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Scrum Online - Scrum Certification Online

Scrum is a framework under the Agile methodology. Its purpose is to enhance software delivery, through short, collaborative, and extremely productive team “sprints”, instead of working on a slow, motivation-deflating, and resource-consuming project. A Scrum Team consists of a Scrum Master, a Product Owner, and the Scrum Development Team. These certifications are all available as e-Learning courses.

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About Scrum Online

Scrum is an iterative, incremental Agile framework used in Software Development. It focuses on eliminating complexities within a project to concentrate on creating products that fulfil a business’s requirements. There is greater attention on the people and business requirements rather than rigid structure meaning that unpredictability is better dealt with.


A Scrum aligned project is completed in incremental sprints as opposed to one long project that has very little reflection time during its duration. Sprints are time-constricted units of development, usually lasting 2 weeks and never more than 1 month, that result in a specified goal. Sprints always begin with a fixed goal and a concrete plan of action that guarantees punctual completion.


Scrum courses work towards enabling teams to utilise all resources effectively and without waste, motivating team members throughout the project, ensuring that all Scrum processes are working optimally, feedback and appraisals are completed at the end of every sprint.


Within a Scrum aligned project there are various roles and each comes with specific responsibilities. Scrum Master is tasked with establishing and maintaining a conducive working environment for the development team, so that they are able to work efficiently through the backlog. Scrum Masters must also effectively organise resources and aptly coordinate their team members according to their strengths and skill set.                            


The Scrum Product Owner’s principle task is to provide the concept of the project and have the ability to clearly and accurately convey this vision to the Scrum team. They are often also the project’s key stakeholder.

Why choose Scrum Online?

Reasons to choose Scrum Online:

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Exams & Resources Included

All exams and resources are included for a comprehensive learning experience

Various Delivery Methods

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The Benefits

The benefits of completing the Scrum Online certification for the individual include:

  • Improved employability due to keeping your certification portfolio relevant and up to date

  • Enhanced marketability of your project management skill repertoire

  • Elevated awareness of Scrum implementation

  • Able to contribute to Scrum projects with a focus on ownership and accountability of your contribution

  • Join the network of Scrum experts

  • Contribute and manage projects of quality, within budget, and on time - enhance your reputation and credibility

  • Improved professional practice as a result of the constant Scrum feedback

  • Develop a reputation as a hardworking self-starter

  • Complete these online training courses at any time of day, at any pace, in any location that suits you

  • 90 days to complete all course material, giving you plenty of time to thoroughly understand all aspects on the Scrum courses 

The benefits of completing the Scrum Online certification for the businesses include:

  • Quicker market delivery and development of software

  • Reduced cost of production, waste, and resource-consuming practices

  • Enhanced quality of product delivery

  • Top priority projects are focused upon within the backlog - no need to wait for the whole project to be completed prior to releasing important products or information

  • Projects completed quickly, efficiently, and within shorter time scales

  • Increased return on investment

  • Self-managing and organising teams - developed responsibility, accountability, and ownership

  • Creativity and innovation is encouraged within team projects

  • Regular performance meetings and appraisals mean that obstacles that may inhibit project progress are removed

  • Improved clarity and transparency of operational processes - enhanced visibility of progress for maximum stakeholder engagement

  • Greater control over the project - daily Scrum meetings/updates allow managers, owners, and stakeholders to monitor progress and dictate required changes

  • Reduced risk of financial waste - reduced time-scales and budgets are required for Scrum projects, minimising risk

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and usability of final product

  • Avoid having to allocate time away from a work day, by encouraging your employees to take these CBT (Computer Based Training) online courses 

Courses Within Scrum Online

Scrum Master Certification online

This e-Learning Scrum Master certification is for Software Engineers, Project and Operation Managers looking to lead Scrum projects and facilitate the implementation of the agile Scrum framework. The Scrum Master within a project, is responsible for organising resource and man-power utilisation and creating a platform for information exchanges. Undertaking this Scrum course will allow candidates to develop their advanced level knowledge of the framework and enable them to instigate team behavioural shifts - promoting efficient management skills and the punctual completion of quality software projects.


Scrum Product Owner Training online

Scrum Product Owners are central to the Scrum framework due to being responsible for creating the project’s backlog, determining whether to terminate a project, and for refining the task prioritisation backlog for projects. This e-Learning Scrum Product Owner certification course enables aspiring product owners to develop their awareness of how to create and update an ever-changing product backlog and extensively contribute to team meetings - detailing to the Scrum team the requirements of each sprint backlog in a clear and concise manner without overloading information that could be distracting.

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Scrum Online FAQs

This APMP Online Training course does not include the exam
This course has no pre-requisites and is open to everyone.
It is recommended that you purchase The APM Body of Knowledge 6th Edition and the APMP: The APM Project Management Qualification Study Guide to aid your studies.
You will receive confirmation details as soon as you’ve been enrolled and confirmed.

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