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Microsoft Excel Training - France

Microsoft Excel is the world’s leading spreadsheet program for organising and manipulating data using rows and columns. With its extensive feature set, affordability and user-friendly design, it’s a valuable addition to any office.

Microsoft Excel Training Information

What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used office applications universally. Almost all office roles require its use to create spreadsheets that are integral for organisational purposes.Thus, due to its widespread use and popularity, individuals are required to be skillful in operating Excel, utilising all features to ensure Excel’s potential is reached. Microsoft Excel can perform a vast range of activities, including calculations, graph and chart construction, and spreadsheet linking. With Excel, financial performance can be easily monitored to determine things like whether there needs to be more substantial budget planning, or to discover the extent of profits and losses.


Furthermore, Excel spreadsheets allow delegates to store and arrange data in a row and column format. Delegates who attend our Excel training courses will become familiar with formulas and shortcuts that will allow them to complete tasks in a fraction of the time.


The Excel program was first launched by Microsoft in 1987 as a competitor to Lotus 1-2-3, and quickly became a top seller in the 1990s. Microsoft Excel experiences an update regularly, normally every 3 years, whereby new features are introduced to keep up to date with the latest technological advancements.


Our Microsoft Excel training courses, the Microsoft Excel Masterclass and Microsoft Excel VBA and Macro, cater for all versions and types of Excel programs.

Microsoft Excel is an industry-leading spreadsheet program for storing, manipulating and analysing data.
Our Microsoft Excel courses include a courseware book, refreshments, certificate upon completion and 1 day of tuition from an expert trainer.
Our Excel training courses are available across the world in thousands of locations, making it easy to find a course near you.
There are no formal prerequisites for attending our Excel courses, but you should have some knowledge of how to use a computer and Windows.
The Knowledge Academy is the Leading global training provider in the world for Microsoft Excel Training.
The price for Microsoft Excel Training certification in France starts from €489.

Microsoft Excel Masterclass

The Knowledge Academy's Microsoft Excel Masterclass teaches delegates the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel, so that they emerge from the training course feeling confident to implement their newly-found knowledge. This one day Masterclass encompasses all versions and types of Excel programs to deliver an all-inclusive course, which adopts a practical approach. Delegates will acquire essential skills that are needed to use Excel effectively to enhance business productivity. They will learn how to create and edit spreadsheets, use formulas, construct graphs, and complete tasks in the quickest way. Essentially, delegates will learn how to get the most out of the program, by unlocking Excel's powerful capabilities for organising and manipulating data. 


Microsoft Excel VBA and Macro

This one day Microsoft Excel VBA and Macro training course focuses specifically on using the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming language within Excel, to create advanced macros and automate complex operations that are not covered by the standard user interface. Consequently, delegates will gain an understanding of how Excel's automated functions can ease their workload, and in turn achieve more effective programming results. Delegates will learn how to construct their own macros, use and define variables, and work with a range of objects. This training course is instructor led, although occasionally takes the form of a workshop as practical exercises will take place.

Benefits for Individuals

  • The most popular spreadsheet application in the world

  • Quickly sort through large amounts of data

  • Save time by automating repetitive tasks

  • Increase your employability by learning how to use a universally-used office program

  • Make data visually engaging using a range of charts and graphs

Benefits for Business

  • Analyse and identify trends within large amounts of data

  • Catalogue a range of data types in one place

  • Increase productivity by carrying out and repeating time intensive tasks instantly

  • Convey data trends visually using charts

  • Accurately forecast financial trends using advanced formulas

Reasons to choose
Microsoft Excel Training

  • The world’s most popular spreadsheet program

  • Easily store, manipulate, and analyse data

  • Use formulas and macros to automate repetitive tasks

  • Powerful tools for data comparison

  • Integrates with other Microsoft Office products

  • Clear-cut, simple to use application

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