5 Reasons Why PRINCE2 is Important for Employers

5 Reasons Why PRINCE2 is Important for Employers


PRINCE2® is one of the best project management systems that any organisation can have. It is the standard used by the government of the United Kingdom and a wide range of businesses and organisations around the world, and so can bring numerous benefits to your own CV and your employer. Here are five reasons why PRINCE2 training is important to your business:


1. PRINCE2 project management is an international standard

The PRINCE2 courses are used and recognised worldwide as one of the best standards of project management. It is respected and trusted by governments and businesses internationally because it is based from decades of best practice and experience. What’s more, PRINCE2 qualifications are also internationally recognised, showing others that you have the knowledge needed to use PRINCE2 effectively.


2. It ensures projects are, and continue to be, viable

PRINCE2 focuses on the importance of a good business case. Projects will not be signed off if the reason for their existence is not strong enough. This will stop you wasting time, budget and resources on projects which are doomed to fail. Furthermore, the PRINCE2 methodology focuses on regular reviews throughout the entire project lifecycle against the original business case, helping you keep your projects on track towards success.

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3. It gives projects a defined structure

PRINCE2 projects use a standardised structure which is applicable to any scale project in any industry. This means PRINCE2 can be used everywhere, no matter the nature of the project. In addition to this, the methodology’s procedures and methods mean the direction of the project remains clear throughout. This clarity means projects will be completed more efficiently and, once again, have a greater chance of success.


4. It increases the chance of successful project delivery

Training key employees in the use of PRINCE2 can help to increase your success rate in the delivery of projects. This is because it encourages good governance and the observance of regular reporting, meaning that project progress is monitored closely, allowing you to spot and respond to potential problems quickly before they can have a significant impact.


5. It encourages clear communication

Good communication is one of the most important tools in business. PRINCE2 encourages this by ensuring that everyone involved in the project understands clearly what the project should deliver and their roles and responsibilities in this. The PRINCE2 structure also includes communication channels between project management staff, stakeholders and the rest of the organisation, meaning everybody involved remains up to date and knows what they need to deliver the project successfully.

Introducing PRINCE2 into your organisation by having your staff take PRINCE2 courses will give your projects a consistent, reliable structure which reduces mistakes and increases viability. For any business wishing to take control and reduce mistakes, it’s one of the best project management methodologies around.

If you are interested in taking a PRINCE2 course, please contact us at The Knowledge Academy on 01344 203999 or send us an email to info@theknowledgeacademy.com. You can also check out our project management guide. 


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