or in some cases even started, so it was natural to assume that time management is the most essential skill for productivity. This is a myth, Time isn’t the problem, the lack of attention during this time is. We all complain about long working hours, not meeting deadlines and the pressures of life but we all have enough time to complain about it and that’s the key, not wasting time. If we give our tasks the right level of attention and remain focused, without distractions, we can complete them quicker and better with the right level of detail and no rushed tasks late in the day or being unhappy at staying late. Learning to focus your attention on tasks, greatly improves your efficiency and productivity because getting one job completed in a day correctly is worth a lot more than starting five and not finishing any.

Active Listening Skills Course Overview

Active listening is helpful in improving relations between human beings. Active listening also increases the productivity of the people. Here are some points on why people listen:

  • Listen to get information
  • Listen to understand the situation or concept
  • Listening to build a relation
  • Listen for enjoyment
  • Listen to learn something

Active listening is a technique of listening someone, and some steps are followed during active listening such as listen carefully and attentively, keep your mind open during listening, pause before replying anything, put the question for clarification and lastly summarise in your word.

Dealing with Difficult People Course Overview

This Dealing with Difficult People training consists of a 1 day, classroom-based course that educates candidates on efficient methods of resolving content and turning this conflict into an opportunity. The management of conflict, therefore, enables an organisation to strengthen its business by improving relationships between employees making for a more cohesive team. It also emphasises that personal differences are not an issue, the way that they are dealt with is what creates an issue.

Exceptional Customer Service Course Overview

This Exceptional Customer Service training course enables individuals to excel professionally in a customer-facing role - learning how to respond to adversity and how to display assertive, but polite, mannerisms. Individuals undertaking this customer services training course will learn how excellent customer service attributes can benefit an organisation, through meeting customer demands and expectations and ensuring repeat business.

Supervisory Skills Overview

Aimed at newly promoted managers and supervisors, our 1-day Supervisory Skills course looks at the most essential skills for supervisors to use to manage people effectively. The training looks at topics such as your role and responsibilities, motivating a team, dealing with conflict and more. By the end, you’ll be more confident in your role and ready to take on the challenges of leadership.

Stress Management Training Overview

This Stress Management Training consists of a 1 day, this trainer-led course that aims to help individuals deal with stress and the impact that it can have on their health. This course will focus on the causes of stress and developing a personal strategy for dealing with stress that is tailored to the individual and their specific needs.

Introduction to Managing Budgets Course Overview

This Introduction to Managing Budgets training consists of 1 day, trainer-led cause that teaches delegate the fundamentals of managing a budget. This course will focus on budgeting techniques, understanding cost, and a range of methods that enable the measurement of financial performance. This course can be seen as an entry point into a career that includes managing a budget as it provides them with foundational knowledge within the topic and within finance.

Organisational Skills Overview

This Organisational Skills training consists of a 1 day, this trainer-led course that aims to provide delegates with the skills to manage their personal role, and the assets associated with it, effectively. This course will focus on specific methods for staying organised, the importance of self-management, and creating an Action Plan for staying organised.

Building Business Relationships Course Overview

This 1-day Building Business Relationships training course aims to provide delegates with the skills to build positive and effective relationships that will promote productivity and profitability. This course will focus on the behaviours, body language, and useful communication skills, and how these factors can help the individual to create effective business relationships.

Emotional Intelligence Course Overview

This Emotional Intelligence training course will provide delegates with an enhanced understanding of Emotional Intelligence principles and will equip delegates with the means to change their habits and emotional responses to situations. Managing emotional reactions is of utmost importance because the ability to alter negative perspectives enables the achievement of business success.

Strategic Planning and Thinking Training Overview

Strategic planning is about getting your organisation where it needs to go. Starting from knowing where you are and moving to where you want to get to, this course takes you right through the strategic development process with supportive tools, techniques and ideas for every stage to increase your strategic thinking skills.

Personal Development Training Benefits for Individuals

  • Improve efficiency and productivity to produce a higher standard of results
  • Develop competence and confidence in your personal management capabilities
  • Gain an enhanced self-awareness to determine where your strengths lie
  • Set and reach higher goals to achieve promotions at work and personal targets
  • Better understand those around you and manage a wide range of people-facing situations

Personal Development Training Benefits for Businesses

  • Ensure higher productivity leading to time-cost effective projects across all areas
  • Develop effective communicators to grow existing client relationships
  • Improve the emotional health and satisfaction of staff
  • Foster a culture of positive outlook and development within your organisation
  • Better prepare employees for promotion to ensure their success

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