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Hilton Maidstone Hotel Bearsted Road Maidstone ME14 5AA

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About Hilton Maidstone Hotel (Maidstone)

About Maidstone Situated in the borough of Maidstone in Kent, England, Maidstone is a town in which many wonders can be found. Kent is situated in the south-east of London, meaning that it is very popular (in 2011 the population was 113,137 or 73% of the borough’s population as a whole) and there are many exciting opportunities to be found in terms of education, courses and universities. The town has a highly interesting, extensive history which will attract more people to it.   Found in Maidstone is the River Medway, a river which used to be a route and source for a wide breadth of the trade that occurred in the town as the centre of the ‘Garden of England’, another name for the county. The town dates back so far that settlements during the Stone Age have become evident through historians’ research. Although this town was previously engaged in the works of heavy industry, its economy has evolved over the years so that now service industries and light industries have become much more common in this location.   The town historically had a large amount of industry. For example, the Sharps toffee factory used to be (up until 1998) found in the centre of Maidstone. Also, the loudspeaker manufacturer KEF was created on the site of Kent Engineering & Foundry, and as a result manufactured a loudspeaker named ‘The Maidstone’. There is a high amount of employment in many areas of Maidstone due to its industry being very developed and advanced. In the town centre is the biggest office centre located in the county. Additionally, several high-technology firms have sites in business parks in the area.   Maidstone has a very diverse culture, with 73.9% Christians, 0.8% Muslims, 0.7% Hindus, 0.3% Buddhists, 0.14% Sikhs and 0.11% Jews and 0.6% other religions. However, as with many people in cities, some were not religious and many did not wish to state their religion. The town is paired with the French town of Beauvais in Picardy.   Education   As mentioned above, many opportunities for a thorough education are located in Maidstone.   One university is the University for the Creative Arts at Maidstone. Several courses are offered based around the arts, for example fine art, film, photography, music and performing arts. The courses are taught by highly trained professionals to ensure that students get the highest grades possible from their training. In this university, 94.5% those who graduate become employed or study more about their chosen subject within the next six months.   MidKent College is a college in Maidstone which provides to all students a comfortable environment for them to learn in, whatever their course. Rather than being a college dedicated to a singular field of study, this college’s courses include fields such as animal care, beauty therapy, creative media, hospitality and caring, computing and ICT and health and safety. Training In Maidstone   In Maidstone, The Knowledge Academy offers several high quality courses which are available to all. The courses that we provide will give everybody the knowledge they need to go as far as possible up the career ladder. This is due to our fantastic, luxury training venues which provide comfort for all, our globally trained professional teachers and clearly guided textbooks and content to ensure that you understand everything which you need to during your course thoroughly. The Knowledge Academy offers leading courses which will open up many opportunities for delegates such as our most popular courses for example; PRINCE2, ITIL, AGILE and PMP training. All of these courses and thousands of others come at an outstanding price with The Knowledge Academy which are of an extremely good value due to the venues, trainers and content of the courses.  

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