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Microsoft Word Training | Microsoft Word Training Course

  • Official Microsoft Word Training in luxury nationwide venues
  • Learn how to use and apply Word by your accredited Microsoft Partner
  • Courses delivered by highly experienced certified Word instructors
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  • All delegates are provided with an official detailed user-friendly manual
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Course Dates, Locations & Prices (Top) | View Course Info
Course Name Date Location Duration Price Book Online
Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate 16/06/17 Kuala Lumpur
1 day $1679 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate 21/07/17 Kuala Lumpur
1 day $1679 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate 18/08/17 Limited Seats Kuala Lumpur
1 day $1289 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate 15/09/17 Kuala Lumpur
1 day $1679 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate 20/10/17 Kuala Lumpur
1 day $1679 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate 17/11/17 Limited Seats Kuala Lumpur
1 day $1289 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate 15/12/17 Kuala Lumpur
1 day $1679 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate 19/01/18 Kuala Lumpur
1 day $1679 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate 16/02/18 Limited Seats Kuala Lumpur
1 day $1289 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate 16/03/18 Kuala Lumpur
1 day $1679 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate 20/04/18 Kuala Lumpur
1 day $1679 Book now Enquire
Microsoft Word 2010 Intermediate 18/05/18 Limited Seats Kuala Lumpur
1 day $1289 Book now Enquire

Course Information (Top) | View Dates & Pricing


Who Should Attend the Course? 

New or intending users of Microsoft Word 2003 or XP who want to gain a good understanding of the software in a short space of time. Note : A basic understanding of PCs and familiarity with the layout of a PC style keyboard, mouse and Windows is required.

Course Outline 

Getting Started

Opening Microsoft Word 2003: • Launching Word • Interface Overview • Interacting with Word • Menu Overview
Toolbars: • About the Standard Toolbar • About the Formatting Toolbar • Adding or Removing Toolbars • Customizing Toolbars • The Customize Command
Creating and Selecting Text: • Creating a New Document • Typing Text • Using the Mouse to Select Text • Using the Keyboard to Select Text • Tips and Tricks
Working With Your Document: • Saving Files • Opening Files • Switching Between Open Files • Closing Documents • Closing Word
Getting Help in Word: • The Help Menu • The Help Task Pane • The Office Assistant • Configuring the Office Assistant • Using the Type a Question Box • Getting Help in a Dialog Box

Formatting and Editing Options

Working with Text: • Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text • Basic Formatting • Finding Text • Navigating Through a Document
Moving Text: • Dragging and Dropping Text • The Office Clipboard • Deleting Text • Undo and Redo (AKA Repeat)
Fonts: • Setting a Font Type and Size • Setting Font Styles and Colours • Using Character Spacing • Animating Fonts • Setting Your Default Font
Text Effects: • Basic Effects • Setting Underline Styles and Colours • Font Effects • Drop Caps • Changing Font Cases
Changing Text’s Position: • Aligning Text • Justifying Text • Margins • Using Tabs • Setting Tabs • Moving or Removing Tabs

Formatting Tools

Paragraph Options: • Aligning a Paragraph • Indenting a Paragraph • Changing Paragraph Spacing • Inserting Page Numbers
Templates: • Opening a Template • Downloading Templates • Using Templates • Creating Templates
Language Tools: • Checking Your Spelling and Grammar • The Spelling and Grammar Context Menu • Setting Spelling and Grammar Options • Using Word Count and Readability Statistics
Using Graphics: • Searching for ClipArt • Inserting ClipArt • Formatting ClipArt • Inserting a Picture • Formatting Pictures
Links in a Document: • Types of Links • Inserting a Link • Editing a Link • Following a Link

Viewing and Printing

Layouts and Views: • Normal View • Web Layout • Print Layout • Reading Layout • Outline View • Full Screen View
Viewing Tools: • Zoom • Thumbnails • The Document Browser • The Document Map
Print Preview: • Opening Print Preview • Print Preview Options • Print Preview versus Print Layout
Printing a Document: • How to Print a Document • Basic Print Options • Advanced Print Options
Using Page Setup: • Gutters and Margins • Changing Paper Options • Setting Layout Options • Applying Page Borders • Setting Default Page Setup Options

Using Tables

Creating Tables: • Inserting a Table • Drawing a Table • Selecting Cells, Rows and Columns • Inserting and Deleting Cells, Rows and Columns
Editing Tables: • Merging and Splitting Cells, Columns, or Rows • Resizing Cells, Columns, or Rows • Selecting a Table • Moving and Resizing a Table
Applying Basic Formatting: • Aligning a Table • Changing Table Spacing • Changing Text Direction
Applying Advanced Formatting: • AutoFit • The Borders and Shading Dialog • Using the Tables and Borders Toolbar to Modify Borders and Shading • AutoFormat 


  • Course Availability

    The spaces remaining on all courses across the website reflect the availability of the maximum printed course materials and equipment available in stock for any given event. If the spaces remaining do not appear, then there is comfortably enough lead time to provision course materials and equipment upon booking.

  • What is Microsoft Word training?

    MS Word is a full-featured word processing program with rudimentary desktop publishing capabilities that has become the most widely used word processing application on the market. Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing program that you can use to produce professional-looking documents.

  • What time shall I arrive at the venue?

    Please arrive at the venue for 08:45am

  • Am I using Microsoft Word 2003?

    Click HELP menu, click ABOUT, find your version.

  • Am I using Microsoft Word 2007?

    Click Microsoft OFFICE button, click relevant OPTIONS button. Within OPTIONS click RESOURCES to find your version.

  • Am I using Microsoft Word 2010?

    Click the FILE tab. In BACKSTAGE view, click HELP. Within PRODUCT ACTIVATED, find your version.

  • What level is best for me within Microsoft Word?

    Level 1 - You can create & edit a basic document, save them, make changes but not a lot more. Level 2 - Able to add components such as, customized lists, tables, charts, and graphics. Also able to create personalised efficiency tools. Level 3 - Able to perform all tasks within Word such as create, manage, revise, and distribute long documents and forms.

What's Included?
  • Highly Experienced Instructor
  • Detailed User-Friendly Manual
  • Pre/Post Course Email Support
  • Refreshments
  • Attendance Certificate

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