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PRINCE2 Online - PRINCE2 Course Online

PRINCE2® (PRojects In Controlled Environments) is a credible and popular project management methodology used and trusted around the globe. It promotes optimisation, productivity, and efficiency by providing best practice principles and an adaptable process-based approach. The PRINCE2® methodology can be practically applied to projects of all scopes and sizes within any sector. Learn all about this prestigious project management methodology with a PRINCE2® 2017 Online Training Course.

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About PRINCE2® Online

PRINCE2® is a well designed project management methodology that can be applied to a number of projects of any size or complexity. It is owned and maintained by AXELOS, a joint venture company created by the UK Government and Capita. The methodology draws from the experience of hundreds of Project Managers and Consultants around the world, to deliver a generic best practice framework for managing projects. The PRINCE2® approach is process-based, and can be tailored and scaled depending on the specific project being undertaken. It also structures projects into four elements: principles, themes, processes, and the project environment. These four elements must be acknowledged, analysed, and addressed in order for a project to be considered a PRINCE2® project.


PRINCE2® is the most commonly used project management methodology in the UK, closely followed by Agile, APMP, and Scrum. In addition, PRINCE2® is the second most utilised methodology in the world, with Project Management Professional (PMP)® knocking PRINCE2® off the top spot. With these facts in mind, it becomes clear that PRINCE2® is universally applicable and a highly regarded project management framework.


Our PRINCE2® 2017 Online Foundation course will run through the fundamental elements that support this popular approach to project management. Whereas, in the more advanced Practitioner CBT (Computer Based-Training) course, delegates will learn how to effectively apply the methodology to any business or project. We also supply a combined Foundation & Practitioner Online course and a Re-Registration Online course. Both can be accessed via an eLearning facility to be used anywhere, and at any time.


Online courses can be extremely advantageous to those with busy schedules, or those who are unable to travel to a training venue. It can also eliminate the need for time away from work, saving you valuable time and money. All you require is an internet connection and login details. You will be provided with a login and you will have 90 days from your first login to complete the PRINCE2® 2017 training course.


PRINCE2® 2017 Update

PRINCE2® has recently experienced a software update. Early in 2017, due to feedback from PRINCE2® Practitioners, it was announced that the PRINCE2® syllabus would be revised and ready for implementation by July. The update witnesses the same principles, themes, and processes, although the links between such principles and themes are clarified in more detail. Another essential area of the update involves the implementation of PRINCE2® structures to actual workplace circumstances. The revised version of the PRINCE2® syllabus aims to provide delegates with more extensive guidance regarding real-life methodology application. 

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The Benefits

PRINCE2® is a globally acknowledged methodology that can be used in any industry, on a project of any size or complexity. A PRINCE2® certification can provide an individual with immediate benefits, by enhancing their project management qualification portfolio and skill set. In turn, individuals will be able to enhance their employment opportunities and earning potential. It is possible for PRINCE2® Practitioners to earn an annual sum of around £50,000. In addition to benefits to an individual's career possibilities, candidates can acquire substantial knowledge and understanding of how to apply the PRINCE2® methodology to lead projects to success.

Further benefits of PRINCE2® for individuals include:

  • Enhance your career with a globally respected project management certification

  • Gain distinguished project management skills

  • Display project management expertise and professionalism

  • Possess greater control over project resources and risk

  • Share a common project management language with thousands of professionals around the world

  • Ensure your project aligns with business requirements

  • Clearly understand roles and responsibilities within a project

  • Develop competence and confidence in your personal management capabilities

The flexibility and relevance of the PRINCE2® methodology to such a large diversity of industries and projects means that it can offer a variety of benefits for businesses. Firstly, the PRINCE2® approach makes certain that all employees are working towards the same objectives. Team members are able to use a common language and terminology, making clear to everyone the roles and responsibilities of each member. Subsequently, this generates consensus and solidarity between individuals. PRINCE2® also prioritises the completion of  projects on time and within budget, a strategy that is highly valuable for businesses as this can maximise profit. Additionally, PRINCE2® embeds the significance of being prepared for any complications that may arise, and the delivery of quality. 

Further benefits of PRINCE2® for Businesses include:

  • Implement a consistent, clear approach to project management

  • Gain full control over all stages of the project, from initiation to completion

  • Ensure that projects have a strong and continuous business case/justification, as this assists in reducing profit-absorbing processes and emphasises project goals

  • Improve organisational capability across all areas of business

  • Improve communication by using a common project management language

  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement by learning from previous projects

  • PRINCE2® does not require additional software to function

  • PRINCE2® is a logical, consistent project management approach

  • Identify risks via Risk Management

  • Frequent reviews of the project to analyse progression and specify resource application

Courses Within PRINCE2® Online

PRINCE2® 2017 Online Foundation

The PRINCE2® Foundation Online course is aimed at beginners, to give them entry into the realm of project management. Candidates can login at any time and work their way through this course, to gain an introduction to the principles and key terminology of PRINCE2® and how it is used in business. The PRINCE2® Foundation online course provides the trainee with the skills required to work in a PRINCE2® project team. On completion of the course, delegates have better possibilities of obtaining a career in project management.


PRINCE2® 2017 Online Practitioner

This PRINCE2® Online course covers the PRINCE2® Practitioner syllabus, providing delegates with an understanding of how to apply the PRINCE2® methodology to a given project scenario. Candidates are taught how to use the methodology and tailor it to the specifics of an enterprise. This specialist certification is a step up from the PRINCE2® Foundation Computer-Based Training (CBT) course, and so it is required that candidates have completed this course before starting PRINCE2® Practitioner online training. After completing this PRINCE2® Practitioner eLearning course, delegates will be able to manage a project from initiation to completion.


PRINCE2® 2017 Online Foundation & Practitioner

The PRINCE2® Online Foundation and Practitioner training course incorporates the content of both the Foundation and Practitioner online courses to produce one combined PRINCE2® eLearning experience. On completion of the course, delegates will be certified PRINCE2® Practitioners.


PRINCE2® 2017 Online Re-Registration

The PRINCE2® Online Re-Registration training course is for certified PRINCE2® Practitioners who need to renew their Practitioner certification, as these expire after a period of 3 years. By re-certifying, the delegate attains the most recent PRINCE2® knowledge, and revisits areas that may be lacking in their understanding. 

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PRINCE2® Online FAQs

This PMP® online exam simulator Platinum is open to everyone and has no prerequisites; however, in order to apply for the PMP® exam you must have either of the following: A university degree and at least three years of project management experience, with 4,500 hours leading and directing projects and 35 hours of project management education or A secondary diploma (high school or the global equivalent) and at least five years of project management experience, with 7,500 hours leading and directing projects and 35 hours of project management education
This PMP® online exam simulator Gold is highly targeted towards those who want to practice their examination skills before submitting themselves for the official PMP® examination.
If you purchase the course online, you’ll receive your welcome pack immediately after making the payment. If you purchase the course through one of our learning advisors on call, your account will be set up within 1 business working day.
We are able to provide support via phone and email, prior to booking, during and after the online course.
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