Managed Learning Services

Managed Learning Services

Training that makes a real difference

We leverage our experience as the world’s largest globally accredited training organisation to provide Managed Learning Services which are fully aligned with business objectives.

Understanding the increasing need to minimise expenditure while maximising benefit, we take a bespoke step by step approach to assessing and providing for every business’s learning needs, ensuring all training is targeted to meet business goals while delivering maximum value.

Our service is fully customised to meet requirements, whether the need is for guidance on learning strategy or a complete approach to the management and application of training across all sectors of your organisation.

Our Service Levels

Our years of experience in delivering high quality training solutions globally has led us to structure our Managed Learning Services offering through the use of five service levels.

These five levels can be provided individually at the individual, team or business levels or combined together into one all-encompassing approach to organisational learning and development.

Consultancy - Consultancy focuses on running learning and development operations more effectively by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Evaluation -The next level focuses on evaluating staff skills in order to identify skills gaps. We then use this information to figure out where exactly training may be able to benefit.

Administration - Learning Administration means we manage everything learning related, from booking venues to organising courses.

Delivery - Delivery is about organising whichever training is needed, whether it is one of our current courses or an entirely new solution based on specific requirements.

Strategy - Focusing on training at the highest organisational level, we will work with you to create a complete training plan for the future, taking into account current and expected training needs.

Why Choose Us?

With our wealth of experience in delivering business objective-aligned results, choosing The Knowledge Academy means working with the best possible partner for your business.

  • Our solutions are designed to support your business throughout the present and into the future, providing a solid strategy and long-lasting results which will make measurable and continuous business impact.
  • Our Managed Learning Services are designed to cover the entire spread of your business, from individual level all the way to the organisational level.
  • We will reduce the costs associated with training and increase the value gained, ensuring all learning and development operations are as effective as they can be.
  • We can provide a wide range of tools for the development and improvement of learning in your business including e-learning solutions and progress tracking.
  • We foster a culture of continual learning and improvement in your organisation, ensuring benefits from training are meaningful and long-lasting.
  •  All our training is aligned to the budgetary requirements and strategic objectives of your organisation.
  • Everything we do is fully bespoke and can be shaped around your business requirements.
  • Our experience of working closely in partnership with organisations to deliver training solutions means leadership teams can have confidence in working with us.

Find Out More

For further information about our managed learning services, please contact us using the enquiry form at the top of this page, phone us on 01344 203999 or email


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