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Latest Blogs

  • 10 Reasons to Learn Java Programming

    Posted at 20 April 2017 by David Baker
    There are a wide range of programming languages out there to work with if you are considering a future in programming, and among the best, most successful and popular of these has to be Java. Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider learning Java programming and improving your programming know-how
  • PRINCE2 vs Scrum

    Posted at 10 April 2017 by David Baker
    On a daily basis, we have people turning to us asking which is better when choosing between PRINCE2 and Scrum. The issue with trying to compare these courses is that they are completely different species – where one excels the other falls short and vice versa. However, if you want to ask which of these courses is better for you, we would be able to find a more definite answer.
  • Why Your Employer Will Want You to Have PRINCE2

    Posted at 04 April 2017 by David Baker
    PRINCE2 is the course that defines the standards of project management. As one of the most highly valued managerial courses available, it is capable of improving your chances of a good career if you are taking your first steps on your career ladder.
  • PRINCE2 vs Agile

    Posted at 30 March 2017 by David Baker
    Here at The Knowledge Academy, we are taking a look at the difference between the PRINCE2 and Agile qualifications that are on offer here.
  • The Biggest Issues Faced In Project Management

    Posted at 28 March 2017 by David Baker
    While project management is a very rewarding and empowering position to be in within a company, there are a number of drawbacks that can be faced. Many bosses understand the importance of project management and invest a lot into making sure it’s managers are knowledgeable enough to deal with problems that can crop up on a daily basis.
  • The Differences Between Relationship And Task Orientated Management

    Posted at 22 March 2017 by David Baker
    Those who are looking for a management style that means work gets completed on time and in an efficient fashion could consider implementing a task orientated management style. Find out more...
  • Where does Six Sigma not work?

    Posted at 02 March 2017 by Stuart Armstrong
    There are many stories about Six Sigma being no longer useful and crushing creativity. This is misleading; Six Sigma only fails when it is used improperly.
  • Why Do Projects Fail? [Infographic]

    Posted at 24 February 2017 by Stuart Armstrong
    Projects can fail for a range of reasons, but here are the 12 most common problems. Have you seen these affect projects you've been working on?
  • What is the Future of IT Service Management?

    Posted at 15 February 2017 by Stuart Armstrong
    AXELOS have recently released 'The Future IT Service Management Professional'. This blog will talk about the key findings and what they could mean for your career.
  • What is the Future of Project Management?

    Posted at 08 February 2017 by Stuart Armstrong
    AXELOS have recently released 'The Future Project Management Professional'. This blog will talk about the key findings and what they could mean for your career.
  • Why Is Agile Training Becoming So Popular?

    Posted at 01 February 2017 by David Baker
    As the pace of transformation in today’s business world continues to accelerate rapidly, organisations are increasingly required to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to change.
  • What is happening to PRINCE2 in 2017?

    Posted at 24 January 2017 by David Baker
    After receiving feedback from over 100 project management professionals across the world, AXELOS are going to update the PRINCE2 Guidance and the Foundation & Practitioner exams, but what does this mean for you?

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