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CV and Resume Support

A well-written CV and Resume is vital for acquiring any type of job, and at The Knowledge Academy we can provide you with the tools to ensure your CV or Resume truly stands out among the rest.

The majority of employers can tell if you’re an appropriate candidate within the first 30 seconds of viewing your CV or Resume, so it is important that it is professional, consistent, and balanced. Our CV and Resume support service is able to help you create a CV or Resume that is tailor made, including the career path you wish to go into and the level of career, from graduate to professional.

What's the difference between a CV and a Resume?

CV – A Curriculum Vitae is an in-depth document that acts as a summary of your entire work history, your academic background, achievements, and your personal details including phone number(s) and address.

Resume – A Resume is more concise than a CV and is intended to allow the reader to get an immediate understanding of the individual’s history, skills, and achievements. A  Resume is highly customisable and should be adapted for each job to make the individual stand out from the competition.

Our Services

Not only are we able to help you create a CV or Resume to start your career, we are also able to help you develop an existing CV or Resume to allow you to change into a different career path. We have successfully helped thousands of candidates create or develop a professional and eye-catching CV or Resume and can help with further guidance further down the line.

We will provide you with the skills needed to develop further your CV or Resume after the initial one is created, ensuring you can emphasise the key skills and experience each employer looks for. We are able to help individuals with each section of their CV from the most important areas such as Education, Personal Details and the Personal Statement to the additional sections including Skills and Hobbies and interests.

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