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Microsoft Office is a widely used office suite of desktop and mobile applications developed by the American multinational Microsoft Corporation. They are used for completing a range of tasks and actions including communications, spreadsheets, text documents, presentations, and databases. Microsoft Office Online Training provides individuals with a comprehensive understanding of how to use Microsoft Office applications effectively.

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About Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office products include Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, and Access, to name a few. Microsoft Office was introduced by Microsoft in 1988. It possessed separate applications to aid productivity e.g. Excel and Word, but also bundled them into packages. In 2012, it was reported that over a billion people worldwide use Microsoft Office.


Each of the Microsoft Office eLearning courses provided by The Knowledge Academy are engaging and interactive, ensuring that candidates enjoy their learning experience. Through earning a renowned Microsoft Office certification, candidates can put themselves ahead of the competition, demonstrating to employers a competency to use these popular applications. Completing an online training course also indicates commitment to understand the applications that underpin day-to-day business operations. Each of our Microsoft Office Computer-Based Training (CBT) courses specialise on just one application e.g. Microsoft Word 2013, and provide candidates with the skills to use it effectively within a business setting.


Online courses can be highly advantageous to individuals with busy schedules, or those who are unable to travel to one of our training venues. Training using our eLearning platform can also eliminate the need for time away from work, saving you valuable time and money. All you require is an internet connection and login details. You will be provided with a login and you will have 90 days from your first login to complete a Microsoft Office online training course.

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The Benefits

Individuals can benefit substantially through earning a Microsoft Office certification. Primarily, candidates can boost their credibility with employers. This is because a Microsoft Office qualification is indicative of considerable understanding of Microsoft Office applications and comprehension of how they can be used to improve the organisation and efficiency of business processes. Further benefits are listed below:

  • The Microsoft Office online training courses provide delegates with skills that can be used within or outside a business environment. Thus, these skills are immensely transferable and can also contribute to an individual’s personal development.

  • A vast number of job roles involve use of Microsoft Office applications as they are exceedingly popular and can be used to carry out a number of different tasks. Earning one of these Microsoft Office certifications ensures that individuals are not put at a disadvantage.

  • Produce high quality documents, spreadsheets, presentations etc.

  • Gain confidence to use these applications on a daily basis

Enterprises require a number of their employees to be competent users of the Microsoft Office applications. This will benefit the business by:

  • Boosting productivity

  • Enhancing organisational ability and efficiency

  • Make the best use of the features of Microsoft Office applications through hiring those who are trained and know exactly how to use them at an advanced level

  • Complete a number of different tasks

Courses Within Microsoft Office Online

We offer six Microsoft Office online training courses, all of which are outlined below:


Microsoft Excel Masterclass online

This e-Learning course is perfectly suited to delegates who would like to build upon their skills in Microsoft Excel. This masterclass course is applicable to all levels of experience of this Microsoft application and is not specific to one competency class. Microsoft Excel skills are transferable to both personal and professional life, therefore making this course an invaluable asset. The online workshop shall cover the basics of Excel as well as digital signatures, SmartArt, linking worksheets, statistical functions, auditing functions, and 3D Formulas. A wealth of tips and tricks alongside shortcuts will be liberally dispensed throughout the online workshop. The course is expected to take, accumulatively, 4 hours. Microsoft Excel is used abundantly across all levels of organisations, globally, and is a necessary skill set that is required by employers. The Microsoft Excel course certification provides concrete affirmation of a delegate’s proficiency in this application and will be a highly beneficial addition to any CV. 


Microsoft Outlook Masterclass

This online Microsoft Outlook training course provides delegates with an enhanced knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Outlook. Masterclass incorporates all difficulty levels and all years of Microsoft Outlook training. Delegates will learn how to connect iCloud and SkyDrive, and will acquire advanced calendar management skills. The proficiencies gained will cover all areas of Microsoft Outlook, including customisation of the Outlook environment, namely emails, calendar, and contacts. Constructing emails, attaching files, and replying and forwarding emails will feature in the course content, as will activities management, data files management, and sharing files. Individuals will also learn how to track, share, appoint, and locate Outlook items and features more easily. Ultimately, Microsoft Outlook training is valuable because Outlook is an excellent organisation mechanism, which if utilised effectively can achieve greater business efficiency. This online Microsoft Outlook course takes approximately 4 hours to complete, however, delegates are given 90 days access to the training portal.


Microsoft Word 2013

This concise and convenient Microsoft Word online training course will allow delegates to effectively navigate their way through Word 2013. Proficiency in Microsoft Word is, at present, a necessity rather than an advantage, and is used in every industry, at every level, and even within the home. Fluency, in one of the world’s most prolifically used applications, is an immensely profitable trait and this e-Learning course will equip delegates with a vast array of abilities from formatting documents and text, to mastering documents, customising, understanding macros and VBA essentials, and advanced document formatting. Microsoft Word Online will accumulatively require 4 hours to complete all sections. Get the most out of your Word application with time saving hints and tips to ease your use of Microsoft Word.


Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass

This e-learning Microsoft Powerpoint training course is a comprehensive guide to using Powerpoint. Masterclass encompasses all years and levels of Powerpoint training. Delegates will explore the features and functions of Powerpoint to expand their Microsoft skills, which can be implemented in the workplace or for leisure. Powerpoints are powerful communication transmitters, so it is important that the programme is used to its full potential, as they can be extremely visually engaging. Delegates will learn how to add objects and graphics within a Powerpoint presentation, and acquire knowledge of creating tables and charts. The formatting of text will be covered, as will sharing and the distribution of presentations. Delegates will encounter templates, diagrams, special effects, customisation, and will discover how to deliver a successful presentation. This Microsoft Powerpoint online training course should take around 4 hours to complete, however, delegates will have access to the training tools for 90 days.


Microsoft Project Masterclass

This Microsoft Project online training course will teach delegates how to operate successful projects using the Microsoft model. Masterclass encompassess all levels of difficulty and all previous years of Microsoft Project training, to provide one all inclusive course. Delegates will learn how to manage and change project time periods, add achievements and summary assignments, and guide the direction of a project effectively. Delegates will be shown how to create a project, manoeuvre Microsoft Project, apply tasks and resources to a project, and create a network diagram. As well as this, the value formulated by the project will be evaluated, customisation and formatting will be covered, and the measures for monitoring progress will be considered. On course completion delegates will be able to plan, modify, track progress, and communicate with the plan. This Microsoft Project e-learning course takes approximately 4 hours to complete, yet, delegates will have access to the training materials for 90 days. Enhance your knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Project with this online training course.


Microsoft Access 2013

Microsoft Access online 2013 is a relational database management system, and this e-Learning course shall provide delegates with an understanding of the skills required, from basic to advanced, to effectively utilise Microsoft Access. This 4 hour online course will specifically cover the knowledge required for the navigation pane, using and joining tables, modifying records, autokeys, autoexec macros, importing and exporting objects, and much more. Confidence and proficiency in this application is evident with this certification, and is a highly beneficial addition to any CV and will demonstrate to employers the skills and competency you possess in Microsoft Access. Delegates will have an accumulative 4 hours to complete this e-Learning course and will have up to 90 days, from initial login, to complete the course.  

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