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Time Management Course Overview

Time Management is a process of organising and utilising the time for maximising productivity, which helps organisations, teams, or individuals to achieve their long term goals. Time Management skills are in high demand as organisations like to hire those individuals who can organise their time and be more productive, efficient, and more likely to meet deadlines as well as their requirements.

Time Management skills are beneficial in both our personal and professional life. Our Time Management training course is specifically designed to enhance your skills in planning activities, identifying objectives and goals, scheduling task, prioritising essential tasks, preparing for a meeting, using technology for managing schedules, etc. for getting tasks done more smartly.

Delivery Methods

The Knowledge Academy is a World's Leading organisation for training professionals. The Knowledge Academy provides training in 490+ locations over 221+ countries, covering 3000 subjects with four delivery methods which are as follows:

Principles of Time Management

principle-mobile principle

Reasons to Choose Us for Time Management Training

  • Providing training sessions to multinational organisation or individuals, public sectors, corporate sectors, and also for government agencies
  • Learn from our respective subject related experts have the plentiful industry knowledge
  • Having dedicated staff who work continuously to provide in-house training to clients
  • Learn at the convenience and comfort of working within their familiar surroundings
  • Gain a unique approach to organise your business structure

Strategies of Time Management


Time Management Skills

Time Management skills take time to develop and will look different for each person. It helps individuals to make the best use of time and complete the tasks within the specified period.

Planning :
Good time management starts with good planning skills. It's very hard to manage your day or week if you don't have good planning skills
With proper planning skills, you must be able to imagine what needs to be done and prioritise the most important tasks.
Decision Making and Prioritisation :
The point of a plan is not only to imagine how things should be performed but also to decide about the priorities.
If you want to be good at time management, you must be in control of your time.
Setting Boundaries and Saying No :
Setting very clear boundaries can help you to get things done more efficiently and effectively.
Saying no is one of the most important skills in time management.
Delegating and Outsourcing Tasks :
Delegating tasks is about leveraging other's task. Delegating is a very important step in being a master of time management.
Outsourcing tasks greatly contributes to your leadership skills and personal development.
Build a System and Diligently Following it :
When you learn how to plan, prioritise and so on, it sooner or later wakes up the need for a coherent and complete time management system.
You have to build a system for yourself and constantly improving it.

Team Leader Skills Package

5 Courses

  • Leadership Skills
  • Time Management Training
  • Stress Management Training
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Effective Communication Skills

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Be it an individual or a business, to thrive and grow the key elements is the continuous thirst for knowledge. This thirst for knowledge can be quenched by continuing with education and specially tailored certification programs by The Knowledge Academy.


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Time Management Techniques

Time management refers to the judicious use of time for achieving success in life. Time Management helps an individual to make the best possible use of time. It is essential for individuals to value time and allocate the right time to the right activity.

  • Set your Priorities: Prepare a "TO DO" list or a "Task Plan" to write down tasks you need to complete against the time period assigned to each activity, high priority tasks must be written on top followed by tasks which can be done a little later, and make sure you stick to your task list.
  • Stay Focused: While doing an urgent task, do not leave your work station, going for scrolls in the middle of an urgent work breaks continuity and makes you lose focus.
  • Set Realistic Targets: Know what you need to achieve and in what duration. Assigning one hour to a task which you know would require much more time is illogical.
  • Be Disciplined and Punctual: Avoid taking unnecessary leaves from work, as well as reach work on time as it helps you to plan your day better.
  • Be Organised: Keep things at their proper places. Files must be kept at their respective drawers. Stable your important documents as well as put them in a proper folder.

Benefits of Time Management


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Process of Time Management

  • Plan Schedule Management: This step confirms that you establish all the policies, methods, and documentation necessary for controlling the project schedule.
  • Define Activities: This is where you identify and lists the individual tasks that must be done during the project to assure all of its deliverables are met.
  • Sequence Activities: This process involves taking the list of project activities that you created and placing each task in the right order.
  • Estimate Activity Resources: Once you have completed your tasks, the next step is to find out what resources you need.
  • Develop Schedule: Developing the schedule is one of the most complicated processes. It includes scope, risk, plus and elements relating to the project context.
  • Control Schedule: This process provides various tools which help you to monitor and update your project schedule.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do you mean by Time Management?

Time Management is the process of planning and organising time between two or more tasks effectively for better outcome. Good time management allows individuals to work smarter and use their time more effectively to get more tasks done.

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Why Time Management skills are important?

Time Management skills are most important for us in both of our personal and professional life, having good time management skills allow us to accomplish more in a short period of time. It also allows us to achieve our personal and organisational goals more effectively by scheduling tasks, managing meeting, setting time limits, and more.

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Difference between a to‐do list and a master list.

A to-do list contains tasks that should be done on present-day in most cases; on the other hand, the master list includes tasks that could or should be done at any time.

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How Time Management training course will help me to manage my time more effectively?

During this Time Management training course you will be introduced to both basic and advanced topics, in which you will learn about various time management techniques such as identifying goals, managing time, monitoring results, setting-up schedules, creating plans, prioritising tasks, and more which will boost your confidence and skills in managing your time efficiently.

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What is Time Management training?

Time Management training is an advanced level course which allows delegates to take the first step to enhance their time management skills for improving how they manage their time in order to maximise their potential.

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What are the main objective of Time Management training course?

The main objective of this course is to teach you how to manage your time to get the best out of it. Our course will guide you step by step on how to set goals, solve problems and make time-based decisions effectively.

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Will Time Management training course can help me to get a better job with a high salary package?

Professionals who hold skills to manage time effectively, get higher rank in companies and get paid more than any average employee.

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Can Knowledge Academy deliver corporate or in-house training?

Yes, our exceptional in-house delivery staff work incessantly to provide training to clients who wish to have the convenience and comfort of working within their familiar surroundings.

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Can Knowledge Academy deliver the training to more than 1000 delegates of my company?

Yes, we already trained over 1000 delegates from multiple, internationally renowned organisations. In such cases where the delegates are more in number, we are providing training in batches.

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Can we customise training and course material according to our company requirements?

Yes, we have subject matter experts who will work according to your company requirements.

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I am unable to find the course I am looking for.

The knowledge Academy provides training on over 3000 different subjects. Please contact us if you are unable to find your ideal course in the above course list.

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What delivery method I can choose for the Time Management training course?

You can choose below delivery method according to your requirement:

  • Online : If you want to learn at your own pace and at any time in the day or night.
  • Online/Instructor-led or virtual : If you want to learn virtually from the instructor in the comfort of your home.
  • Classroom : If you want to attend training in The Knowledge Academy venue.
  • Onsite/Corporate : If you are looking for a training solution for your employees or company.

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