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Classroom Training

At The Knowledge Academy, our classroom-based training courses allow delegates to study and learn in a friendly, engaging, and interactive environment. We ensure the very best level of teaching, with first-rate instructors, resources, and state-of-the-art facilities. We provide courses of varying durations and can arrange weekend and residential courses in order to suit your requirements.

Furthermore, our classroom courses are carried out in thousands of locations worldwide, making training easily accessible wherever you are. Our courses typically begin at 9.00 am and continue until 5.00 pm each day, with breaks and refreshments provided. , As our most popular form of training available, we pride ourselves in continuously delivering an outstanding learning experience for our delegates in the classroom.

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  • Direct support from our experienced trainers throughout the course
  • Training courses available in thousands of locations globally
  • Partake in engaging and valuable activities in the classroom to boost your learning potential
  • Receive an all-encompassing learning experience

Online Training

Our online-based training courses aim to provide you with a complete training experience. Due to their flexibility, these courses are greatly suited to busy working professionals, or any individual who would prefer the convenience of an online training course.

Our Computer-Based Training (CBT) courses remove the time and cost associated with travelling to course locations. You can complete your chosen course in any location, and work at your own pace, as the learning portal can be accessed 24/7. All of our online training courses have technical and administrative support and mobile access. Furthermore, each course has been carefully designed to incorporate informative, instructive, and engaging content. In this way, online learning can guarantee a valuable and enjoyable training solution.

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  • Our flexible online courses provide you with 24/7 access
  • Take your time with 90 days from first login to complete the course
  • Enjoy an engaging and interactive learning experience
  • Courses available through our easy-to-use learning portal

In-house Training

Our In-house training option allows you to select any of our courses and receive training at a venue of your choice, by any method of your choice.

In-house courses deliver training to multiple employees at once, thus reducing travel expenses and providing you with the ultimate convenience and value for money. In addition, this option allows you to receive a training course that has been specifically tailored to meet your business needs, ensuring first-class quality, applicability, and value.

By choosing to bring bespoke training to the office, you can improve business performance, and make your organisation more streamlined, resourceful, and profitable. With over 25 years’ of experience, we are the market-leaders of In-house training.

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  • Reduce the costs of employees taking time away from the workplace to train
  • Streamline your business with this bespoke training solution
  • Maximise your training budget
  • Monitor your employees’ progress and ensure that they receive applicable qualifications

Virtual Training

Our Virtual training courses provide you with the option to learn using a specialised simulated virtual environment. In this environment, our expert training instructors will be able to convey information and provide you with the all the knowledge you require to earn your qualification with The Knowledge Academy. As the largest global training provider, this method of training allows us to extend our training scope to those who may not be able to attend a classroom course itself, but would like to receive direct training and support from an instructor.
Using this training delivery method, you would benefit from the convenience of remote access and the elimination of the time and cost associated with travelling to a training venue.

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  • Receive direct support from our experienced trainers
  • Acquire the benefits of a classroom course, without the need to travel
  • Train from the comfort of your own home using remote access
  • All virtual training courses come with technical and administrative support
Business Analysis

Certified Software Testing Professional (CSTP)

  • Includes the course manual, examination, & a completion certificate
  • All our Software Testing certifications have high pass rates
  • Certified Software Testing Professional is delivered by skilled trainers   

Available delivery methods for this course:




Live Virtual

Course Information

Certified Software Testing Professional (CSTP) Course Outline

​This Certified Software Testing Professional training course will explore the following areas:

Introducing Software Testing

  • Software Testing Overview 
  • The Fundamentals of Software Testing
  • Key Terminology
  • Why is Testing Required?
  • Principles of Testing

Software Testing Concepts

  • The Advantages of Software Testing
  • The Seven Principles of Testing
  • The Process of Testing 
  • The Ethics of Testing

Analysing Tests

  • Assessments and Reviews
  • Review Types
  • Static Analysis

Managing Testing

  • Organisation and Planning
  • Estimation
  • Monitoring Tests
  • Configuration Management 
  • Dealing with Problems 
  • Managing Risks 
  • Entry and Exit Benchmarks 
  • Measuring Coverage

Testing through the Life Cycle

  • Developing Software Designs
  • Component Testing and Integration
  • System Testing and Integration
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Alpha and Beta 
  • Functional and Non-Functional Testing
  • Testing for Maintenance 
  • Retesting V Regression

Testing Techniques

  • Black-Box & White-Box Testing
  • Equivalence Partitioning
  • Examining Boundary Values 
  • State Transition Testing
  • Case Testing
  • Statement V Decision Testing
  • Testing based on Experience 

Tools for Testing

  • Requirements Testing
  • Test Design
  • Data Planning
  • Capture/Replay
  • Testing Performance
  • Debugging
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Comparison
  • Test Harnesses, Drivers, and Simulators
  • Measuring Coverage
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Certified Software Testing Professional (CSTP) Course Overview

Software Testers are fundamental to the smooth running of enterprises, as they are responsible for intercepting risk, identifying bugs, solving software-related problems, and conducting test analysis. Software Testers are highly desired within organisations, and such testers are required to possess an abundance of specific skills.

Thus, our comprehensive Software Testing Professional training course will ensure delegates gain all the necessary knowledge to emerge as proficient Software Testers in just two days. As the requirements of a Software Tester are universal, the understanding acquired from this course can be implemented in any business of any size, within any location. This makes our certification acknowledgeable worldwide.

CSTP is delivered by our expert instructors, who have years of experience in the sphere of Software Testing, and are renowned across the globe for their commitment to quality training. Their ability to transmit their knowledge to delegates is unrivalled, and their approachable manner ensures that delegates’ questions don’t go unanswered. 

During our globally recognised CSTP course, the basics of Software Testing will be covered, then Software Testing implementation will be explored more closely. Delegates will acquire an understanding of test management, which comprises planning, estimation, control, and handling incidents. Next, testing through the lifecycle will be explored, which includes component testing, alpha and beta testing, and maintenance testing. Testing techniques will also be a notable area of focus, as delegates will become familiar with black box and white box testing, case testing, and experienced-based testing. As well as this, the importance and benefits of Software Testing will be brought to light.

An exam will need to be completed in order for delegates to acquire this certification on the final afternoon of the course. This is included in the course fee.

By the end of this training course, delegates will be proficient in the implementation of Software Testing, and will have excellent knowledge of Software Testing’s methodologies and notions.

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Who should attend this Software Testing training course?

This course is designed for anyone interested/involved in Software Testing and its implementation.

Certified Software Testing Professional Prerequisites

There are no formal prerequisites for Certified Software Testing Professional, however delegates will thrive if they possess basic Software Testing knowledge.

What's Included in this Software Testing Course

This training course includes the following:

  • The Certified Software Testing Professional (CSTP) Examination
  • The Knowledge Academy's Certified Software Testing Professional (CSTP) Manual 
  • Certificate
  • Experienced Instructor 
  • Refreshments

Certified Software Testing Professional (CSTP) Examination 

In order to receive certification, delegates will be required to take an exam on the afternoon of the final day. The exam is formatted like so:

  • 40 questions
  • Multiple choice
  • 60-minute duration
  • 65% pass mark 

Certified Software Testing Professional (CSTP) FAQs

Please arrive at the venue at 8:45am.
There are no formal prerequisites.
This course is designed for anyone interested/involved in Software Testing and its implementation.
We are able to provide support via phone & email prior to attending, during and after the course.
Delegate pack consisting of course notes and exercises, the exam, manual, experienced instructor, and refreshments.
This course is 2 day(s)
Once your booking has been placed and confirmed, you will receive an email which contains your course location, course overview, pre-course reading material (if required), course agenda and payment receipts

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