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We work with 950 of the world’s largest global corporations in partnerships, providing them with an unrivalled quality of training, delivered by a team of highly experienced learning professionals.
The training industry is rapidly expanding, and here at The Knowledge Academy we take great satisfaction in our ability to supply the most up-to-date, accredited and globally recognised courseware, allowing you to stay ahead of your competition within the market.

Along with our wide range our training courses we offer a variety of high-quality products.
We provide a spectrum of thousands of courses in a wide range of business industries, and at various levels of expertise, which you as a partner will have access too.
There are many other benefits of being a partner to a renowned and respectable brand, one of which is the organisational establishment for your business.

With access to our expert industry leading trainers, thousands of locations and training resources, you will gain the ability to service an extensive client base, increasing your margins and productivity.
Our partnerships are built surrounding similar business objectives and moralities. We understand out partners will have existing business objectives and we invite them to share new ideas and expertise for partnership and business progression.

We value our partners and potential partners and as a source of support will assist them as an individual business, assisting their growth and development.
This is a remarkable prospect for any organisations looking to begin a new business and training partnership with a credible and leading global training provider.

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